15 best Easter eggs

Don’t leave buying your chocolate treats until the last minute.  IndyBest samples the best cocoa creations for the bank holiday weekend

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It wasn’t easy (ok, that’s a lie), but we munched our way through piles of chocolate eggs to find you the best this Easter has to offer. We have brought you both the biggest and the best, as well as the some seriously purse-friendly options. Here’s our egg edit.

{1} Green & Black’s Mint Easter Egg: £6.59, greenandblacksdirect.com


Lovers of mint chocolate are probably already familiar with Green & Black’s. Treat them (or yourself) to this thick-shelled, zingy and fresh chocolate with peppermint oil. It’s good value for excellent quality and it’s Fairtrade and organic, too.

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{2} The Chocolate Society Dark Chocolate Easter Egg: £24.99, selfridges.com


This unusual architectural egg with arty grooves tastes as good as it looks. Made in a small family-owned artisan chocolatiers in Somerset, it’s crafted from fine French Valrhona chocolate, making it an egg to remember. Also available in a milk chocolate and a “blonde” version.

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{3} Monty Bojangles Flutter Scotch Truffle Easter Egg: £6, waitrose.com


Monty Bojangles’ offerings are bright, fun and what’s inside is seriously tasty. You get a creamy Belgian milk chocolate egg and a little pack of some of the most moreish cocoa-dusted truffles we’ve tasted. Choose from berry, nut or our favourite, Flutter Scotch.

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{4} Asda Extra Special Hot Cross Egg Tower: £10, asda.com


Here’s something a bit different; a stack of small, great-tasting milk chocolate eggs that look much more expensive than they really are. This is not the first time Asda has come up with something so innovative and delicious for Easter, proving that quality can be their forte.

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{5} Tesco Finest Milk Giant Vogue Easter Egg: £10, tesco.com


This Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg is decorated with dark chocolate and feuilletine with dulce de leche and passion fruit and mango chocolates. It’s presented particularly nicely and decadently and there’s a dark chocolate version available too.

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{6} Marks & Spencer The Coffee Lover’s Egg: £8, marksandspencer.com  (in store only)


As the name suggests, this is one for coffee fans. It’s intensely flavoured so you don’t need much and the egg is beautifully yet simply decorated with gold coffee beans.

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{7} Morrisons M Signature Raspberry and White Chocolate Egg: £3.50, morrisons.com


Morrisons have never made own-brand Easter Eggs before, and the three flavour options in their brand new line are impressive for under a fiver. We like the raspberry and white chocolate best of all.

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{8} Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Small spotty Belgian Chocolate Easter Egg: £3, sainsburys.co.uk


Kind on the purse strings and tasty too, these are great for token presents or for people who don’t want to overdo it over Easter. Available in dark, milk or white chocolate, they are nicely packaged and the chocolate is Fairtrade.

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{9} Waitrose Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg: £7, waitrose.com


This indulgent hand-decorated number is half-milk chocolate and half-dark chocolate, with white chocolate decoration. But the best bits are the chewy caramel and fudge sprinklings. In short, it offers something whatever type of chocolate you’re into.

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{10} Fortnum & Mason’s Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg: £37.50, fortnumandmason.com


This year the luxury brand has some new and exciting Easter offerings, including this sophisticated one for sea-salt caramel fans. The handmade shell is half-milk chocolate and half-dark chocolate, whilst inside there’s a mixture of gorgeous sea-salted caramel truffles.

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{11} Hotel Chocolat The Ostrich: £75, hotelchocolat.com


This is ridiculously expensive, but we can assure you it’s worth every penny. The two huge and extra-thick eggshells, which are made with top-notch milk chocolate with crispy puffed rice and crunchy cookies, are literally additive. And that’s before you’ve even started on the 27 chocolates with delectable fillings.  It comes in a ribbon-tied hatbox.

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{12} Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg: £15, prestat.co.uk


Anyone who loves boozy chocolates will adore these white chocolate covered truffles made with gin flavoured ganache, with a hint of lemon oil. The lemon oil theme continues in the milk chocolate egg, together with a magical fizz that tingles on your tongue.

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{13}Lindor Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate Egg: £6.99, lindt.co.uk


If you like your milk chocolate really creamy and smooth, this is a difficult egg to beat for under a tenner. The Lindor milk chocolate mini eggs are amazing too, containing a soft, smooth filling that melts in your mouth.

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{14} Cadbury Mini Egg Mega Egg: £3, ocado.com


If you’re the kind of person that can take or leave the chocolate shell of an egg, but love what’s inside, you’ll love this plastic egg filled with treat size Cadbury Mini Eggs, which have, after all, become synonymous with Easter.

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{15}Bettys Milk Chocolate Happy Easter Egg: £14.95, bettys.co.uk


Bettys, despite being more famous for tea and cakes than chocolate, always come up trumps with their hand-decorated eggs. This one, which is 16cm high and weighs 180g, is smooth and scrumptiously creamy and pleasingly finished with a hand piped message.

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Verdict: We think Waitrose Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg is the stand-out egg that all the family will enjoy, with Prestat’s innovative London Gin Truffle Easter Egg coming in at a close second.

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