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9 best wall clocks: Make a statement with a stylish timepiece

From vintage-inspired finds to ultramodern minimal designs, there's something to suit every space

Ali Howard
Friday 31 January 2020 13:15
If you’re the type to get easily annoyed by a loud ticking, choose a style that specifies its silent sweeping action
If you’re the type to get easily annoyed by a loud ticking, choose a style that specifies its silent sweeping action

We’re never more than 3ft away from a smartphone or tablet these days, so we are less reliant on a wall clock for actual time checking. But, far from becoming a redundant homeware piece, the analogue clock (retro by its very nature) has moved further into the realm of the decorative – and that’s something to celebrate.

Beyond aesthetics, there are some practical considerations to think about when buying a wall clock. If you’re the type to get easily annoyed

by a loud ticking, choose a style that specifies its silent sweeping action. For accuracy, you might want a wall clock with a second hand – not all have these. And consider the whole family when purchasing a clock: while you might be au fait with a minimalist, numberless clock face, little ones learning to tell the time will appreciate some guiding digits.

In our round-up, we’ve included some vintage-inspired finds that are marvellously mid-century, while putting some ultramodern and minimal timepieces to the test. You’ll also find some stylish wall clocks that are traditional in design but effortlessly chic – timeless, even.

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Newgate The Chrysler modern copper wall clock

Taking its design cues from the dashboards of classic cars, this sizable wall clock offers big impact with its easy-to-read modern numerals in a choice of black-on-white or white-on-black. At 40cm in diameter, it is larger than average and protrudes a whole 11cm from the wall. The stylish monochrome face is offset with a shiny copper case, which gives a hint of glamour. This one boasts a silent swoop with no ticking noise and is equally at home in the living room or kitchen.

John Lewis & Partners wall clock in gunmetal/brass

Chic, contemporary and unfussy, this large design-led wall clock is a stand-out piece among the classic styles. Its unusual gunmetal frame offers an industrial aesthetic, while its bright brass hands make a stylish contrast. We loved the different design of this clock. The stark white and numberless face sits at the back of the frame, giving it a lightweight feel despite its hard-edged metallic makeup.

Habitat metro brass pendulum wall clock

Offering so much more than a practical timepiece, this stylish pendulum clock is all about the retro charm and translates from living room to bedroom to home office with ease. Crafted from powder coated iron in a soft gold finish, it panders to the metallics trend without being overly gaudy. We loved its curves: the round clock face and pendulum weight sits inside a perfect oblong, while even the clock hands are rounded to reflect the contours. This one gives any living space a sense of calm with its mesmerising pendulum swinging back and forth.

Karlsson origami wall clock in pink

Karlsson is our go-to for design-led but affordable wall clocks, and this striking, sculptural number is entirely in keeping with that ethos. Inspired by the Japanese paper folding craft, the clock offers an intriguing texture that plays with shadows and light. It is, in fact, ceramic in material, and we love that trick of the eye. Furthering the paper perception, the wall clock is finished in a soft pastel pink. The multifaceted clock is a medium-sized 27cm in diameter and just 6cm in depth. It has a pleasingly quiet tick, too.

Newgate box office clock in gold/brass

For big-impact Seventies vibes, this rectangular wall clock is a statement piece and a half. But look closer and you’ll notice some delightful details too, namely its multicoloured hour markers and the soft texture of its spun brass face. This one works beautifully in a mid-century inspired living room setup and would not look out of place set within a chic gallery wall of contemporary prints. The clock is loud visually but offers a silent sweep movement that won’t distract you come movie night.

Umbra Ribbon wall clock

Umbra’s ribbon clock offers a contemporary take on the starburst clocks of yesteryear, giving midcentury sass along with clean-lined minimalism. The handiwork of Canadian designer Michelle Ivankovic, the 30cm clock is crafted from powder coated stainless steel with its 12 hour markers creating an arresting asterisk on the wall. Face-on, you don’t see its hollow interior but at an angle its sculptural makeup is to be admired. This one comes with a second hand, for those who really like to keep track of the time.

Block Design origami wall clock

Another origami-influenced wall clock, but one with a more minimalist approach, this powder coated steel timepiece is a design-led beauty. The neat pleat fold plays a cunning trick on the eye, giving the illusion that the clock hands are off-centre, while it playfully casts shifting shadows throughout the day. It’s available in off-white or blue, both of which are equally arresting. We loved the contrast of its delicate second hand in a pop of bright orange.

Jones copper spin bee wall clock

Proving that a stylish wall-hung timepiece doesn’t have to break the bank, Jones’ bee clock would make a charming addition to any living space. At 20cm in diameter it is a diminutive number but is not small on impact. We loved the way its anatomical bee illustration is pleasingly symmetrical, offering limbs, wings and antennae that echo the lines of the clock hands. The bee is pleasingly tonal with the warm copper casing, too.

Karlsson discreet 40cm silent wall clock

Effortlessly elegant, this large timekeeper comes in black or grey with silver dials, or white with gold accents. The analogue wall clock is fashioned from wood with elongated metal hour markers that jut out from the frame, offering a subtle sculptural element. Best is that the lightweight and slimline clock is completely silent, for those who are easily annoyed with ticking. A quietly beautiful piece.

The verdict: Wall clocks

Newgate’s Chrysler modern copper wall clock is all about classic elegance. We loved the contrast between its chic mono face and its warm metallic casing. It’s also a big-impact statement piece that’s suited to any interior scheme. For serious design-lovers, Umbra’s ribbon wall clock is a modern classic, while Jones’ copper spin bee wall clock is a stylish piece that offers great value for money.

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