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Keir Starmer speech - live: Labour leader shakes off glitter ambush and unveils ‘mission for government’

Heckler storms stage shouting ‘we are in crisis’ before being dragged off by security

Starmer speech

Keir Starmer vowed to oversee a “decade of renewal” if Labour wins the next election after his conference speech got off to a shaky start when a protester stormed on stage and covered him in glitter.

The Labour leader set out his mission for government, promising to build 1.5 million homes in what he described as a “new generation of towns”.

Shocking footage captured the moment the heckler evades security and dumps glitter over the Labour leader while wrapping his arms around him and shouting “we are in crisis” before finally being bundled to the ground.

The heckler was heard shouting: “We demand a people’s house, we are in crisis – politics needs an update. We are in crisis”. Footage emerged online afterwards of the protester being dragged from the building by police.

Removing his jacket and rolling up his sleeves, Starmer was applauded for keeping his cool and regaining control of the podium. He told the audience: “If he thinks that bothers me he doesn’t know me. Protest not power, that is why we changed our party conference.”


Watch: Goverment appeal on Rwanda plan heard in Supreme Court

The government’s Supreme Court appeal over plans to remove some asylum seekers to Rwanda has begun at the UK’s highest court.

Sir James Eadie KC, for the Home Office, said: "The appeal is, at its heart, about the judgments made by government about the future conduct of a friendly foreign state - Rwanda."

The barrister continued: "Both the Government and the Rwandan government were fully aware of the likely controversy of the arrangements that were made when the deal was signed."

You can watch the proceedings live by following the link below:

Live: Britain government appeals for Rwanda deportation plan during Supreme Court hearing

Watch live as Britain government appeals for Rwanda deportation plan during Supreme Court hearing. Click here to subscribe to The Independent:

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 11:35

David Lammy: ‘Israelis and Palestinians are paying a terrible price’

David Lammy has said Israelis and Palestinians are paying a “terrible price” for Hamas’s attack on the country on Saturday.

The shadow foreign secretary used his Labour conference speech to “utterly condemn” the “appalling attacks”.

Mr Lammy has been criticised over plans to appear alongside top Palestinian diplomat Husam Zomlot at the party’s conference.

Zomlot, the head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK, told CNN: “Israel knew that this was coming their way... It’s a consequence.” He is reportedly to attend a reception at the conference on Tuesday night alongside Mr Lammy.

Mr Lammy said on Monday morning: “Labour stands firmly in support of Israel’s right to defend itself, rescue hostages​ and protect its citizens.

“The hostages so cruelly taken – including children - should be released immediately.

“Hamas’ indiscriminate attacks set back the cause of peace.

“Both Israelis and Palestinians are paying a terrible price.

“There will not be a just and lasting peace until Israel is secure, Palestine is a sovereign state, and both Israelis and Palestinians enjoy security, dignity and human rights.”

David Lammy
David Lammy (AFP via Getty Images)

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 11:50

Sunak squirms as he’s forced to deny ‘desperate’ attempt to overshadow Labour conference

Rishi Sunak was forced to deny making a “desperate” attempt to interrupt the Labour conference, as he also faced an awkward grilling by voters in the East Midlands.

The PM was accused of “desperate stuff” by holding a business event in Nottinghamshire – breaking the political tradition that the two parties don’t hijack each other’s annual get-togethers.

Adam Forrest reports:

Sunak squirms and denies ‘desperate’ bid to spoil Labour conference

PM also given awkward grilling by East Midlands voter on ‘mess’ left by Tories: ‘Why should we vote for you?’

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:00

Reeves about to speak at conference

Rachel Reeves is about to deliver her speech at the Labour Party conference.

In remarks briefed out overnight, the shadow chancellor vowed to cut energy bills to get “Britain building again”.

She has also promised a crackdown on ministers using private jets when cheaper forms of transport are available.

You can watch the speech live here:

Watch live as shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves speaks at Labour conference

Watch live as Rachel Reeves speaks at the Labour Party’s annual conference in Liverpool on Monday 9 October.

