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10 best cat scratchers

Help your kitty keep its claws in tip-top condition with the right plaything

Alex Frith
Wednesday 20 April 2016 12:30 BST

Cats scratch to sharpen and smooth their claws, mark their patch and to give themselves a good flex and stretch. The downside is that their natural instinct can easily ruin your sofa, wallpaper and carpets. Pet blogger Alex Frith of Barkarama shares 10 scratch-worthy buys for your cat. Scent generously with catnip for the maximum animal attraction.

1. Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post: from £54.99, Purrfect Pieces

Your cat will love climbing their way up and down this handmade, wall-mounted scratch post, which is available at either 1m or 2m tall. A great way to exercise and stimulate indoor cats, the 100 per cent natural sisal rope creates the same effect as tree bark to help your kitty ditch their dead claws. Motivate your cat to climb the pole by hiding treats in between the rope. Each post comes with metal braces to fix it to the wall.

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2. Hello Kitty Scratchastic Cardboard Cat Scratcher: £8.99, PetsPyjamas

Fans of Japan’s most famous feline will love this scratcher as much as their cat. Using corrugated cardboard to fashion Hello Kitty’s signature shape, this budget-friendly buy has a cut out for your cat to pounce through and have fun. It's a sweet style for your child to have in their bedroom when the family cat comes to play.

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3. Scratch ‘n’ Play: £9.74, JML Direct

This lightweight yet sturdy scratch pad is designed to smooth your kitty’s claws - and save your sofa. It comes with a bag of catnip to sprinkle into the cardboard grooves, and a detachable feather wand toy to chase and attack. When they’re done, it doubles up as a place to lounge.

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4. Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post: £16.71, Amazon

Here is a simple, strong scratch post. At 78cm tall, it’s high enough to meet the demands of the energetic cat that loves to stretch out and scratch, and there’s the added attraction of a swing ball. The sisal rope-covered post arrives in two parts, which screw together easily, and its foot is lined with hardwearing carpet.

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5. Lisa Angel Personalised Cat Laptop Scratch Pad: £24, Not On The High Street

If you’re tired of your kitty climbing over your laptop, give them a computer of their own (kind of). This comes complete with a fishy screen saver, fluffy mouse and scratchy keyboard. You can also personalise the back of the screen with up to 14 characters.

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6. My Kotty Mia Cardboard Cat House & Scratching Pad: £30, Styletails Store

The fun lies in the interior of this geometric cat house. Made from robust corrugated cardboard, this offers all the angles for your cat to rest, hide, snooze and scratch. The design is reversible - so you can slot it together on either the natural or the white side to give it a refresh. Replacement pads cost £9.50.

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7. The Chesterfield Chair: £32.50, 3 Fat Cats

This fun Chesterfield-inspired scratcher/lounger is a chair you won't mind your cat digging its claws into. Like many of the scratchers featured, it's made from cardboard but the design has been given an upgrade with a black leather look surround and silver stud print. The design offers your cat both horizontal and vertical scratching to save your furniture and walls. Measures 70cm x 30cm.

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8. Two-Tier Cat Scratch Corner Post: £48.99, Argos

If the traditional cat-scratch tower offends you and your interiors, check out this relatively contemporary and compact solution. Complete with two rope scratching posts, there’s also a hideaway and upper platform bed, both of which are lined with cosy fleece material, and there's a dangly ball for your cat to play with. Finished in grey herringbone fabric, it’s shaped to sit neatly in the corner to avoid cluttering up your living space.

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9. Vesper Cat Furniture V-High Lounge Poplar: £128.65, Amazon

This is a high-end, stylish item. Inviting your cat to scratch is a rope post and sisal mat - removable and replaceable with velcro strips. Once they’re satisfied, there’s a comfy oval cave, lined with a soft, white faux fur memory foam cushion. Made from poplar wood.

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10. Dog Shaped Cat Scratching Post: £695, Not On The High Street

Here’s one for the seriously pampered pussycat (and if money's no object). It’s shaped like a Labrador and allows your cat to take revenge on the enemy without the fight. To ensure a long lifespan, every inch of the sisal rope is glued to the base. We think it looks fantastic, too. Measures 88cm x 28cm x 71 cm.

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If your cat is unpredictable with what they will scratch and play with, the Scratch ‘n’ Play won't break the bank, plus it’s lightweight and compact so packs away easily for when you have visitors. For dual usage and style, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything for a better price than Vesper Cat Furniture V High. However, our best buy has to be the Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post, which basically offers your cat all the excitement of scratching and climbing a tree indoors, and can be fixed to sit neatly in a corner.

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