The 10 Best steam cleaners

Cut through grease and grime with our cleaning guide

1. Thane Housewares H20 Mop X5


Steam mop that can be converted into a steam cleaner, so it's great for both lifting floor grime and refreshing fabrics.

2. Shark Two-in-One


Super-intelligent steam mop not only keeps floors squeaky clean, but easily converts into a nifty hand-held steamer for cleaning surfaces and walls.

3. Lakeland Steam Mop


Breeze through grease and grime with this great value, powerful telescopic steam mop that harnesses the cleaning power of super-heated steam without chemicals.

4. Vax Multi Floor Steam Mop


Includes a carpet glider, standard cleaning pads, coral cleaning pads and a cooling base. The only downside is seeing how much "unseen" dirt is on your floor.

5. Oreck Steam Glide


If you're after clean, dry floors in super-quick time, this is for you. Very light, its three-point head is designed to reach all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

6. Home-tek Light '*' Easy


Has a comfortable handle and comes with an extra head for carpet cleaning. It shifts serious stains with ease and reaches right up to the edges of floors.

7. Efbe-Schott Delta Head


This is slow to get going and lacks a limescale filter, but the cleaning is impressive, quiet, easy to use and you get 30 minutes of steam on a full tank.

8. Polti Evolution


Particularly good for asthma and allergy sufferers and won't be hard to spot at the back of your cupboard. Not that it is likely to wind up there. Sheer brilliance.

9. Black & Decker Steam Mop


Environmentally friendly, boasting Autoselect technology, which has a heating time of less than 15 seconds. Use this on floors including tiles, laminate and carpet.

10. Bissell Steam & Sweep


Two machines in one, the sweeper function collects any loose dirt and debris, the mop element uses the power of steam to clean and sanitise sealed hard surfaces.