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How To Be Beautiful: Feeling blue?

Blue eyeshadow has cut a friendless figure in the make-up world for some time; after outrageous popularity in the Abigail's Party years, it slipped into disdain for many. The logic of this contempt is fuzzy. Some women will tell you it is horrible because it looks "unnatural". Of course, the same could be said – though rarely is – of flicky black eyeliner or scarlet lips. The difference, then, lies in a belief that make-up should mimic and exaggerate, even to an absurd degree, some existing facial trait or tone.

Trending: Looking for hits in all the wrong places

When French Vogue editor Emanuelle Alt lip-synched her way through Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" for the relaunch of the magazine's website last month, she started a bit of a trend. The latest enterteditor (that's editor-turned-entertainer, duh) is Julie Vadnal, one of US Elle's junior staffers, who under her stage-name "Julez" appears in a music video the magazine has made called "My Heels". "I wanna a guy to make me feel the way I feel in my heels," she sings throughout the obligatory Ovidian transformation from office drudge to disco goddess.

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