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7 best whisky glasses

Are you Sean Connery with a scotch or Daniel Craig with a Japanese whisky? 

Brendan Hodrien
Monday 29 October 2018 11:54 GMT
Sean Connery in 'Diamonds Are Forever' with an essential scotch
Sean Connery in 'Diamonds Are Forever' with an essential scotch

Whisky is dark art, an alchemy that relies on innumerable variables: from the mash, to the barrel, all the way down to the glass that you drink from. It all matters.

If you aren’t a whisky enthusiast, you could be forgiven for thinking that whisky glasses don't matter. They are the spirit-based cousin of the mythical instagram filters that are beer goggles.

But they are an important part of enjoying your tipple, and can also become a showpiece for impressing your guests at the end of the meal.

We’ve rounded up the best beakers, whether you’re looking for form or function, budget or bougie.

Glencairn Cut Crystal Glass: £25, Glencairn

One of the most prevalent and respected glasses in the world of whisky is the Glencairn. Experts in the field of specialist glassware, the family run business have been perfecting their craft for more than 30 years.

Designed to maximise the reception of smell and taste while being comfortable to handle, this mouth blown crystal glass provides unparalleled value for money.

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Norlan Whisky Glass (set of 2): £42, Norlan

The Norlan glass was made possible by a kickstarter campaign that drew support from all over the globe. This is a glass that was eagerly anticipated by whisky lovers worldwide and it has not disappointed.

Engineered to give equal credence to form and function, the aesthetically sharp design also serves to balance perfectly the need for a whisky to breathe whilst also preserving aromas to heighten your experience - after all, a lot of taste is in the nose.

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Malt (set of 2): £31, Nude Glass

These glasses are the work of award-winning Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen and make up a third of his three-part Malt collection which also features a bowl and whisky bottle.

Elegant and understated, the glass is designed with a focus on “simplicity and beauty”. Laakkonen’s focus on practicality coupled with the neat aesthetic makes this a great value for money addition to your cupboard.

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Lismore Tumbler: (set of 2) £85, Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal need no introduction, a mainstay of grandparents’ cabinets and five-star hotel bars for decades.

The eminent glassware company command a mighty reputation with the history of crystal manufacturing in Waterford dating back to 1783.

This glass is elegant and of the highest quality, a party piece and an heirloom, its attention to detail provides a well-rounded experience.

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Alba (set of 2): £84, Nude Glass

Designer Joe Doucet named this collection Alba as it is the gaelic word for Scotland, the set being a tribute to the homeland of whisky. This glass places equal earnest on form and function, including tartan engravings on the heavy base and a careful tapering toward the brim to trap precious aromas

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Chill: £79.84, Amazon

The Chill collection is centred around a marriage of glass and marble, the trio is complete by a bowl and decanter.

This tumbler arm of the collection is visibly stunning with fine crystal atop a marble base to add a touch of gravitas.

The use of high grade materials is reflected in the price but provides an assurance of quality.

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Tom Dixon Tank Glass (set of 2): £60, Selfridges

Minimal and chic and complete with a copper band, this set of glasses are an understated and relaxed choice of vessel for your whisky.

The carefully engineered design is great for letting your whisky breathe and would be a stylish addition to your cupboard. Be sure to pay close attention to the care instructions as the copper will need some TLC.

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The Verdict: Best whisky glasses

This was a very close call, but Glencairn just about edges out the Norlan glass. The Glencairn oozes the sophistication that you associate with an unpronounceable bottle of scotch in a dimly lit narrow bar.

The Norlan also provides an enhanced drinking experience but with a much more modern aesthetic.

Sean Connery with a scotch, or Daniel Craig with a Japanese whisky?

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