Trump grunts and groans as he mocks athletes in extended transphobic rant

Former president claims he is stopped from making such ‘controversial statements’

Sravasti Dasgupta
Wednesday 27 July 2022 13:44 BST
Donald Trump grunts and groans ranting about trans athletes during Washington speech

Former president Donald Trump hideously mocked transgender athletes in a speech as he returned to the US capital to make a pitch for his return to the White House.

While addressing the America First Policy Institute summit on Tuesday, Mr Trump did a bit where he pretended to be a transgender athlete at a weightlifting competition.

Mr Trump grunted and groaned as he pretended to be a woman struggling to lift a barbell.

He then pretended to be a transgender athlete who easily picks up the weights and wins the competition.

“Then this guy comes along, he’s named Alice, and he looks at the weight,” the former president said as the hundreds strong crowd laughs and cheers loudly.

He then pretended to lift the weights easily as “Alice” and shouts: “World record. World record. We could have put a couple of hundred more pounds and he would have lifted it”.

He went on to say that he is stopped from making such “controversial statements.”

“We should not allow men to play women’s sports, it’s so disrespectful to women,” he said.

Adding that “political geniuses” told him “sir, don’t say that, it’s so controversial.”

This is not the first time that the former president has mocked transgender athletes.

At a campaign rally in Alaska in February he vowed to “keep men out of women’s sports.”

“It is actually demeaning to women, and it should not be allowed,” Mr Trump had said.

On Saturday at a speech at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa he asked out loud if basketball player LeBron James would want to become a woman.

“If I were a basketball coach of the women’s team, I would be the greatest coach of all time,” he was quoted as saying by Insider.

“I’m not a fan of Lebron James at all… I don’t like him, but I’d say ‘LeBron, did you ever think of becoming a woman? Did you ever consider, because I’d like to have you on my team. I’d love to have you on our team, LeBron.’ But think of it, it’s so crazy what’s happening.”

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