EU referendum live: Corbyn says he's 'no lover of the EU' but urges Remain vote – latest updates

Corbyn says Remain is the 'rational' decision

Jon Stone@joncstone
Tuesday 28 June 2016 18:07
Jeremy Corbyn says he's 'no lover of the EU'
Jeremy Corbyn says he's 'no lover of the EU'

MPs have paid tribute to killed MP Jo Cox as the European Union referendum campaign enters the final few days.

The latest updates are:

Jo Cox 'would have been disgusted' with Ukip poster
• White rose of Yorkshire left in Jo Cox's seat
Farage accuses Cameron of exploiting Jo Cox death
Warsi subjected to Islamophobic abuse from Brexiteers
Polls show Remain taking lead again
Cameron brands Farage poster 'irresponsible'
Warsi defects to Remain from Leave over 'xenophobia'

Nigel Farage has accused David Cameron of exploiting the death of Labour MP Jo Cox for political advantage.

The Ukip leader said Remain were 'scared witless' about the referendum and were trying to 'conflate' her killer's motives with those of the Leave campaign.

The outburst comes as polls show Remain taking the lead again after a surge for Brexit last week.

Mr Cameron insisted his comments about Jo Cox have been intended purely as a tribute to the Labour MP, after Mr Farage accused him of a "despicable" attempt to use her death to boost his chance of winning Thursday's EU referendum.

Speaking as MPs gathered in Westminster for a recall of Parliament to pay their respects to Mrs Cox, Mr Farage said the Remain campaign were "scared witless" about the prospect of defeat on June 23 and were trying to create a link in voters' minds between her killing and the EU vote.

The row followed the latest defection from the Leave camp to Remain - this time from the Conservative peer Baroness Warsi. HOwever, her switch in support was immediately followed by a stream of Islamophobic abuse from Brexit supporters for changing sides.

Lady Warsi said her decision to change sides was sparked by a "xenophobic" poster released by Mr Farage, as well as "lies" from Michael Gove over the prospect of Turkey joining the EU.The Ukip leader also dismissed the defection to the Remain camp of former Conservative chair Baroness Warsi as a "Number 10 put-up job".

Mr Cameron himself branded Mr Farage's poster showing refugees in a negative light as 'irresponsible'.