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Michelle Troconis found guilty on six counts in Jennifer Dulos murder case

Michelle Troconis, 49, pleaded not guilty and denies any involvement in Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance and death

Andrea Cavallier,Julia Reinstein
Saturday 02 March 2024 21:03 GMT
Michelle Troconis found guilty

Michelle Troconis has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

After 12 hours of deliberation over the past three days, the jury found Ms Troconis guilty on all six counts Friday.

Jurors were tasked with deciding whether the 49-year-old conspired with her former boyfriend Fotis Dulos to kill his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, in Connecticut on 24 May 2019, and cover up the crime.

During closing arguments, prosecutors described Jennifer’s murder as “deliberate and intentional” and said that Troconis and Dulos “worked to make this happen”.

Jennifer’s body has never been found, but she has been officially declared dead – with police finding that she died a violent death at the hands of Dulos.

In January 2020, Fotis died by suicide after being charged with her murder.

Troconis pleaded not guilty and insisted she did not know Fotis was doing anything nefarious as she watched him toss garbage bags into random bins, or as she helped him write up a timeline of their whereabouts on the day Jennifer disappeared.


Jury has deliberated for 5 hours, 40 minutes – and had one question

The jury in the Michelle Troconis trial have deliberated for  5 hours and 40 minutes over the course of yesterday and today.

They have no yet reached a verdict.

Earlier today, they sent a note to the judge requesting testimony from Troconis’ best friend Clara “Petu” Duperron.

The jury was then brought in to rewatch the 38-minute testimony.

Andrea Cavallier28 February 2024 23:00

Who is Michelle Troconis’ friend Clara Duperron?

Michelle Troconis’ friend Clara ‘Petu’ Duperron testified on 23 February, and claimed she has information and evidence that disproves the state’s case against Troconis.

But after multiple objections, the judge did not allow Ms Duperron to explain the specifics of her claims.

Clara Duperron
Clara Duperron (AP)

She also talked about her relationship with Troconis dating back to 2017 and recalled their interactions on the morning Jennifer went missing.

Ms Duperron recalled Ms Troconis acting normal.

She also described Fotis Dulos’ reaction to a custody report that the defense claims negates motive for the presumed murder of Jennifer Dulos, because Fotis wouldn’t have done anything to jeopardize his chance to have his kids back.

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 00:00

The two tales of Michelle Troconis

A state jury heard two different tales of the 49-year-old Michelle Troconis as the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments in Stamford, Connecticut.

The six-member panel began deliberations later that afternoon on charges including conspiracy to commit murder, evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. Troconis has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors Michelle Manning and Sean McGuinness told jurors Troconis was angry and fed up with the divorce case and had called Jennifer Dulos disparaging names.

“Jennifer is dead, and Fotis and Michcelle Troconis intended that to happen,” Manning said. “They agreed to work together to make it happen, and unfortunately they were successful in making it happen. But they got caught. This trial is very simple. It’s about a conspiracy and a coverup.”


But her lawyer, Jon Schoenhorn, said the prosecution did not prove any of their allegations beyond a reasonable doubt, including whether Fotis Dulos killed Jennifer Dulos or even if he was in New Canaan that morning.

“She did not know that Fotis Dulos planned to harm her,” Schoenhorn told the jury. “The state has made, what I would suggest, are unfounded and unfair assumptions and have speculated that Michelle Troconis had to know what was going on because she was romantically linked with Fotis, that she was somehow involved in this nefarious, murderous plot.

“But that’s not reality,” he said. “That’s more like one of these cable TV movies, scripted movies. It’s not based on the facts that you heard during this trial.”

In fact, a TV movie was made about the case, Lifetime’s “Gone Mom,” as the case drew widespread attention.

Defense attorney Jon Schoenhorn
Defense attorney Jon Schoenhorn (AP)
Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 01:00

Troconis will have a contempt of court hearing on 5 March

Michelle Troconi has been accused of dislaying sealed custody documents on her laptop during the trial for people to see.

A contempt of court hearing will be held on the matter on 5 March.

