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Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron LIVE: Boxing results and reaction after Irish icon creates history in Dublin

Taylor avenged her first pro loss to become a two-weight undisputed champion at an electric Dublin arena

Alex Pattle
at the 3Arena
,Jack Rathborn
Sunday 26 November 2023 11:55 GMT
Ed Sheeran congratulates Katie Taylor after attending fight in Dublin

Katie Taylor dazzled in Dublin to secure revenge against Chantelle Cameron and become a two-weight undisputed world champion.

The Irish icon took Cameron’s super-lightweight belts and achieved redemption, after having her homecoming spoilt six months ago with the first loss of her professional career in a decision defeat in the Irish capital.

But a thrilling rematch saw the 37-year-old show speed and tenacity to upset England’s Cameron by majority decision, with one card even at 95 points apiece and two other judges scoring it 98-92 and 96-94 to Taylor.

She returned to the scene of their first clash – the 3Arena – and, as a pioneer of women’s boxing, wrote a new chapter in a remarkable career.

Relive all the action and reaction to Cameron vs Taylor 2 below:


Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2

Donovan vs Ball - Round 4

Wow! That’s a stunner, Donovan with lightning hands, drops Ball with a single, then it’s a tornado with Ball trapped in the corner.

He’s brave, Ball, he stumbles out of the corner while blocking some of the avalanche of shots, but then as he staggers out to his left, another then another shot and maybe a delayed effect from the power, sends him back to the canvas.

Ball slowly tumbled to the canvas, gloves touching, with the referee showing mercy as Donovan roared in delight at the biggest win of his career you would say. Big things ahead.

Jack Rathborn25 November 2023 21:03

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2

Donovan vs Ball - Round 3

Lovely variety of shots from Donovan, the Irish love this. A clubbing right hook from the southpaw stance.

A prodding jab, more a range finder, and now the body shot, spinning in and out of range.

The Limerickman still holds the advantage in this 10-round contest.

Jack Rathborn25 November 2023 20:58

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2

Donovan vs Ball - Round 2

Donovan now building real momentum. There’s a swagger to his boxing.

You can see he’s anticipating Ball’s shots and planting crisp shots with expert timing.

Ball will need a rocket from his corner to snap this early pattern.

“If we’re not winning these early rounds, we still want to be making him work,” is the word from the Ball corner.

Jack Rathborn25 November 2023 20:55

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2 undercard results

Here’s a round-up of the undercard and what you’ve missed so far tonight from our reporter Alex Pattle, who is ringside in Dublin.

Skye Nicolson picked up a late stoppage win over Lucy Wildheart earlier tonight, while Thomas Carty and Zelda Barrett were also victorious on the undercard.

Emmet Brennan was also victorious with a stoppage over Jamie Morrissey in the final round

Jack Rathborn25 November 2023 20:53

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2

Donovan vs Ball - Round 1

Donovan is taking this one by the scruff of the neck, on the front foot and prodding with the southpaw jab.

Ball looking to counter with the orthodox straight right. An interesting clash of styles.

Jack Rathborn25 November 2023 20:49

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2

In the ring now is Danny Ball and Paddy Donovan.

The Irishman gets a huge ovation from the Dublin crowd.

This one should be a cracker, a welterweight scrap as we move closer to the main event.

Jack Rathborn25 November 2023 20:47

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2 LIVE: What was said at the press conference?

Katie Taylor was not in a talkative mood at Thursday’s press conference, admitting: “I hate all the talk.”

“Whether I’m seen as the underdog or walk first or second is irrelevant,” she said. “I can’t wait to step in there on Saturday and perform the way I can. I feel a lot better this time around.

“There’s nothing else to say really – I hate all the talk, I hate all these press conferences, there’s nothing to say!

“I understand this is a must-win fight for me. I just can’t wait to step in there at this stage. It’s gonna be a completely different fight to last time; I can’t wait to showcase that. I’m always ready for whatever comes my way. I’m ready to dig deep when I have to, that’s why I put my body through the trenches week in and week out.”

Taylor, who is said to have cancelled several interviews this week, was also apathetic to the suggestion that she will be the underdog in this rematch. “I don’t take too much notice of what people are saying to be honest,” she said. “The only people I really listen to are my team, my family, the people I trust.”

Full article:

Katie Taylor: ‘I hate these press conferences, there’s nothing to say!’

