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The best luxury Easter eggs of 2022

From hand-painted beauties to decadent truffles, we got cracking with this year’s finest

Emma Henderson
Thursday 01 January 1970 01:00
<p>As well as taste, we were on the hunt for clever eco-friendly packaging </p>

As well as taste, we were on the hunt for clever eco-friendly packaging

Every year, when Easter comes arounds, it feels like we’ve turned a corner. It’s the epitome of springtime, signalling new life and a welcome change in the weather (cya winter).

From hot cross buns slathered in butter to a fruity slice of simnel cake or a delicious leg of lamb, there’s plenty associated with this time of year when it comes to festive food. Of course, we’re not forgetting the Easter eggs – they’re any chocoholic’s favourite treat. From egg hunts for the kids, to a treat for yourself, they’re something everyone can get on board with.

Easter eggs usually come with a lot of packaging, though. Since 2019, we’ve seen the tide turning on this, with plenty of brands going the extra mile to reduce it, after it was reported in 2018 that up to a third of the weight of some Easter eggs could be attributed to the cardboard and plastic.

Since then, many brands have shunned plastic and have instead sought to protect eggs with clever hexagonal packaging or simpler cardboard boxes and tissue paper, which can easily be recycled. We’ve featured plenty here.

From giant honeycomb-flavoured spheres to hidden moreish truffles and hand-painted eggs, to creations that are well outside of the norm (Heston, we’re looking at you), we’ve found the eggs to buy if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant than a Cadbury’s classic.

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How we tested

We were looking for a well-made and excellent-tasting egg that was also a lovely luxury. What’s inside the egg was also taken into consideration, plus how eco-friendly the packaging was, and whether it was good value for money.

The best luxury Easter eggs for 2022 are:

  • Best honeycomb egg – Chococo giant milk chocolate honeycomb studded Easter egg: £27.50,
  • Best white chocolate egg – Rococo Chocolates blonde chocolate egg: £35.95,
  • Best mini eggs – Coco Easter duck eggs with praline centre: £7.95,
  • Best half and half egg – Love Coca half and half Easter egg: £25,
  • Best brownie Easter egg – Blushing Cook floral brownie mini Easter eggs, set of six: £45,
  • Best egg for gifting – Charbonnel et Walker fine dark chocolate Easter egg with truffles: £29.95,
  • Best for looks – Daylesford meadow Easter egg: £20,
  • Best non-egg-shaped egg – Waitrose Heston the golden apple: £15,
  • Best truffles – Prestat creamy milk chocolate Easter egg with Marc de champagne truffles: £28.80,
  • Best packaging – Chocolarder gola 60% toasted oat milk chocolate egg: £24.99,
  • Best flavoured egg – Majani white chocolate with hazelnut and pistachio flat egg: £23.50,

Chococo giant milk chocolate honeycomb studded Easter egg

Best: Honeycomb egg

Rating: 9.5/10

  • Weight: 400g

Calling all crunchie-lovers, this is the egg for you. It’s an entire 400g of deliciousness and comes in entirely plastic-free packaging too.

The exterior of the pointy egg is splattered with orange flecks, and inside the shell of the egg is the real treat; huge chunks of wonderfully crunchy and chewy honeycomb. Don’t imagine small bits though: these are basically like “funsize” bars, and there’s lots of them. The honeycomb comes from a local producer in Dorset, while the rest of the egg is made with 45 per cent milk chocolate of Venezuelan origin. It’s a darker style of milk that’s still creamy, but with an added coca depth that we love.

Rococo Chocolates blonde chocolate egg

Best: White chocolate egg

Rating: 9/10

  • Weight: 360g

As London’s oldest chocolatier, Rococo is one of our favourite chocolate makers at IndyBest. It consistently makes excellent quality chocolate, whether that’s bars, boxes for gifting or little treats. The brand’s Seagull eggs were also featured in our guide to the best gifts for foodies, where we said they were “mini bites of actual heaven, that are worth every bit of the £12 price tag”.

And this Easter egg, which is new for this year, is no different. This is the thickest and one of the sweetest eggs we’ve tested. The white chocolate has a sweet butterscotch flavour, with a hint of biscuit too.

Best of all, inside is a little packet of popcorn, coated in a thick layer of the blondie chocolate. The boxes are also gorgeous – we can’t bear to recycle it, so we’re keeping it to use for storage.

Coco Easter duck eggs with praline centre

Best: Mini eggs

Rating: 8/10

  • Weight: 130g

We’re big fans of this brand, not only for its chocolate (of course) but also for its ever-so-cool packaging designs. This year’s Easter theme by artist Marco Oggian features ducks. But don’t think pretty yellow fluffy things; this design is reminiscent of American artist Keith Haring’s drawings.

