15 best kids' Easter eggs

From dairy-free delights to decorate-it-yourself chocs, give little ones a cracking gift this Easter

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Nobody loves Easter eggs more than kids – which is why we’ve brought you the best of them for this year. 

Whether they prefer milk, white or dark chocolate – or an unusual combo such as popcorn and chocolate – we’ve got it sorted.

1. Marks & Spencer Laid Back Lamb (420g): £15, Marks & Spencer


If nothing else, this humorous egg will make you smile and it will probably make the kids laugh. And good old M&S doesn’t hold back on the chocolate, with a satisfying thickness throughout. There’s a nice mix of white and milk chocolate, which looks glossy and tastes creamy.

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2. Thorntons The Gruffalo Easter Egg (162g): £3, Sainsbury’s


Tiny tots can never get enough of Julia Donaldson’s award-winning tale of The Gruffalo, making this themed egg a sure winner, particularly with its box featuring familiar illustrations straight from inside the book itself. Inside, the chocolate is nice and smooth, albeit a bit on the sweet side.

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3. Lindt Gold Bunny Flame Egg (270g): £14.99, Selfridges


This Swiss chocolatier makes silky smooth chocolate that’s long been a hit with adults and kids alike – so the children may need to keep this eye-catching option away from Mum and Dad. Inside is a chocolate egg, fun carrot toy and, last but not least, the famous Lindt chocolate bunny.

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4. Aldi Dairyfine Giant Chocolate Bunny (450g): £3.99, Aldi


Rare is the child that would be disappointed with this huge chocolate bunny, and yet it will set you back less than a fiver. We were impressed with the rich chocolate that is sweet enough for kids, but without being too sugary. It’s nice and thick too, especially round the ears. 

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5. Divine 38% Milk Chocolate Egg with Joe & Seph’s Popcorn (232g): £9.99, Ocado


This high-cocoa, milk chocolate egg is made with salted caramel popcorn, and there are two extra packets of sweet and salty popcorn for you to get your gnashers round too. Combining two great brands, it’s an ethical choice, as Divine’s chocolate is all fair trade, with farmers receiving nearly half the share of the profits.

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6. Bettys Papier-Mâché Egg with Milk Chocolate Eggs (50g): £4.95, Bettys


The worst thing about Easter eggs is that most kids have nothing to show for them once they’re all gobbled up, except perhaps being one step closer to needing a filling in their teeth. Not so with this vintage-looking papier-mâché egg option, which you can bring out year after year, containing five scrummy chocolate mini-eggs for this Easter. 

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7. Tesco Free From Chocolate Egg with Coins (115g): £4, Tesco


No need for nippers with allergies to miss out on the fun, with this milk-, gluten- and wheat-free egg tasting the best of all the “free-from” options we tried this year. The packaging is appealing to younger children and the combination of cocoa, rice syrup and rice flour is surprisingly flavoursome.

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8. Happy Jackson Yay Chocolate Time Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (120g): £8, John Lewis


The playful word-centred designs of Happy Jackson have made this an increasingly popular brand among kids. This year, it’s branched out into Easter eggs, with several choices of their bold and colourful slogans to choose from. The chocolate is nice and crispy, too.

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9. Montezuma’s White Chocolate with Raspberry Eco Egg (150g): £7.99, Montezuma’s 


This eco-friendly egg, which comes in a biodegradable outer casing, is a great option for families who don’t want to pollute the planet with yet more unnecessary packaging. The egg itself is the best white chocolate one we tasted this year for kids, with the raspberry giving it a nice kick.

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10. Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Big City Bunny (150g): £7.50, Hotel Chocolat


This playful rabbit is available in good old-fashioned milk chocolate (also delicious), but we’re putting this 70 per cent dark chocolate, vegan-friendly version centre-stage this year to cater for children who prefer their chocolate a bit less sweet and with a bit more of the true taste of cocoa coming through. 

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11. Artisan du Chocolat Balloon Egg (300g): £25, Artisan du Chocolat    


These striking marbled balloon eggs flew off the shelves last year, so it’s no wonder they’re back for this Easter. Made from passion fruit-flavoured white chocolate and creamy milk chocolate, along with edible lace strings and variously flavoured mini eggs (think ganaches, pralines and coulis), they’re best suited to teens or youngsters with adventurous palates.  

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12. Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Rainbow Buttons (170g): £1, Sainsbury’s


No need to hunt for the local pound shop if you’re on a tight budget, thanks to this handy – and surprisingly tasty – milk chocolate Easter egg with a packet of rainbow buttons thrown in too. The packaging is vibrantly designed too.

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13. Cocoapod Easter Eggs Decoration Kit (40g per egg): £19.90, Not On The High Street


If your little ones are itching to make their own Easter eggs, but you just don’t have the time or inclination to get them making the chocolate shells, then this box of goodies will be a good compromise. Containing oodles of little sweets and chocolates with which to decorate the four flat eggs, it also includes all the extras, such as sticking chocolate, brushes and all the ideas they could possibly need.

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14. Lakeland Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (454g): £7.99, Lakeland


If you’d rather focus your efforts on an Easter egg hunt than a large egg they’ll either forget about or overindulge on, then this plastic jar will do you proud. The foil-wrapped solid eggs come in a range of dazzling colours and there are plenty of them – almost half a kilo – which means you can even invite the neighbours’ children round too.

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15. Charbonnel et Walker Peter Rabbit Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (110g): £12.50, John Lewis


This scrumptious little chocolate Easter egg comes from a company that has been making world-renowned chocolate since 1875, and which boasts a royal warrant. It comes beautifully wrapped in a gorgeous box with blue ribbon. 

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The Verdict: Kids’ Easter eggs

If you’re buying for a child who appreciates a bit of wit, you can’t go wrong with the M&S Laid Back Lamb. For popcorn lovers, look no further than the Divine 38% Milk Chocolate Egg with Joe & Seph’s Popcorn. For something quaint, our vote goes to Bettys Papier-Mâché Egg with Milk Chocolate Eggs, while allergy lovers can’t go wrong with Tesco Free From Chocolate Egg with Coins. If money is tight, then Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Rainbow Buttons is a great buy for a mere quid, while those with a yearning to make their very own eggs will love Cocoapod Easter Eggs Decoration Kit.

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