Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 launch: The gifts fans of the game will love

With new additions to the map and characters to unlock, the game has levelled up

Eva Waite-Taylor
Wednesday 02 December 2020 14:40
<p>From PS4 games to prints for your home, these are bound to get Fortnite fanatics excited</p>

From PS4 games to prints for your home, these are bound to get Fortnite fanatics excited

Fortnite fans rejoice, Chapter 2, Season 5 is finally here. For the uninitiated, Fortnite is the popular multiplayer online game set on an island where players are survivors of a storm that wiped out 98 per cent of the Earth's population. 

The aim of the game is to fight against one another and earn experience points to unlock new characters, better weapons and “skins” (outfits). Since its launch in 2017, it’s become such a hit that it’s currently one of the most popular video games in the world. 

If you are a fan of the much-loved game, you’ll know that some big changes have been put in place. Following the Galactus live event, which saw players join forces with Marvel heroes to fight the in-game villain, there are now a number of new locations on the map to get excited about, including a quasi-Roman arena, a new jungle area, and a desert around the now exposed Zero Point. 

That’s not the only new element though, you can now pick-up quests from the new characters and even hire them to be your allies or challenge them to a duel. While the new in-game currency, Bars, means you can now buy weapons and purchase upgrades and services. 

The launch of Chapter 2, Season 5 has also seen the game’s brand new subscription service titled Fortnite Crew, offering users access to exclusive content. 

Whether you’re a Fortnite fanatic or looking for something to gift to someone who is, we’ve hand-picked a selection of products that offer a way to celebrate the new launch. 

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Happy Little Home Fortnite print, A4

Make a statement and adorn the walls of your games room (or bedroom) with this Fortnite-inspired print. Opt to have the print sent on its own, or add a frame for an additional £10 – the black will really pack a punch. 

‘Fortnite Ultimate Guide’ by GamesWarrior, published by Little Brother Books

Looking to improve your tactics? This is the book for you. Including all the top tips and tricks you need to dominate Battle Royale, let this 2021 edition of Fortnite Ultimate Guide help you navigate and explore the brand new locations, skins, weapons and vehicles. 

Fortnite Top Trumps

Featuring artwork from the franchise, this offers you the chance to take your love for the game offline. Test your knowledge of the characters and weapons and fire off your leading cards to outperform against your opponents. Whether you whip out the heavy sniper rifle or use the minigun, this is a great way to reduce screen time but still enjoy the game. 

Fortnite The Chapter 1 Collection – 10 collectible figure pack

This official Fornite figurine collection will bring joy to fans of the game. It includes the whole team, notably Outfits Recruit (Jonesy), Black Knight and Rust Lord, as well as a 35cm poster of the Fortnite’s Chapter 1 map. It’s suitable for children aged eight and over. 

Fortnite: Last Laugh Bundle PS4 Game

There’s extra fun to be had with this Fortnite: The Last Laugh bundle, which consists of 11 in-game items, such as three skins for your characters (the Joker, Position Ivy and Midas Rez). You can become everyone’s nemesis with this extension pack. 

Fortnite FNT0121 cloudstrike glider drone

Easy to manoeuvre, this drone will take off in just one click and can reach heights of 60 to 80 metres. Land with another click or remain in the air with the altitude hold feature. Another great way to take your love for Fortnite offline. 

Funko Fortnite advent calendar

While the countdown to Christmas is underway, this is a great gift for fans of the game. Featuring in our guide to the best toy advent calendars, our reviewer said: “Our teenage tester was thrilled to get his mitts on this, and was very pleased with the selection of 24 mini characters he found inside.” 

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