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:03

Pinned post: Labour will ‘restore our economic credibility’, says Reeves

In her opening remarks, Reeves says that a Labour government restore the UK’s “economic credibility” after 13 years of “Tory misrule”.

She adds the party will “lift living standards”, make work pay and rebuild public services and invest in industry.

“Together we will get Britain its future back,” she adds.

Watch a clip of Reeves’s opening remarks below:

Rachel Reeves says Labour will ‘rebuild’ Britain’s economy after ‘wreckage of Tory misrule’
Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:08

Reeves: We must win to change Britain

Reeves says Labour can only implement its principles and plans if it wins power.

She tells delegates of the “eternal political truth” that it is only through winning elections that the party can change Britain.

“Under Keir’s leadership, that opportunity is finally within our grapes,” she adds.

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:13

Watch: Rachel Reeves says Liz Truss is 'still leading' Tory party

Rachel Reeves says Liz Truss is 'still leading' Tory party
Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:22

Reeves: Choice at next election is us or 5 more years of Tory ‘chaos'

The choice at the next general election is “five more years of the Tory chaos” or a “changed Labour Party”, Rachel Reeves has said.

The shadow chancellor told the Labour Party conference “there is no hope without security”, adding: “You cannot dream big if you cannot sleep in peace at night, the peace that comes from knowing that you have enough to put aside for a rainy day and the knowledge that when you need them, strong public services will be there for you and your family.

“The strength that allows a society to withstand global shocks because it is from those strong foundations of security that hope can spring.

“The choice at the next election is this: five more years of the Tory chaos and uncertainty which has left working people worse off or a changed Labour Party offering stability, investment and economic security so that working people are better off. It falls to us to show that Labour are ready to serve, ready to lead and ready to rebuild Britain.”

She added: “In chess, you learn to think several moves ahead but even I couldn’t have predicted the mayhem that we have seen, week after week, year after year from this Conservative government.”

Rachel Reeves
Rachel Reeves (Getty Images)

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:25

Reeves: Tories looking ‘inwards’ and cheering ‘extremists'

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves accused the Conservatives of “looking inwards” and “queuing to cheer the extremists rather than kicking them out of their party”, adding to delegates: “And telling us what we already know – Liz Truss might be out of Downing Street but she is still leading the Conservative Party.

“The one sensible thing that they came up with was their phased smoking ban, which we support.

“However, I do fear for the Conservative Party – with such a shortage of fag packets, what on earth are they going to write their next policy on?”

Ms Reeves said Labour’s “defining economic mission is to restore growth to Britain” before reiterating her “securonomics” approach.

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves (Stefan Rousseau/PA) (PA Wire)

Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:28

Reeves: Labour will introduce new rules on government tax and spend changes

A Labour government would introduce a new fiscal lock, guaranteeing in law that any government making permanent and significant tax and spending changes will be subject to an independent forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), Rachel Reeves has said.

Speaking from the main stage of the Labour Party conference, the shadow chancellor said: “A Labour government will not waver from iron-clad fiscal rules. nor play the Tory game of undermining our economic institutions.

“The last Labour government granted operational independence to the Bank of England. I started my career as an economist at the bank and I saw the lasting contribution that that made to Britain’s economic success.

“So, we will protect the independence of the bank, the Office for Budget Responsibility and our civil service. And, as chancellor, I will put forward a new charter for budget responsibility, a new fiscal lock guaranteeing in law that any government making permanent and significant tax and spending changes will be subject to an independent forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility.”

She insisted “never again”, adding: “Let me address directly those who say that to make hard choices is to make the same choices as the Tory Party. To them I say economic responsibility does not detract from advances for working people. It is the foundation upon which progress is built: hard choices, but Labour choices.

“The choice to back our high streets and small businesses by requiring online tech giants to pay their fair share.”


Matt Mathers9 October 2023 12:35

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