The 10 Best Torches


1. Lakeland


Many keyring torches are so shoddily made that they last all of five minutes. This more robust option boasts a solar panel for charging and a handle to wind it up.

2. Halfords


Ideal for walking, working in the garage and for indoors, the Halfords Rechargable One Million Candlepower torch will give you 45 minutes continuous use.

3. Animal torch


Chase away those night-time ghosts and ghouls with this dinky children's torch. Just squeeze the torch's body for one minute to give five minutes of shine time.

4. Frogman


The Frogman LED Neon Torch is so watertight that even divers and snorkelers use it underwater. It also boasts super bright LED chip and lens technology.

5. LED Lenser


The epitome of state-of the-art German engineering, the X21 Xtreme provides 1,000 lumens of exceptionally bright light. You can illuminate entire gardens.

6. Stanley


This shockproof and weatherproof FatMax pocket sized torch from Stanley has a specially designed reflector for a strong, focused beam.

7. Energizer booklite


The Energizer Booklite is a handy reading torch, with a flexible neck and large spring clip to attach to your book. It has a slide switch and 800 hours of life.

8. Lites


The hands-free LED Head Torch, complete with adjustable strap and 20 hours burn time is an ingenious solution to those moments when you need both hands.

9. Maglite


Designed for optimum output, the tiny Maglite XL100 LED torch delivers advanced lighting in a sleek design. There are five selectable modes and a "lock-out" function.

10. Energizer


The 100 Hour Lantern is a great option for campers. Light up the entire tent with this safer-than-gas torch. Other features include a shatterproof lens and rubber base.