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 03:00

Supporters hoping for #JusticeforJennifer wear purple at courthouse

Dozens of supporters have arrived at the Stamford Superior Courthouse in Connecticut on Tuesday to hear opening statements as Michelle Troconis’ nears the end.

Many of them are members of a #JusticeforJennifer Facebook page and have come together in support of Jennifer, whether they knew her or not.

Since the trial began, family and friends of Jennifer, along with supporters who had never even met her, have been wearing purple ribbons and clothing during the proceedings to raise awareness for domestic violence.

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 05:00

Where are Jennifer Dulos’ five children

Jennifer Dulos’ five children are back in New York City after appearing at the Connecticut Superior Court in Stamford twice in the past week.

Her five grandchildren, who were orphaned after Jennifer’s disappearance and presumed death and Fotis’ suicide, have been living with Ms Farber and their nanny in New York City.

Gloria Farber, Jennifer’s mother, took the stand as the state’s final witness.

The children were in the courtroom for the first time as they watched their grandmother on the stand last week. Her testimony only lasted 10 minutes.

Ms Farber testified that the mother of five had “never” missed one of her children’s birthdays or “name days,” which is a Greek tradition.

The testimony appeared to take aim at defence attorney Jon Schoenhorn’s argument that Jennifer left on her own, a theory Fotis reportedly claimed she had done in the past.

The children also made a brief appearance during closing arguments, but are reportedly back in New York City.

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 07:00

Michelle Troconis’ trial is almost over. Now a jury is deciding her fate

Nearly five years after Jennifer Dulos vanished without a trace, her late ex-husband’s lover Michelle Troconis will soon learn her fate for her alleged role in the case.

Here’s what has been happening in her seven-week trial in Stamford, Connecticut:

Closing arguments in the Michelle Treconis trial to begin on Tuesday

Nearly five years after Jennifer Dulos vanished without a trace, her late ex-husband’s lover Michelle Troconis will soon learn her fate for her alleged role in the case. Andrea Cavallier explains the key takeaways from her seven-week trial in Stamford, Connecticut

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 09:00

Defence claims three words prove innocence in Jennifer Dulos’ murder

The defence ended closing arguments for Michelle Troconis’s trial on Tuesday with video of officials expressing doubt that Troconis knew anything about her former boyfriend Fotis Dulos nefarious actions surrounding his estranged wife’s disappearance and presumed death.

Defence attorney Jon Schoenhorn ended his closing showing a clip from Ms Troconis’ 2019 police interview after she and her attorney had left the room.

In the video, officials are talking and the Stamford State’s Attorney says: “She doesn’t know,” referring to Ms Troconis.

Back in court during closing arguments, the defence then told the jury: “And if he thought she didn’t know, that’s reasonable doubt.”

Read more:

Troconis defence claims three words prove innocence in Jennifer Dulos’ murder

Michelle Troconis is on trial for her alleged role in the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 11:00

What to expect today as the jury continues deliberations

The jury in the Michelle Troconis trial have deliberated for 5 hours and 40 minutes over the course of Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday at the Connecticut Superior Court in Stamford .

They have not yet reached a verdict.

On Wednesday morning, they sent a note to the judge requesting testimony from Troconis’ friend Clara ‘Petu’ Duperron – which they watched in the courtroom.

Jurors are expected back at court at 10am today.

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 13:00

Deliberations in Michelle Troconis trial begin in one hour

Jurors are expected to return to the courthouse at 10am today to continue deliberating in the Michelle Troconis murder conspiracy trial.

For 27 days, the court has heard dramatic testimony about how mother-of-five Jennifer Dulos, 50,  was allegedly killed in 2019 by her estranged husband Fotis Dulos amid a contentious divorce and custody battle. After being charged with her murder, he died by suicide in 2020, leaving his girlfriend Michelle Troconis to take the fall.

Ms Troconis fate is now in the hands of the jury who will soon decide whether she was involved in conspiring with Fotis to kill Jennifer and cover up the crime.

Andrea Cavallier29 February 2024 14:00

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