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10 best single bedding sets for students that are affordable, soft and durable

Get a decent night's sleep after long days in the library with these high quality finds

Emily Goddard
Thursday 27 August 2020 17:15 BST
Our round-up includes options with bold stylish patterns and others that are more muted for those who prefer an understated palette
Our round-up includes options with bold stylish patterns and others that are more muted for those who prefer an understated palette

It will come as little surprise to learn that university students are not getting enough shut-eye. In fact, some 60 per cent report poor quality sleep. But that is not all down to burning the candle at both ends and pulling too many all-nighters. Most simply experience difficulties falling or staying in the land of nod.

This is a big problem, says Lee Chambers, an environmental psychologist and wellbeing consultant, because sleeping well is fundamental to our health, mood, attention and cognitive performance. “As a student, it is likely we are starting to fall into our adult biorhythm, and as our learning is significantly impacted by our sleep, it is a vital time to try to optimise it,” he explains.

Starting university opens up a new chapter of exciting, positive change, and it could be the first time you have had control over your sleep environment and routine. Besides perhaps a soft rug and inspiring prints for the wall of your room, your bedding will need the most consideration if you are to catch enough Zs.

Chambers suggests keeping your environment dark, cool and mellow as bedtime nears and offers some advice on bedding: “Look to invest in higher quality products, as you use them for eight hours every day, and it can have an impact on your sleep quality and quantity.”

We agree, and we set out to find the single bedding sets for students that are soft, affordable and good quality. Design is important, so our round-up includes options with bold stylish patterns and others that are more muted for those who prefer an understated palette. We also gave the bedding a spin in the washing machine to check out just how easy they are to care for.

Naturally, we also got between the sheets to see how our selections felt on our skin and if they supported our slumber. This was the most important factor because, as Chambers says: “If you want to be hitting those higher grades, have the energy for your hobbies and be a happier friend to be around, take your sleep seriously and your sleep will give you so much in return.”

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

Silentnight hotel luxury silver bedding set

Being a student does not have to mean missing out on life’s luxuries, especially when it comes to bedding with this plush set. The silky smooth, 200 thread count cotton and sateen stripe design mean even a dorm in halls can feel like a sophisticated hotel room. We love the timeless elegance of this set and found it made for an extremely comfortable night’s sleep. It is also available in other colours, including champagne, blush and white, to match your scheme.

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The verdict: Single bedding sets for students

The M&S comfortably cool checked bedding set had to be our top pick for its quality and softness, and we would highly recommend the Hema white checked duvet cover and pillow set if you will sleep with nothing other than pure cotton. The bargain price, beautiful designs and quality feel also mean the Matalan two-pack geometric duvet covers more than deserves a mention among our top picks.

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