Five days without solids: Was it worth it?

I never imagined I could go one day without solid food let alone five, but I did and I enjoyed it, says Linda Taylor

Saturday 30 October 2021 00:01 BST
<p>Probably the best cold-pressed juice ever ...  </p>

Probably the best cold-pressed juice ever ...

A friend just returned from a 10-day retreat, where total silence was demanded, along with 10 hours of meditation each day. Did he enjoy it? He pondered for a moment and replied: “No, not really.” But he did complete the task and I admired his will power. In a recent test of my own will power, a mere five-day liquid detox, not only did I complete it, but I can honestly say I enjoyed it. The trick is using cold-pressed raw juices freshly prepared and designed to keep you full and satisfied.

I never imagined I could go five days without solids. I’m usually scoffing humous, cheese, omelettes and pasta – not green liquids like the Green Revive. There were a couple of occasions when I felt like gnawing my own arm off but with the Presscription juice cleanse plan the detox is idiot proof – well almost. Despite the bottles being numbered, which should be taken in order, obviously, I managed to drink two no 3s on Tuesday, which left me two no 6s for Wednesday.

You are meant to “chew your juice” to help aid the absorption and assimilation of every nutrient and not gulp it down. It should take between 30 minutes to one hour to consume each juice – so you basically spend all day sipping away at them. It leaves little room for hunger pangs.

Presscription juices are 100 per cent raw, fresh and unpasteurised, which means they only have a shelf life of three days. They also don’t have any of that gunk that normal juices have when you stick a load of fruit or vegetables in a Nutribullet. These juices are silky smooth.

At the end of five days, I did feel smug, and did I mention that I lost 4lbs? More importantly, I felt great, full of energy, and mentally much sharper

To undertake a five-day detox, I had to get two deliveries. Flavours range from the Melon Biotic (watermelon, cucumber, mint, lactobacillus acidophilus probiotics) to the Amber Boost (alkaline water, lemon, lime, red chilli, coconut blossom nectar) and the Green Vital (cucumber, celery, broccoli, kale, spinach, lemon, parsley). The last drink of the day is a Cinnamon Milk, which tastes better than a Mars Bar and fills you up before you go to sleep. The fact that it is healthy is mind-boggling. In addition, two shot-bottles of intense juice are also supplied. These can be taken during the day if you feel hungry and start to flag.

Presscription juice is cold-pressed to extract the maximum amount of nutrients. The company doesn’t use any HPP processing to extend the shelf life, which means the juices are pressed the day you place your order and then dispatched in glass bottles to your door.

The juice is cold-pressed to extract the maximum amount of nutrients

Globally, the consumption of lifestyle products and the investment in our own personal well-being has seen the value of the cold-pressed juice market almost double. It could be worth up to $8.1 billion by 2024, up from just $4.3 billion in 2017. According to Transparency Market Research, “a growth in spending on lifestyle products, a heightened sense of health awareness, the maximum health benefits offered by these juices, and the rising disposable income of people are the key factors contributing to the growth of the cold-pressed juice market. The popularity of liquid “cleanses”, coupled with the obsession of looking slim and fit, are also fuelling demand.”

At the end of five days, I did feel smug, and did I mention that I lost 4lbs? More importantly, I felt great, full of energy, and mentally much sharper, which was a huge relief as on days two and three I was convinced I was suffering from early onset? But I was just spaced out – from consuming only 900 calories a day.

If I had the money – it costs £285 for five days – I would do a two-day juice-cleanse once a week to maintain my weight loss. I fear that without the ready-made bottles in my fridge, I’m going to fall back into my less-healthy eating habits. But who knows? Right now, if you offered me chocolate or a Green Revive juice – I would go for the green liquid. Maybe I’ve knocked sugar cravings on the head forever.

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