Easter 2014: Best eggs for children

With Easter less than a month away, we've rounded up a dozen Easter eggs that are sure to get your children's seal of approval

Although some supermarkets have been selling Easter eggs for months, there are still a few weeks to wait before our favourite bunny comes knocking.

To help busy parents out, we've put together a selection of great Easter eggs for kids, ranging from Sainsbury's cheap and cheerful rainbow buttons egg to Hotel Chocolat's seriously decadent caramel Splat egg.

So whether you're buying for toddlers or teenagers, you'll find something to put a smile on their face on Easter morning - as long as you don't eat them first.

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The IndyBest team would be happy with any of these tasty treats, but none more so than Lick the Spoon's Chocolate Pixel egg - it's a fun design and a little bit different to other offerings out there.

Nestlé's Caramel Collection wins on the value front, while the Mopec felt sheep bag from Selfridges is a good investment for future Easter egg hunts.

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1. Co-op Popcorn Egg, £5, in store only

2. Thorntons Harry Hopalot, £6.99

3. Nestlé Caramel Collection, £6

4. Tesco Chippy the Squirrel, £4.50, in store only

5. Marks & Spencer Captain Eggwash, £6

6. Stas Milk Chocolate Egg, £7.99

7. Lick the Spoon Chocolate Pixel Egg, £9.95

8. Waitrose Spike the Hedgehog, £5

9. Lindt Gold Bunny Egg, £5.19

10. Hotel Chocolat The Splat - Caramel, £12.50

11. Sainsbury's Rainbow Button Egg, £1

12. Mopec Felt Sheep Bag with Chocolate Eggs, £6.99


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