The Ten Best Political Books

Can't tell Boris from Blair? Brush up on your knowledge of current affairs with our guide to the best political books.

Myles Hunt,Manager
Tuesday 15 July 2008 11:24 BST

The Audacity of Hope - Barack Obama

Obama's autobiography is a thought-provoking, intimate and humorous look into the mind of a young senator, presenting his vision for America and his hopes for a new democracy.

Canongate Books, £8.99

Water - Houston and Griffiths

A fascinating look at the power of water to enrich and destroy the lives of millions. This in-depth political analysis should be on the desks of every government and corporation.

Harriman House, £16.99

A History of Modern - Britain Andrew Marr

An accessible, well-written account of post-war Britain. Marr explains everything vividly and concisely, and puts a new perspective on events and the leaders who shaped them.

Pan Macmillan, £8.99

Boris v. Ken - Edwards and Isaby

Published after Boris's victory in the London mayoral election, this fun, accessible analysis of a lively campaign looks at the politics, the candidates, and the consequences for Londoners.

Politico's Publishing, £9.99

Squandered - David Craig

Craig exposes the tragic, sometimes comic story of how New Labour, which has boosted public spending by around one trillion pounds, has squandered our cash.

Constable & Robinson, £8.99

Blair Unbound - Seldon and Snowdon

Volume one of this riveting account was acclaimed, and the second is no less a masterclass in political biography. The most authoritative account yet of the Blair premiership.

Simon & Schuster, £9.99

The Rise of Political Lying - Peter Oborne

Tracing the history of the falsehood in politics, Oborne focuses on the exponential increase in fibbing under Major and Blair, and on how slippery a concept the truth has become.

Free Press, £7.99

Gordon is a Moron - Vernon Coleman

Coleman's collection of the stupid things our Chancellor-turned-PM has done or overseen, and the effect of his dealings in the finances of this country, makes for an alarming read.

Blue Books, £9.99

Speaking for Myself - Cherie Blair

This autobiography offers an intimate and humorous portrait of a family living in extraordinary circumstances, and her own path from humble origins to QC to No 10.

Little, Brown, £18.99

Road to Southend Pier - Ross Clark

After encountering a talking lamp post, Ross Clark wondered if he could get to Southend without Big Brother watching him. An entertaining look at Britain's surveillance society.

Harriman House, £9.99

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