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Fashion expert speculates this is the trick Kate Middleton uses to achieve stunning photos

Celebrity fashion stylist shares hack she claims Duchess of Cambridge uses to look perfect in every photo

Meredith Clark
New York
Tuesday 02 August 2022 17:35 BST

Prince Louis’ best moments from the Platinum Jubilee

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton looks effortlessly stunning in every candid photograph taken of her, but one celebrity fashion stylist speculates it may not be so effortless after all. A fashion commentator has gone viral online for what she claims is the special hack the Duchess of Cambridge uses to achieve perfect posture in every photo.

Miranda Holder is a fashion expert who has styled high-profile clients from Little Mix to actress Vanessa Williams. On TikTok, she regularly posts style and beauty tips for her 23,000 followers. Earlier this week, Holder let her followers in on a little-known hack she believes the duchess uses to look “stunning” in every photograph.

“Have you ever wondered why Kate Middleton looks so stunning in her photographs?” she began the TikTok video, which has since received more than 2m views on the app. Holder attributed part of Kate’s picture perfect look to “media training,” before sharing the “little style hack that she uses every single time without fail.”

“She has simply been trained to always keep her chin parallel to the ground,” Holder claimed.

The fashion expert went on to show several photographs taken of Kate during recent public engagements, in which the duchess’s chin appears to be level with the ground beneath her. Holder explained that the royal “doesn’t tilt” her head up or down, which “ensures a flattering photograph every single time”.

Many viewers were stunned by Holder’s revelation, and agreed that achieving perfect posture in every photo is “harder than it looks”.

“I’d find a way to make it look awkward,” joked one TikTok user, while another quipped: “I need media training.”

However, others simply attributed the duchess’s photogenic look to her natural beauty, as well as having a team of designers and makeup artists behind every fashion look.

“She is just stunning regardless,” one person commented.

“She could be staring at her shoes in every photo and she’d be gorgeous,” said someone else.

“It’s definitely not just that,” a third person wrote. “She is stunning and dresses fantastic plus her makeup and hair are always perfect!”

This year has been full of public engagements for Kate, from a tour of the Caribbean in March to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June. As the Queen delegates a number of public duties to senior members of the royal family due to “mobility issues,” the duchess and her husband Prince William have stepped up as front-facing royals, along with their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

With every appearance, the duchess has made headlines and influenced trends with her fashion choices and symbolic accessories. In July, Kate wore a blue Alexandra Rich polka-dotted dress to The Championships at Wimbledon. She paired the previously worn dress with a dark green and purple bow to represent the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. For the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations, the duchess showcased her impeccable style with looks from Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

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