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Best gifts for coffee lovers that even a brew connoisseur will appreciate

From espresso machines to mug warmers, these finds will elevate their next cup

Brittany Miller
Thursday 21 December 2023 14:06 GMT
Whether they’ll appreciate good instant coffee or a swanky gadget, look no further than our guide
Whether they’ll appreciate good instant coffee or a swanky gadget, look no further than our guide (The Independent)

People always say the number one way to save money is to make coffee at home instead of going to a local coffee shop. However, for some people, a pot of Folgers isn’t good enough to get them through the day, so it can be difficult to shop for the coffee lover who normally requests a specific roast.

To help make the present buying for coffee lovers (and snobs) this holiday season a little easier, this guide is filled with a full range of gift ideas – whether that be a top-of-the-line espresso machine for those who have the time to make themselves a homemade latte to instant coffee for your giftee who needs something quick because they’re always on the go.

If the caffeine addict you’re shopping for has all of the fancy machines, you might be interested in a unique mug concept that will keep their cup of joe hot for hours. Even if the coffee enthusiast in your life has one thing on this list, we’ve made sure to include something for everyone.

How we tested

A selection of the gifts we tried for this review (Brittany Miller)

When it comes to gadgets, the goal when testing was to find the products that customized the coffee experience, yet were also user-friendly for both connoisseurs and beginners. When compiling this list, we steered clear of gifts that we didn’t think would stand the test of time, so that meant not using plastic. As a plus, most of the products are insulated.

The best gifts for coffee lovers in 2023 are:

  • Best gift for coffee lovers overall – Brewista artisan electric gooseneck kettle: $159.99,
  • Best budget gift for coffee lovers – KIN mug warmer: $25,
  • Best for the caffeine lover always in a rush – Swift instant coffee: $14
  • Best for an entertainer – Clara French press: $99,

Brewista artisan electric gooseneck kettle: $159.99,


Best: Gift for coffee lovers overall

Rating: 5/5

Most coffee gadgets require boiling water of some kind, and with the amount of control needed for the water, a gooseneck kettle is the way to go because the spout is so thin. The Brewista kettle comes with a hot plate for the kettle to sit on, where your giftee will be able to pick the specific temperature they want the water to boil to, in fahrenheit or celsius. The water typically boils in less than five minutes and because the kettle is insulated, it can hold the temperature for several minutes without needing to be turned back on, although there is a setting to hold the temperature if needed. It’s also available in a wide array of colors.

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Kin mug warmer: $25,


Best: Budget buy

Rating: 4.5/5

If the coffee snob in your life is constantly microwaving the same cup of coffee they made ages ago, a mug warmer might be a good option. The Kin warmer is budget-friendly at only $25. This is essentially a tiny hot plate that gets plugged in, but it also comes with a lid to trap in any steam. It automatically turns on once it recognizes the weight of the mug, and your giftee can choose between a high, medium, and low heat setting. Ince the mug is removed it will turn itself off shortly after.

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Gaggia classic: $499,


Best: For the espresso lover

Rating: 5/5

If the coffee lover in your life always gets an espresso-based drink at a coffee shop, an espresso machine would make a great gift if you’re looking to splurge. Inside the box, there’s everything a person needs to successfully make espresso at home, including a double spout stainless steel commercial portafilter, 7g single shot basket, 14g double shot basket, 14g pressurized double shot basket, two-way diffuser pin, coffee scoop, and a plastic tamper. Unlike other machines, it is perfect for beginners with minimal buttons and mechanics. And with a width of only 8in, it’s the perfect size for small apartments.

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Baratza coffee bean grinder: $299.95,


Best: For a coffee beginner

Rating: 4/5

Every coffee gadget under the sun requires a different coffee grind size for some reason. Instead of your coffee lover owning different bags of beans for each device, buy them a bean grinder so they have full control. What makes the Baratza one so different from the others is that it doesn’t require pulsing the way other grinders do. It comes out consistent each time, but just take note that you sometimes have to press the grind button twice to make sure all of the coffee beans come out.

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Swift instant coffee: $10.95,


Best: For caffeine lovers always in a rush

Rating: 4/4

If your caffeine addict is always on the go, instant coffee could be a good option. Most brands can taste pretty weak and watery, so we would recommend the Swift. The brand sells freeze-dried coffee in individual pouches from various countries around the world. If you know their bean preference, Swift likely sells it. It makes the perfect single cup of coffee and all they will need is hot water.

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Bialetti moka pot: €28.90,


Best: For the coffee lover with limited space

Rating: 5/5

This is another espresso option, but for people who are on a budget. A moka pot is a tried and tested classic, especially for people in Italy who are known for their espresso. To make roughly two shots of espresso all your giftee will have to do is fill the bottom with water up until the spot where they’ll see a screw, known as the safety valve. Then they’ll fill the little basket up with coffee grounds and place the pot on the stove. Once it makes a gurgling sound it’s done. It’s a great gift if you’re on a tight budget or know that they have minimal space – it takes up the same amount of room in cupboards as a single glass.

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Hario V60 pour over coffee starter set: $27.50,


Best: For the drip coffee lover

Rating: 4/4

An alternative to drip coffee is a pour-over set, and a common brand is Hario. This $27.50 bundle comes with a cone-like plastic coffee dripper, a couple of paper filters, a coffee carafe/server, and a plastic coffee scoop. The Hario V60 features a simple design that will allow your giftee to achieve an amazing cup of drip coffee by perfecting their own technique. Take note that this device isn’t the easiest to use and takes practice to get it right.

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East Fork pottery mug: $32,

(East Fork)

Best: For the mug collector

Rating: 5/5

What coffee lover couldn’t use another mug? One of the most high-quality mugs on the market comes from East Fork Pottery. The brand calls all of its mugs, “the mug” because they are the only mugs a person will want to use every single day. They come in two sizes – regular and small – and in various colors for $32 and $40 respectively. The mug is likely to be a bit heavier than their existing ones, but its durable construction makes it the one they’ll reach for again and again.

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H2go camper mug: $19.99,


Best: For traveling

Rating: 4.5/5

Another coffee lover classic gift is a mug that they can take with them on the go. The camper mug is a 12oz double wall copper lined 18/8 stainless steel thermal mug. It features vacuum insulation, a stainless steel rim, a clear push-on lid with matching swivel closure, and a powder-coated finish available in many different colors. The lid is what puts this one over the top. A lot of tumblers don’t have a closure on them, so spilling can happen while traveling but this one prevents that from happening. It’s also being budget-friendly at $19.99.

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Fellow Clara French press: $99,

(Fellow )

Best: Gift for an entertainer

Rating: 5/5

When entertaining for breakfast or brunch, your giftee will need something that is going to make a lot of coffee quickly. A quick method of doing this while still maintaining the gourmet vibe is to use a French press. We recommend the Clara French press because its vacuum-insulated walls keep the coffee hot much longer than the typical glass or plastic designs. It also features a fine mess filter to avoid any coffee grounds ending up in the bottom of your cup. Take note that it only fits 24oz which could appear on the small aside as well as its hefty $99 price tag.

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The verdict: Gifts for coffee lovers

An important aspect aside from the price is that all of these products are made to last. The Brewista artisan electric gooseneck kettle, which is our best buy, can be put to use alongside a whole host of other coffee gadgets that require boiled water. Coffee snobs can appear to only want the most expensive coffee beans and gadgets around, but there are some affordable options, including KIN’s mug warmer for $25, or H2go’s camper mug. These are all gifts that are likely to impress the caffeine addict in your life.

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