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11 best organic wines: Sustainable white, red and sparkling vinos

Indulge in pinot noir, chardonnay, purato grillo or English dry white

Stacey Smith
Monday 21 September 2020 13:51 BST
Sales of these ethically produced drinks have risen by 47 per cent
Sales of these ethically produced drinks have risen by 47 per cent

Organic September is a month-long celebration of organic food, drink, beauty and textiles. Now in its 26th year (although originally called “Organic Harvest”), there are countless benefits to choosing an organic product.

Not only will it reduce your exposure to pesticides but you’ll also be supporting a sustainable production system which is better for both wildlife and the planet.

Organic farms tend to have around 50 per cent more bees, butterflies and other pollinators visit them – reason alone to consider switching if you ask us.

The good news is, wine is another category where it’s possible to buy organic – a pretty selfless task if you ask us. From the health of the soil from which the vines are grown, through to supporting nature-friendly farming techniques – your glass of red has never been such a hot topic.

And we’re not the only ones to think so – organic wine sales are up 47 per cent, the fastest growing organic category, helping drive eight years of consecutive organic sales growth.

So, now we’re all on board with switching to organic vino, what to look out for? Although some bottles will helpfully display organic certification, more often than not, they don’t, making it pretty confusing when it comes to the checkout. Thankfully we’ve rounded up a delicious selection across white, red and sparkling styles that all come with full organic certification.

Although we’ve only included certified wines in our round-up, it’s worth noting that many smaller producers have practised organic or even biodynamic farming for generations but just haven’t had the time, money or inclination to apply for official certification. Although certain areas are very well-known for their fantastic organic vineyards, there are also plenty right here in the UK if you’re keen to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Aside from the health and planet benefits, it’s said that organic vines allow the grapes to showcase their true flavour profile, without any additional interference. So you can often expect a superior tasting experience.

And just in case you needed any more justification for going organic, it’s long been reported that this type of wine is less likely to give you a hangover. In fact, it’s the stricter measures surrounding the quantity of sulphur dioxide used in organic winemaking (the bit that causes those unwanted headaches!) which means you’re more likely to wake up feeling fresh.

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The verdict: Organic wine

If you’re after an award-winning organic red, the Francone Barbaresco is a gorgeous drop you won’t forget in a hurry. Prefer your wine white? The Weingut DB schmitt frei korper kultur from Forest Wines is a joy and despite the tiny amount of skin contact, is surprisingly versatile and easy drinking.

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