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Apple event - as it happened: iPhone 14 Pro, new AirPods and Watch Ultra unveiled

Anthony Cuthbertson,Andrew Griffin
Wednesday 07 September 2022 21:08 BST

Apple has held its biggest event of the year, announcing the latest version of its most popular product.

The company hosted a live streamed event to show off the new iPhone 14 range, revised Apple Watches and even a new update to its AirPods.

There were four new iPhone 14s: a small and large version of the Pro and non-Pro. Apple aslo introduced a new “rugged” or “Ultra” Apple Watch.

It began at 10am local pacific time (6pm BST) on Wednesday, 7 September, when Apple boss Tim Cook introduced proceedings with a pre-recorded segment from the Apple Park campus.

It was the first time media has been invited to the event since the pandemic. Recent editions involved Apple showing off its new products in spectacular, special effects-heavy livestreamed productions.

You can follow all the news and updates from the event as they happened right here.

Anthony Cuthbertson7 September 2022 20:01

Hello and welcome...

... to The Independent’s live coverage of Apple’s iPhone launch, on Wednesday.

We’re expecting not one but four iPhone 14s (a big and small version of each of the Pro and non-Pro phones), as well as new Apple Watches (five of them, in all). There might also be more besides, such as new AirPods Pro.

Andrew Griffin5 September 2022 11:26

AirPods Pro 2 are coming?

One of the late-breaking rumours is that the iPhone event will also see the launch of new AirPods Pro. They are expected to bring minor external changes but introduce a new processor and wireless audio standards that could make for much more high quality listening, according to rumours.

Andrew Griffin5 September 2022 11:57

A new display for the iPhone 14 Pro – and new things to put on it?

Apple has long been rumoured to be dramatically changing the screen in the iPhone 14 Pro: introducing an always-on display, and getting rid of the “notch” at the top and swapping it for a much smaller cutout.

Now, we’re learning more about how that will work. It will allow for the introduction of a proper battery readout, as well as other changes to the lock screen, a new report claims.

Andrew Griffin5 September 2022 11:59
Andrew Griffin5 September 2022 12:01

What to expect from the Apple event

This is everything we expect to be launched at Wednesday’s event. It also includes the things we don’t expect to come, but which might: iPads, Macs, augmented reality and more.

Andrew Griffin5 September 2022 12:02

What Apple will announce at the event after this

We may be just days from the September event. But it’s likely to be followed by another, in October – and here’s everything we’re expecting from that, including iPads and Macs.

Andrew Griffin5 September 2022 12:03

How to watch along at home

(The big unknown is what live stream will look like – will Apple keep the glitzy, Hollywood-esque production of previous events, or go back to having its executives stand on stage, live and without special effects? I would imagine a bit of both. But we’ll find out tomorrow.)

Andrew Griffin6 September 2022 13:39

Welcome to event day...

By the end of the day, we’ll know exactly what Apple has to offer to iPhone customers new and old.* In about eight hours, Tim Cook and his fellow executives will take the stage to reveal new phones, Apple Watches and more.

* We pretty much know what is going to be announced, though not the details of it. You can find all the information we have, here.

Andrew Griffin7 September 2022 09:27

‘Apple Watch Pro’ may have been leaked in new pictures

One of the big things that is both expected and unknown about today is the introduction of the “Apple Watch Pro”. It seems pretty likely that it is coming today – but nobody knows exactly what form it might take. Rumours suggest it will be bigger, might be more rugged, and could bring extra features like an additional button.

Now what appear to be leaked images of cases suggest that it will be very big indeed. New images show what claim to be casings for the new device, compared with the existing and new Apple Watches.

Andrew Griffin7 September 2022 09:46

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