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7 best sex games that bring some extra fun to the bedroom

From role-play cards to saucy dice sets, these are sure to spice things up

Lauren Cunningham
Friday 03 February 2023 17:05 GMT
<p>Choose from new sex position cards to bondage games for beginners  </p>

Choose from new sex position cards to bondage games for beginners

Our Top Picks

Love – or should we say lust? – is certainly in the air as we gear up to greet Valentine’s Day head-on. While jewellery, flowers, chocolates and dine-at-home dinners are in no short supply, there is something a little sexier hitting the stores, and we’ve found the best ones to buy.

Of course, we’re talking about sex games, adding to a relatively long list of saucy surprises, including red lingerie, massage candles, sex toys and more that all make an appearance for 14 February.

Whether you’re a self-professed freak in the sheets or just looking to spice up your love life, a sex game could be the secret to a raunchy night of romance. And there’s no short supply of options to suit everyone and anyone, no matter if you’re playing with a partner or in a group.

You may not be surprised to learn that you won’t find these on the shelves at Sainsbury’s along with the family-friendly board games – we sourced ours from two fail-safe adult fun stores: Ann Summers and Lovehoney, and it’s safe to say we weren’t disappointed.

Keep reading this article to see which ones we’re dubbing the best, so you can be sure to shop ahead of Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

How we tested

Taking our job seriously, as always, we set out to test these sex games in the best way we know how – grabbing a partner and playing in the bedroom. From card games to board games, directional dice and more, there’s a whole host to choose from, and these are our favourite picks.

The best sex games for 2024 are:

  • Best overall sex game – Lovehoney After Dark board game: £28.04,
  • Best introductory sex game – Ann Summers foreplay dice: £6,
  • Best beginner bondage game – Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots beginner’s bondage game: £12.74,
  • Best male-female sex board game – Monogamy couples board game: £33,
  • Best beginner role-play sex game – Ann Summers couples role play card game: £8,
  • Best new sex position game – Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra playing cards: £6.99,
  • Best male-female card game – You and Me 50 nights of intimacy game: £15,

Lovehoney After Dark board game

best sex games
  • Best: Overall sex game
  • Type: Board game
  • For: Anyone, between two to four players
  • Time it takes to play: An hour or more

Sex shouldn’t always be serious, sometimes it’s great to have a good laugh, and this game is sure to provide exactly that. Work your way around the board by picking up one of four types of cards – kinky confessions, you said what, talk dirty and oh I say – and you’re sure to be sniggering away for hours while also feeling rather sexy. The confessions cards were probably our favourite, but all are rather fun and add a playful spin to your usual bedroom antics. Just be sure to set aside a good amount of time to really get into it. Remember, being silly can also be sexy.

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Ann Summers foreplay dice

best sex games 2023 Ann Summers
  • Best: Introductory sex game
  • Type: Dice
  • For: Any couple or group
  • Time it takes to play: Choose how long you want to play for

For those who want to add just a little bit of spice to their sex lives, these dice are the perfect pick. With four different dice in one set, each one shows a different set of words, from lick and stroke to neck, back or mouth, to give gentle directions for how to approach your partner. They’re also incredibly small, so can be put in your pocket or purse for a sexy surprise, but we’re dubbing them best for beginners, as they are pretty tame.

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Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots beginner’s bondage game

best sex games Love Honey
  • Best: Beginner bondage game
  • Type: Directional card game
  • For: Any couple or group
  • Time it takes to play: Choose how long you want to play for

If you’ve always wanted to try bondage but don’t quite know where to start, this is the game for you. Included in the mini set is a blindfold, silky red ribbon and a deck of directional cards with some very sexy instructions. Anyone can play, and we promise with cards such as “tie your partner’s hands behind their head” and “brush their skin with a feather”, you’re sure to have a tantalising time.

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Monogamy couples board game

best sex games 2023 ann summers
  • Best: Male-female sex board game
  • Type: Board game
  • For: Male-female couples
  • Time it takes to play: Around an hour or more

This game has been designed for male-female couples with “his” and “hers” instructions. But, although it may look like your everyday board game at first glance, it’s far from your monotonous Monopoly. Players take turns going around the board, drawing fantasy cards that become increasingly sexier. Different squares show different erogenous zones, along with erotic dancing spaces and massage parlor perks, so you can really play with your partner. Just be sure to set a lot of time aside to play, as this is no quick fix.

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Ann Summers couples role play card game

best sex games 2023 Ann Summers
  • Best: Beginner role-play sex game
  • Type: Cards
  • For: Any couple
  • Time it takes to play: Any

For those who are new to role play, these cards could be the perfect place to get some ideas. While they reference “him” and “her”, most can be used for all genders, as the themes are quite wide-reaching. Again, they are rather tame – with scenarios such as sexy waitress, mile-high club and yoga instructor all included – but they’re sure to add a fun twist to any bedroom setting. So, let your inhibitions go and jump straight in.

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Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra playing cards

best sex games Lovehoney
  • Best: New sex position game
  • Type: Card game
  • For: Male-female couples
  • Time it takes to play: Choose how long you want to play for

We’re sure we don’t have to explain the Kama Sutra to you, but if you’ve ever wanted to see what was inside its pages, this game is here to show you in a very playful way. There are 52 cards included, along with two jokers, meaning you can pick one a week or try them all in one night, depending on how wild you want to go. On the front of the card is a depiction of the position in question, so you can recreate it. Just make sure you don’t leave these lying around, as they certainly are NSFW.

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You and Me 50 nights of intimacy game

best sex games Ann Summers
  • Best: Male-female card game
  • Type: Timed directional card game
  • For: Male-female couples
  • Time it takes to play: Choose how long you want to play for

With two sets of cards, one for men and one for women, this sex game is sure to work wonders by spicing up things in the bedroom. Included in the set are a die, timer and two sets of cards that give sexy instructions. Directions such as “put a blindfold on your lover”, “take your lover by the hair” and “massage your partner” are just the start, as the set reaches quite saucy proportions.

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The verdict: Sex games for couples

The majority of sex games are tailored to male-female couples, so, if that’s you, you’re in luck, as the Monogamy couples board game, Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra playing cards and You and Me 50 nights of intimacy game are sure to give you a tantalising time in the bedroom.

If that isn’t you, we’ve found some fiery options that allow all couples (or more) to cosy up closer together, including our favourite find, the Lovehoney After Dark board game, which is sure to have you laughing and loving all night long.

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