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Highland Park shooting: Robert Crimo’s parents say they had ‘zero’ role in July 4 parade attack

Johanna Chisholm,Bevan Hurley,Namita Singh
Thursday 07 July 2022 23:26 BST
Bystanders run after hearing gunshots in shooting at July 4 parade in Illinois

A toddler was orphaned after his father shielded him from semi-automatic gunfire in the Independence Day parade shooting in Illinois.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering told NBC that Kevin McCarthy had laid across his two-year-old son Aiden to protect him from gunfire during Monday’s mass shooting.

Ms Rotering said the image of Aiden, who also lost mother Irina, would “haunt” her for the rest of her life.

On Wednesday, Robert Crimo was denied bail after he made his first court appearance on Wednesday on seven charges of first-degree murder.

Prosecutors told the judge the 21-year-old made a “voluntary statement confessing to his actions” and revealed that the young man had made his way to Madison, Wisconsin, where he intended to commit another mass shooting but turned back.

If convicted, he will face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

According to police, Mr Crimo had planned an attack for weeks and fired more than 80 rounds randomly into the crowd watching the parade, killing seven and injuring more than three dozen people.

Hours before the Independence Day shooting, Mr Crimo reportedly told his father that the gunman behind Sunday’s shooting in Denmark was “an idiot”.


Crimo held without bond, judge rules

During Robert Crimo’s first court appearance an Illinois judge ruled that the 21-year-old accused of killing eight and wounding dozens at a mass shooting in Highland Park during an Independence Day parade would be held without bond.

The next court hearing was scheduled for 28 July.

Mr Crimo confessed to police that he was the Highland Park massacre’s shooter, the state attorney told the Zoom courtroom.

If the 21-year-old pleads guilty, he’ll receive a mandatory life sentence in prison without the chance of parole. The court denied Crimo bail.

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 16:40

Grandfather who went to July 4 parade with family becomes eighth victim

An elderly grandfather who went to the July 4 parade in Highland Park with several family members has become the eighth victim of mass shooting.

Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday after succumbing to his injuries in hospital, two days on from the attack.

Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday from his injuries in the Highland Park shooting (GoFundMe)

The victim was shot in the arm and the back of the head when alleged mass shooter Robert Crimo opened fire on the crowd of paradegoers on Monday.

Read the full story on Uvaldo below from my colleague Rachel Sharp:

Highland Park shooting death toll rises to eight

Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday after succumbing to his injuries in hospital, two days on from the attack

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 16:44

Gun used by alleged shooter identified as a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle

The gun that suspected shooter Robert Crimo used during the fatal attack in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday was reportedly a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle.

The firearm was brought on the market in 2006 and is described as being designed for police and consumer markets.

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 16:54

Robert Crimo’s mother confronted SWAT team hours after Highland Park shooting

The mother of Highland Park suspect Robert Crimo angrily confronted a SWAT team in the aftermath of the July 4th mass shooting.

Video obtained by CBS News shows Denise Pesina shouting and gesturing at officers in McDaniels Avenue, Highland Park, on Monday, as a massive manhunt was underway for her son.

It’s unclear what the confrontation was over, but CBS News reported that Ms Pesina was in contact with police over for several hours after the Independence Day parade shooting.

Read the full report from my colleague Bevan Hurley below:

Highland Park suspect’s mother confronted SWAT team in hours after deadly attack

Denise Pesina pictured in angry encounter with police after July 4th mass shooting

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 17:01

Robert Crimo contemplated second attack, police say

Police said that Robert Crimo, the suspect in the mass shooting at July 4 parade that killed at least seven and wounded dozens more, fled to Madison, Wisconsin, and contemplated carrying out another shooting there.

Follow this developing story below:

Robert Crimo planned a second shooting in Wisconsin, say police

Robert Crimo planned to carry out a second attack at an event in Madison, Wisconsin, after leaving the scene of the mass shooting in Highland Park, according to investigators.

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 17:07

Confusion over unnamed victim reported dead on Tuesday as authorities identify seventh victim

On Wednesday morning, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that 69-year-old Eduardo of Waukegan, Illinois died at 7.47am.

The Lake County coroner named six victims of the shooting on Tuesday afternoon and said that a seventh victim - who was not named - had died outside of the county.

At a Wednesday morning press conference, officials said the death toll is still at seven, including Mr Uvaldo’s death.

Reached by The Independent following Wednesday’s press conference, the Lake County coroner’s office confirmed six deaths in its jurisdiction and the Cook County coroner’s office confirmed one.

Confusion, however, remains over the unnamed victim reported dead on Tuesday, as well as the prosecutor’s decision to charge Mr Crimo with seven counts of murder prior to the announcement of Mr Uvaldo’s death on Wednesday.

Continue reading all we know about the victims killed in the July 4th mass shooting in Highland Park below:

Who are the victims of the Highland Park mass shooting?

Six of the seven victims killed in the July 4 attack have now been identified

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 17:39

Mass shooting in Virginia’s capitol thwarted after tip-off, say police

Police in Virginia announced that they thwarted a mass shooting planned for July 4 in the state capital of Richmond.

Richmond police said that a tip led to arrests and several guns being seized.

Authorities announced the alleged plot in a press release, but did not release any additional information. Chief Gerald Smith planned a news conference for Wednesday afternoon.

Follow along with this developing story by reading my colleague Gustaf Kilander’s report:

Mass shooting in Virginia’s capitol thwarted after tip-off, say police

Police in Virginia has announced that they thwarted a mass shooting planned for July 4 in the state capital of Richmond.

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 18:24

Authorities address confusion around seventh victim named in Highland Park shooting

Steven Spagnolo Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office told The Independent there had been some confusion around the release of the seventh victim’s name.

He couldn’t comment on when further charges might be laid.

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 18:45

‘Our papi has gone with his mami and papi’:

Nivia Guzman, the granddaughter of Eduardo Uvaldo, the seventh victim that was identified on Wednesday morning as having died in the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday, posted an update on her grandfather’s GoFundMe later that afternoon.

“Our papi has gone with his mami and papi. We thank you for your prayers and donations,” wrote Ms Guzman, whose brother and grandmother were also injured in the July 4th attack but were recovering from their injuries.

Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday from his injuries in the Highland Park shooting (GoFundMe)
Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 19:13

Robert Crimo appointed public defender, parents hire high-profile attorney who represents R Kelly

Robert Crimo has been appointed a public defender, while his parents hired the same high-profile lawyer that represents R Kelly to be their attorney.

Appearing via Zoom from the Lake County jail during his first court appearance since the deadly shooting unfolded two days earlier in a Chicago suburb, Mr Crimo spoke only once to state that he did not have a private attorney. Judge Theodore Potkonjak then paused the hearing and directed him to step into a private meeting with public defender Gregory Ticsay.

Confusion ensued after private defence lawyer Tom Durkin - who had indicated the night before that he would represent Mr Crimo - attempted to join the Zoom meeting, but was delayed by several minutes.

When he finally entered, Mr Durkin explained that he had to step aside from the case due to an unspecified conflict of interest. It was then agreed that Mr Ticsay would represent Mr Crimo going forward.

Catch up on the full story from my colleagues Megan Sheets and Bevan Hurley below:

Robert Crimo given public defender after parents hire attorney who represents R Kelly

Crimo made his first appearance in court on seven murder charges on Wednesday

Johanna Chisholm6 July 2022 19:35

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