KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE: Event descends into chaos as Paul and Danis nearly come to blows

The pair of boxing matches will take place in London in October – but first, a press conference

Alex Pattle
Combat Sports Correspondent
Tuesday 22 August 2023 15:07 BST
Tommy Fury's father flips tables over during KSI press conference

The press conference for KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fell apart amid chaotic scenes on Tuesday, as tables were flipped, cake was thrown, and vulgar insults were traded.

YouTube stars KSI and Paul – who are business partners at the energy-drink company Prime – will fight Fury and Danis respectively in October, with both boxing matches taking place at London’s Wembley Arena.

KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) last fought in May, seeing his controversial knockout of Joe Fournier overturned for the use of an illegal elbow. Meanwhile, Fury – half-brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson – beat Paul’s brother Jake on points in February. Logan Paul has mainly been involved in the WWE in recent months, though he has experience boxing, having fought Floyd Mayweather two years ago, while Danis is a former teammate of UFC icon Conor McGregor and is predominantly a jiu-jitsu specialist. He will make his boxing debut when he fights Paul.

And the four figures engaged in a chaotic press conference in London on Tuesday. Re-live updates from the press conference, below.


KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:40

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

KSI, left, is held back as Tommy Fury tries to lay hands on him

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:40

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

Apparently one of the feet from the Danis cake was launched at the stage during that furore.

A strange sentence.

Now Paul throws the head of the Danis cake at the MMA fighter.

They’re calling time on the event...

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:39

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

John Fury is starting to get angry, as Paul asks why Tyson Fury is “ducking” Oleksandr Usyk.

Now John Fury starts throwing items and kicking over the table.

AGAIN the fighters are held back.

John Fury is 59 years old – a fact presented without comment.

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:37

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

It’s all getting very distasteful as Danis taunts Paul over his fiancee.

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:35

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

Wishing Danis a happy birthday, Paul has a cake delivered to the stage – a cake in the shape and image of Danis laying on his back, knocked out and sporting a bruised face.

On stage, it’s kicking off. Again, the fighters are being held back.

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:34

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

John Fury tries to start an arm-wrestling contest between KSI and Tommy Fury.

KSI declines, saying he’ll slap Tommy if they get that close together.

“I’ll break you,” Tommy says, before both fighters are held back. “You’re s***ing yourself,” he adds.

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:32

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

John Fury: “It’s not kindergarten stuff, it’s proper boxing; men are gonna get put to sleep in a few weeks, so let’s talk about how it’s gonna happen!”

KSI says his fight with Fury will be contested at 183lbs and across six rounds.

Fury says he wanted eight rounds, while KSI says he wanted a lower weight.

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:30

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

Paul is sticking up for KSI as Fury vows to knock out the British YouTube star.

Fury to Paul: “Let me get him out the way, then we’ll talk.”

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:28

KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference LIVE

Danis on sitting next to Fury, while KSI and Paul sit on the other side of the stage: “Two real fighters against two fake fighters.”

Alex Pattle22 August 2023 16:27

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