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8 best spiralizers to turn your vegetables into ribbons, curls and spirals

Whether you’re working towards your five a day, or just upping your game in the kitchen, invest in one of these

Tamara Hinson
Tuesday 05 January 2021 20:19 GMT
It is a great way to help increase the variety of veggies you consume
It is a great way to help increase the variety of veggies you consume (Independent/iStock)

If you’re planning on starting the new year with a health kick, a spiralizer is a great way of to help increase the number of veggies you consume. 

Before purchasing a one of these nifty tools, it’s worth taking a second to think about what type of food you’ll be spiralizing, and how often you’ll use it. Smaller handheld models can be quickly put to use and are perfect for single-person households, while larger ones that attach to worktops may be better for families. 

It’s also worth considering the number of blades – usually between one and four – and their quality.

There’s also the position of the blade – if you need to push the vegetable against a blade in a horizontal direction, you’ll need to apply more force and will appreciate a good set of suckers on the base of the spiralizer. 

Safety guards that cover the blades can be a godsend for your fingers, and blades that slide into the base of the unit when not in use make it easy to stow the spiralizer quickly and safely.

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KitchenCraft healthy eating 3-blade compact fruit and vegetable spiralizer

KitchenCraft Healthy Eating 3 Blade Compact Fruit and Vegetable Spiralizer (3) copy.jpg

Our favourite things about this sturdy spiralizer include its compact design (particularly the handle, which can be removed for easy storage) and the fact that the mechanism meant we could spiralise our vegetables by applying force against the surface it’s on (rather than horizontally), minimising the need to stabilise the spiralizer. Peace of mind came from the fact that the three blades (a spiralizer, spaghetti blade and a ribbon blade) were completely enclosed, and we love the fact that you push the vegetables onto a spike rather than a hollow mount, meaning nothing goes to waste. 

  1. £24 from Amazon
Prices may vary
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Kilner integrated spiralizer and jar set

Kilner Spiralizer

Time for some old-school elegance. This has clearly been designed for those who love anything retro, but it also does exactly what it says on the tin (or jar). Although its simplicity prompted a certain amount of scepticism from us, the ultra-sharp spiralizing blade (which simply screws on) created neat ribbons from carrots, cucumbers and courgettes with minimum effort, and the inclusion of an airtight lid meant we could simply store what we didn’t use. Bonus points for the thoughtful addition of some delicious, practical recipes – the notion of a spiralized coleslaw with apple and celeriac had our tummies rumbling.

  1. £10 from Amazon
Prices may vary
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ProCook spiralizer

ProCook Spiralizer.jpg

We loved the monochrome and metal look of this spiralizer – why are so many spiralizers made of plastic in varying shades of white, cream and grey? Sleek looks aside, the obvious downside to this model is the fact that there are just two blades, with one for thicker spirals and one for thinner strands. They are, however, incredibly sharp, making light work of most types of vegetable. This model’s robust design and sturdy, super-sized suckers also allow more force to be applied without the risk of it skidding across the surface, and the one-year guarantee offers additional peace of mind.

  1. £14 from ProCook
Prices may vary
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OXO softworks hand-held spiralizer

Oxo handheld Spiralizer .jpg

You’ll need to flex those muscles a little more with this model, but don’t get us wrong – it’s still a great little spiralizer with a single, ultra-sharp blade that will tackle a wide range of foods. The plastic barrel is absolutely tiny – so much so that we can only imagine it’s been designed to be used with the barrel removed, allowing you to spiralize your veggies straight into a bowl. Top marks for the grippiness though – as well as a soft-grip top, a chunky ridge makes it easy to get extra purchase.

  1. £9 from Dunelm
Prices may vary
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Lakeland easy-store spiralizer

Lakeland Spiralizer.jpg

Everything about this spiralizer screams quality – it feels sturdy but lightweight and effortlessly creates long, unbroken spirals from a wide range of vegetables. Although the position of the handle and the blade (there are four to choose from) meant extra pressure was occasionally needed to maximise blade contact, extra-strong suction pads kept this spiralizer firmly attached to the work surface. It’s another model which is great for those concerned about safety – the blades slide neatly into the base of the unit when not in use and a plastic cover slips over the entire machine.

  1. £19 from Lakeland
Prices may vary
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Joseph Joseph spiro spiralizer

Joseph Joseph Spiralizer.jpg

Although we loved this spiralizer’s funky colour scheme, it felt somewhat flimsy, and all of the blades struggled with the tougher specimens (carrots proved especially troublesome) from our rainbow-hued range of test vegetables. There are different types of blade and we appreciated the self-aligning design, which minimised the movement needed to shred, grate and spiralize. A soft-grip top makes it easy to grab, too. With its handheld operation and compact design, it’s clearly a spiralizer designed for smaller households, and will certainly add a splash of colour to your kitchen. 

  1. £14 from Dunelm
Prices may vary
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Salter spiralizer BW04294 multi-purpose 3 blade fruit and vegetable spiralizer

SALTER spiralizer.jpg

Strong rubber suckers and the ease with which the three blades slot into the base of the unit earned this model an instant tick, although this is another spiralizer where the position of both the blade and the vegetable mounting spike ramp up the fiddliness – one handle rotates the vegetable while you place a firm grip on the second one to push the veggies against the blade. Although it’s not dishwasher proof, it’s incredibly easy to clean, and there’s no denying that it’s brilliant value, although we’d have loved to see a fourth blade.

  1. £9 from Robert Dyas
Prices may vary
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Zyliss spiralizer

Zyliss spiralizer.jpg

First things first: this doesn’t resemble any spiralizer we’ve come across before. It works slightly differently to the other ones we’ve featured here as vegetables are simply inserted into the tube and pushed through the reversible blade that can create either spirals or ribbons. Because there’s no barrel, you’ll need to hold the spiralizer over a bowl or plate, but its ease of use means this won’t be a problem, even for the clumsiest of cooks. Its semi-enclosed design makes it family-friendly, and it’s both dishwasher safe and easy to clean manually.

  1. £14 from Dunelm
Prices may vary
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The verdict: Spiralizers  

The KitchenCraft healthy eating 3-blade compact fruit and vegetable spiralizer takes first place, simply because of its ease of use, the lack of waste generated, and the various safety measures designed to prevent us slicing fingers instead of carrots. 

The Kilner integrated spiralizer and jar set is a brilliant spiralizer that slices through large amounts of vegetables in minimum time, while having more than enough room to store the results. The ProCook spiralizer, meanwhile, is a great reminder that quality should always take precedence over quantity – you’ll get just two blades with this one, but their incredible sharpness puts other spiralizers’ blades to shame.

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