The 10 Best sports sunglasses

You never know when the sun will dare to make an appearance. Here's our pick of the top shades for summer

1. Nike Impel Swift

These purple sunglasses with white logo and grey arms boast a lightweight frame and adjustable nose bridge, making them ideal for most sports, including distance running. Unlike many of their competitors, they don’t hurt over the top of your ears, and they’re sturdy too.


2. Endura Stella

These are great value for such a comfortable and lightweight pair of sports sunnies. The lens clarity is impressive and the one-piece photochromic lens responds to light conditions in less than seven seconds.


3. Silhouette Pro

These glasses have no screws or hinges and are made from a unique blend of SPX and titanium, the combination of which means they have a feather-light feel, yet are phenomenally strong. They also have wraparound arms to ensure they stay on.


4. Adidas Raylor

Perfect for all kinds of sporting adventures, this pair has a half-rim, wrap-around design that sits snugly and comfortably around the face. But the real standout point is the light-stabilising technology that protects the eyes from UV, wind, insects and dust. You can use them with a prescription lens too.


5. Roberto Cavalli RC0720

Who says you have to compromise glamour for the sake of sport? These beauties from Roberto Cavalli are sensational, while also boasting durability. In fact, the wraparound style and over-sized, polarised lenses mean they’re suited to a wide range of activities.


6. Helly Hansen Skagen

These men’s sunglasses are particularly well-suited to water-based and skiing activities, among others. Super lightweight, the NXT polarised lenses are scratch-resistant, provide UV protection and come with an anti-reflective coating. They look super-cool too.


7. John Lewis WrapAround

You can’t go wrong with this inexpensive pair of sports sunglasses that are both stylish and practical, with anti-reflective, anti-glare lenses and a tortoiseshell wraparound frame. They also come in black.


8. Oakley RadarLock

The ultimate sports sunglasses, these will suit even the most serious of athletes. The standout feature is the interchangeable lens technology, which lets you adapt your vision for any environment and keep up with the changing light. All the lenses are optimised with unrivalled clarity and impact resistance.


9. Puma Flame

These are amazingly comfortable and do the job well even in dazzling sunshine, with the tinted glass making for a pleasant light. The two-tone design is super-cool and there are other colours available if you don’t like this duo.


10. IC Berlin Guenther Graphite Transition

These may look delicate, but they’re as tough as old boots, being made from screw-less sheet metal. They feature the new breed of transition lenses (no longer just for your granddad) which tint your glasses in seconds as the sunlight brightens, so are ideal for sportsmen.

From £290,