8 best luxury Easter eggs to indulge in this year, tried and tested

From giant, prosecco-flavoured spheres to moreish truffles, celebrate the four-day weekend right

Emma Henderson@Emmalouisehendy
Tuesday 30 March 2021 09:31
<p>We looked for value for money, great taste, what was inside the egg and how sustainable the packaging was</p>

We looked for value for money, great taste, what was inside the egg and how sustainable the packaging was

Every year, Easter feels like we’ve turned a corner. It’s the epitome of springtime, bringing new life and a change in the weather (cya winter).

This has never been more true than it is this year, as lockdown rules finally begin to change. In short: we’re all ready for a celebration.

From hot cross buns slathered in butter to a fruity slice of simnel cake or a delicious leg of lamb, there’s plenty of options when it comes to festive food. But of course, we’re not forgetting the Easter eggs – it’s any chocoholics’s favourite time of year.

Although there won’t be the usual gatherings with family and friends or the traditional Easter egg hunts, that doesn’t mean we can’t still send eggs and buy them for ourselves (no judgement here).

Easter eggs usually come with a lot of packaging. But, last year plenty of brands went the extra mile to reduce this, after it was reported in 2018 that up to a third of the weight of some Easter eggs was just the cardboard and plastic.

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Since then, many brands have shunned plastic and have instead sought to protect eggs with clever hexagonal packaging or simpler cardboard boxes and tissue paper, which can easily be recycled. We’ve featured plenty here.

In our testing, we were looking for value for money, great taste, what was inside the egg and how eco-friendly the packaging was.

From giant prosecco-flavoured spheres to honeycomb-lavished shells, hidden moreish truffles and hand-painted eggs, we’ve found the products to buy if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant than a Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

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Rococo Chocolates sea salt dark chocolate egg, 360g

From one of London’s most luxurious chocolatiers, which has been on the King’s Road since 1983, this egg means business. You can see that from just looking at it, thanks to its beautiful packaging which is also entirely plastic-free. This was the thickest egg we tried by far, and the heaviest too – key information for serious chocoholics. Silky smooth on the outside and rough on the inside, the flavour is smooth, rich, and not too bitter as it’s only 65 per cent dark.

Inside are six cocoa-dusted truffles with smooth outer shells and rich salted caramel insides. They’re an utter delight and we obviously found them hard to share.

The brand says the cocoa used is 100 per cent traceable and sourced from French company Valrhona, which is working towards becoming carbon neutral in four year’s time, and towards becoming B-Corp certified. Hand crafted in London, the egg is wrapped in blue foil with a lovely little ribbon around it, making it very gift-worthy – hint hint.

Chocolarder Gola 60% toasted oat milk chocolate egg, 210g

Headed up by pastry chef Mike Longman since 2012, this bean-to-bar brand has really shaken things up with its packaging. Shunning traditional plastic moulds to protect its precious shells, it uses hexagonal-shaped cardboard.

Made by master chocolatiers in Falmouth, the cacao comes from the Gola rainforest in Sierra Leone where charities work with local farmers to ensure it is produced sustainably and has been fairly traded. The brand even claims that it’s slavery-free, as well as free of palm oil and refined sugars. Instead of using the latter, the brand uses toasted whole oats and unrefined sugars to give the chocolate a creaminess, without the need to use dairy. We really love the taste of this delectable egg which is well balanced, with hints of oats and hazelnuts, making it a great one for both milk and dark chocolate lovers.

Daylesford Cotswold lamb easter egg, 100g

Spring lambs are synonymous with Easter and this cute hand-painted number is the best-looking egg on our list. Designed by illustrator Hugo Guiness, who is best known for his black and white drawings for TheNew York Times, here he has turned his hand to the rare-breed Cotswold lambs frolicking in a field. Cute.

With an inner layer made of milk chocolate, topped with an outer layer of white chocolate, all of it is made with sustainably grown cocoa from Colombia that is then handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers on the Welsh north coast. It’s by no means the thickest egg on the list, but its mixture of layers is a delight, and, of course, it’s oh-so pretty and makes a very impressive gift.

Cocoa milk chocolate golden hen eggs

We’re big fans of this brand based in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge – its earl grey bar is our regular go-to. The brand’s wrappers are instantly recognisable, and beautifully designed by artists from around the world, from Glasgow to Bogota. There’s also batons and thin discs, as well as the more fun giant buttons and even a spread.

For Easter, the fun continues with half a dozen eggs with a difference. The six golden-foiled spheres come in a pink cardboard egg box emblazoned with a fantastic branded label by designer Emer Tumilty (who has also designed the wrappers for the rest of the Easter range) that’s oh-so Insta-friendly, with bright colours and bold shapes. The chocolate isn’t outdone by its packaging though, as it’s palm-oil free, sustainably sourced and has a lovely hint of coconut.

Majani white chocolate with hazelnut and pistachio flat egg, 250g

White chocolate is much more than just Milky Bar for adults... and Easter eggs are not always chocolate eggshells either. Coming from Italy’s oldest chocolate-making family, dating back to 1796, this large, egg-shaped slab is coated with a chunky, diagonal splattering of tiny grains of hazelnut and pistachio to give it a more grown-up appeal. This is the perfect gift for a white-chocolate-loving adult. It’s creamy and crunchy and is a welcome change from the norm.

Love Cocoa prosecco giant egg, 500g

Another heavyweight when it comes to chocolatiers is founder of Love Cocoa, James Cadbury, the great, great, great-grandson of John Cadbury. But this brand is different to the namesake one we all recognise, as with each bar you buy a tree is planted, the packaging is plastic-free, and the company has plans to become certified as carbon neutral.

Comfortably the largest egg we tried, this is for those with a sweet tooth. Coming in a huge pink cylindrical tube – which is reusable – the shell is peppered with tiny little bits of pink popping candy, which will take you right back to being a kid.

Made from single-origin chocolate from South America, it’s wonderfully milky and inside the shell you’ll find pink truffles – prosecco flavour, of course.

Selfridges Selection honeycomb milk chocolate Easter egg, 210g

From the retailer’s Project Earth collection, we love that this egg comes without any plastic at all. The presentation box is a classic Selfridges gift box, with a cardboard wrapper and gold foil, that’s all easily recyclable.

The chunky shell’s uneven thickness is thanks to the huge lumps of honeycomb swirled through the chocolate on the inside, which is deliciously crunchy and chewy.

Made by Chocolarder – a company we’ve already featured above – the chocolate is high quality and wonderfully milky while the honeycomb comes from beehives near Cornwall’s St Michael’s mount.

Prestat fizzy milk chocolate egg with London gin and lemon truffles, 170g

Mixing booze and chocolate often gets a bad rep thanks to the use of very questionable liquors – and quite rightly so. But, of course, Prestat has not made that mistake.

Inside this milk chocolate egg is a handful of white chocolate truffles that are filled with silky smooth gin-flavoured ganache that’s oh-so moreish and decadent. But what else would you expect from the creator of truffles, Antoine Dufour? He founded the chocolatier in London in 1902, and went on to inspire Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In true Willy Wonka fashion, the egg shell also has lemon-flavoured popping candy in it. It is small but perfectly formed.

The verdict: Luxury Easter eggs

Although the second most expensive egg on the list, the Rococo sea salt dark egg is by the best value in terms of chocolate for your money. The egg is the thickest chocolate we tasted and is of exceptional quality, topped off with delicious truffles. We were sad it had to end.

For something different, the Selfridges honeycomb egg is a deliciously crunchy affair, while the Majani and pistachio white chocolate egg-shaped slab is a sophisticated take on a traditional egg.

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