Photos, films, music, apps and browsing - the latest mobiles can do it all

1. Nokia Lumia 925

The very latest offering from Nokia, this sharp, stunning and fast smartphone is really all about taking pictures. The camera boasts six lenses, next-generation imaging software and can take photos in low light better than its competitors. Snapper first, phone second.


2. Samsung Galaxy S4

From Samsung's flagship Galaxy range, this fourth-generation smartphone is bursting with social media-integrated features, such as the Story Album, which pulls together multimedia content to create a personalised timeline. In-built air-gesture technology means you can control functions with a wave.


3. iPhone 5

There may be whispers of a 5S, but until then, this is as good as it's going to get from Apple. Still, the iPhone 5 remains one of the most coveted smartphones around and with iOS7 around the corner, there's never been a better time to get one.


4. Vodafone Smart Mini

One of the cheapest smartphones on the market, the Smart Mini may not pack the same punch in terms of camera specs, display size or memory, but for the money it's a real treat. The Android 4.1 operating system should keep you up to date with all your social media.


5. HTC One X+

Possibly the finest smartphone on the market, the One X+ boasts a 1.7GHZ processor, 64GB of storage and a camera that can shoot simultaneous HD video while you snap. The real highlight is the speed; expect quick-loading web pages and seamless video with no need to fear a multi-task meltdown.


6. Google LG Nexus 4

Seamlessly integrating the Google apps most of us depend on, the Nexus is a fantastic value smartphone. The camera was the first to have a built-in panorama function and wireless charging means you'll never need to worry about plugs again.


7. Sony Xperia Z

With a huge 5in HD display that's so sharp you feel like you're tumbling into the screen, the Xperia is built around clarity and definition. Despite this you don't need to handle it with care; it's water- and dust-resistant.


8. Motorola Razr i

Encased in Kevlar and aircraft-grade aluminium, the Razr is one tough cookie. The device takes its lead design-wise from the iPhone 5 and although it's not as high-spec, the lower priced phone is packed with a whopping 1GB ram for a speedy performance.


9. Blackberry Q10

Blackberry still produces some of the best QWERTY-based phones on the market. The Q10 is their top of the range model and the first to run on their latest operating system, Blackberry 10, which includes super-addictive swipe gestures for speedy app-switching.


10. Huawei Ascend P2

Light, fast and visually stunning, this record-breaking handset from Huawei (which this week unveiled the Ascend P6, its would-be iPhone killer) is officially the "world's fastest smartphone". Expect sharp picture quality and a "magic touch" screen that can even be used with gloves on.

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