The Irish boxing icon seeks revenge over Cameron on Saturday, returning to the Dublin arena where the Englishwoman outpointed her in May

Alex Pattle25 November 2023 19:56

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2 LIVE: A nation in awe

This week, I spoke to Dublin locals about what Katie Taylor means to Ireland...

Peter Carroll, combat-sports journalist: “She’s like a deity, she’s not like an athlete. I don’t think anyone has meant as much to Ireland as Katie. I personally think she’s the greatest Irish athlete ever, and that won’t change if she loses on Saturday. People will bring up GAA [Gaelic football] players and rugby players... Where are the world titles? I want to see you leaving this island and doing something magical.

“You can’t even compare Conor McGregor to her. He became a massive sensation over the space of three years, then it went away. He’s not beloved by everyone in Ireland any more, but he was what we are. Katie Taylor is what we want to be. That’s why she’s taken on this saintly aura to Irish people.”

Mel Christle, chairman of the Boxing Union of Ireland: “My first time hearing about Katie would have been before the 2012 Olympics. There was this little ‘legend’ – but a true one – that she was boxing teenagers and grown adults when she was young. I also heard what a talented footballer she was. She’s just a special athlete.” Indeed, Taylor received a call-up to Ireland’s under-19 side when she was just 15, and went on to be capped 11 times at senior level.

Tony Coleman, sightseeing guide: “She put boxing on the map for every woman in Ireland, for every woman in the world. Everybody looks up to her, all the kids around Ireland look up to her. She’s not a show-off. She wouldn’t walk by a person on the street without saying hello. She’s not one of these people like Conor McGregor, coming out and shouting at people; she’s a beautiful person. You can tell that just by the way she goes on. She’s a lovely woman.”

Full article here:

‘She’s not an athlete, she’s a deity’: Katie Taylor and a nation in awe

Ahead of Taylor’s rematch with Chantelle Cameron in Dublin, Alex Pattle spoke to locals about what the boxing pioneer means to Ireland

Alex Pattle25 November 2023 19:47

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2 LIVE: Interview with Irish icon

Here’s what Katie Taylor had to tell The Independent and other outlets ahead of tonight’s main event:

“Failure causes you to analyse things a bit more. I think that’s where all the growth happens. Unfortunately, it has to be that way. You are forced to look at every single detail. In that aspect, it’s always a good thing. I definitely feel like I’m a better boxer now.

“The last fight doesn’t consume me. I don’t think a loss is that big of a deal. Even after the Rio Olympics loss... you’re so heartbroken, you’re disappointed, but you focus on the next one. I don’t wallow in self-pity too much. The next day [after the fight with Cameron], I was surrounded by family; I would’ve done the same thing if I’d been celebrating a win. I went back to training that week – I was preparing for the rematch that week!”

Interview in full:

Katie Taylor: ‘Failure is where all your growth happens’

Interview: The Irish icon boxes Chantelle Cameron in Dublin on Saturday, as she bids to avenge the sole loss of her pro career

Alex Pattle25 November 2023 19:34

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron 2 LIVE: Steve Bunce preview

Here’s an excerpt from Steve Bunce’s main-event preview:

“Back in May, there was tremendous pressure on Taylor and that was part of the attraction, part of the fight’s story; Taylor could have picked an easy fight for her return to Ireland, but she picked the unbeaten, four-belt champion from the weight above. It was a bold move; Cameron praised her at the time.

“In May, Cameron started fast, stayed fast, and it took Taylor four or five rounds to get going; it was tight in the last few rounds, but Cameron secured victory in the first five. One judge scored a draw, the other two went for Cameron by two rounds. Taylor never complained and, more importantly, the capacity crowd of 10,000 never booed.

“There is far more pressure on Taylor this time and far less pressure on Cameron; they’ve both had a calmness in fight week that is deceptive. This evening might just be different as Taylor seeks revenge, and Cameron another win. She is also determined to get the credit that she has perhaps not quite received in full from the first dramatic fight.

“A repeat is likely, a classic is certain.”

Preview in full:

Why Katie Taylor’s rematch with Chantelle Cameron has all the makings of a classic

Taylor is back in Dublin for revenge against Cameron, with the undisputed super-lightweight titles on the line

Alex Pattle25 November 2023 19:22

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