The 10 Best fountain pens


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1. Lamy Raspberry


The Lamy, with its slim-grip barrel, is great for little hands. It looks cool, too, and comes with a choice of large, medium or fine nibs.

2. Yard-o-led Astoria


The acme of writing luxury, the Astoria harks back to the roaring Twenties with its elegant Art Deco acrylic barrel.


3. Pilot Capless Carbonesque


Pilot's retractable nib scribbler was the first of its kind and has quite a following among the pen cognoscenti.


4. Pilot V Pen


Looking for a starter pen? Pilot's disposable number is incredibly child-friendly with a medium nib and an ink controller mechanism.


5. Faber-Castell Pear Wood


The redoubtable 250-year-old German brand has gone naturalistic here, covering the barrel with sustainably-sourced pear wood.


6. Cross Sentiment Scarlett


Sentimental by name, sentimental by nature – the stainless-steel Cross comes with a heart lock charm attached to the lid.


7. Mont Blanc Ingrid Bergman


This 18K-gold nib and mother-of-pearl lacquer is as dainty as befits a pen created in honour of the Ingrid Bergman.


8. Sheaffer Prelude


This Sheaffer is a great mid-ranger with a medium-width steel nib with iridium tip and an attractive electric-blue lacquered barrel.


9. Parker Ingenuity Daring


This comes with a free flowing ink system that eliminates pressure, temperature and leaks, while making for elegant script.


10. Waterman Hémisphère Essential


This brushed-steel fountain has a thin body and light construction, so hand strain is at a minimum.