The Ten Best: Torches

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1. Surefire G2 Nitrolon, £35

Compact and weatherproof, this miniature marvel pumps out four times the light of a big two D-cell torch - or double that again with an optional high intensity lamp (£20).

2. Ixion, £35

This waterproof rechargeable torch uses a clever wireless induction system to power up its (10-hour) battery pack. It's slim, stylish and throws a very bright beam.; 08706 091 541

3. Night-Ops Gladius, £185

This "handheld tactical illumination tool" has variable light levels, up to 400 hours run-time, strobe function and an ultra-tough aircraft-aluminium shell. As used by the SAS.

4. Solar Wind-up Radio and Torch, £20

A solar-powered torch isn't as silly as it sounds, although you might need to boost it with wrist power (or AA batteries) if you want to use the built-in AM/FM radio.; 0800 389 5861

5. Maglite Charger, £150

The iconic work torch is now available in a powerful rechargeable system, giving two hours of 40,000 candlepower halogen light from each charge.; 0116 234 0800

6. Freeplay Sherpa X-Ray, £30

A wind-up torch that's bright enough to rival conventional rivals: just 30 seconds winding gives eight minutes of illumination. Also has a AC adaptor for mains charging.; 08456 049 049

7. Duracell Voyager, £7

No bells, no whistles - just a basic torch that's tough enough to bounce and rubbery enough to shrug off the British drizzle. Good value, too - it comes with Duracell batteries.

8. Oval LED Flashlight, £39

This award-winning torch has two sets of LEDs - one to illuminate the ground before you, the other shining forward. Its ergonomic handle is designed for extended carrying.; 020-7257 8942

9. Mini Maglite AA, £15

Small and perfectly formed, the Mini Maglite is perfect for odd jobs in the house or car, and is fully waterproof for camping trips. Available in a range of colours.; 0116 234 0800

10. Eurohike Wind-up, £10

Three minutes' winding of this bright spark gives a splash of light or a few minutes' talk time for most Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Samsung mobile phones.; 0800 389 5861