Coming in classic springy pastel shades of yellow, pale pink and mint green sugary hard shells, these eggs are bigger than your average Cadburys mini egg, and, more importantly, have a decedent praline centre. The interior is creamy, but not super soft, and has that nutty tang praline is known for. There’s only a handful in the packet, but they’re mighty in taste.

Love Cocoa half and half Easter egg

Best: Half and half egg

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Weight: 300g

Some chocoholics just can’t choose between milk or dark – Love Coca hears your plight and has answered it with this half and half egg. One side features 70 per cent Peruvian single origin dark chocolate, which we really love as it’s still slightly creamy and not too bitter, as chocolate at this percentage sometimes can be. The other side is made up of 41 per cent milk chocolate, which is deliciously milky. Inside, meanwhile, is a little bag of decadent salted caramel truffles.

Love Coca works with small family-run cocoa producers in Colombia who have been in business for more than 100 years, so they really know what they’re doing. This also means that it knows each step of its supply chain, ensuring no one is exploited and that every stage actively benefits from the production. We also really like this brand for its eco-credentials; it’s plastic-free, does not include palm oil and, for every bar bought, it plants mango trees in eastern Kenya, which provide ecosystems and protect against flooding. To date, it has planted more than a million trees.

Blushing Cook floral brownie mini Easter eggs, set of six

Best: Brownie Easter egg

Rating: 9/10

These are without doubt the most beautiful eggs we came across. Decorated with real edible flowers, it’s hard for them not to catch your eye. Once you bite into the half eggs, you realise there’s even more to them than meets the eye, as they’re actually brownies, encased in a layer of delicious milk chocolate. These are serious business for the real brownie lover in your life.

Each box contains six, from dark, white to milk, and even for us it’s too hard to choose our favourite, so we suggest going for the mix. They’re handmade and make a really super present that will no doubt bring a smile to your giftee’s face. Let’s just hope they open them when you’re there too.

Charbonnel et Walker fine dark chocolate Easter egg with truffles

Best: Egg for gifting

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Weight: 230g

You will no doubt recognise Charbonnel et Walker for it’s round boxes of luxurious truffles (we love the champagne ones the most). For Easter it’s had a festive makeover, with this gorgeous cardboard tube decorated with bunnies, birds and pink, yellow and blue spring flowers. It’s so adorable we’re working out how we can reuse it.

Pull off the outer lid and at the top is an array of different dark truffles. There’s no little menu like in a box of chocolates, but we promise that if you’re brave, you’ll get no nasty surprises. Unless you hate a strawberry creme, that is. We’re big fans though. The rest are a mix of truffles. Then, you’ll  notice there’s a little gold ribbon tab at the bottom, and underneath is the main event. Nested in shredded paper is a small Easter egg, wrapped and finished with ribbon. It’s all pretty extravagant, but makes for a great egg to give to someone really special (or yourself, no judgement). The dark chocolate has a rough texture on the outside, and is nicely thick. It’s also available in milk chocolate.

Daylesford meadow Easter egg

Best: For looks

Rating: 8/10

  • Weight: 200g

This egg was too pretty to eat... almost. Of course, we had to eat it, but that doesn’t mean breaking the glistening blue shell wasn’t a little bit heartbreaking. The hand-painted design was inspired by a beautiful spring meadow.

With its hues of grass green and bright blue sky dotted with flowers, this egg is double layered. The exterior is white chocolate that’s been hand-painted, while the inside layer is milk. It’s deliciously creamy chocolate is of Daylesford’s usual high quality.

Due to the fragility of the egg, it still does come in a plastic box, but it’s made from 60 per cent recycled materials, and the entirety of the packaging can also be recycled easily.

Waitrose Heston the golden apple

Best: Non-egg-shaped egg

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Weight: 260g

True to Heston’s style, this “egg” is non-conforming, with unexpected flavour combinations, although these aren’t as wild as some of his previous creations. And we’re ok with that.

Resisting a traditional egg shape (or really, anything spring-like at all), apparently the inspiration here comes from Newton discovering gravity through the apple dropping from the tree.

It certainly looks good thanks to its shimmery gold coating. The hollow apple, which is bigger than a large fist, is made up of one layer of chocolate, which is actually white and flavoured with caramelised sugar, while the inside layer is dark. The two of them work in tandem to create a deliciously pleasing creamy treat. As you break into the apple, they do come apart, so you can eat them separately if you fancy the full sugary hit, or the more bitter dark layer, on its own.

It also comes with six little “apples”, which are actually little semicircle praline truffles that are shimmering red. All of the chocolate is made using Fairtrade cacao. Sadly, there’s still a decent amount of plastic packaging, although it can be recycled.

Prestat creamy milk chocolate Easter egg with Marc de champagne truffles

Best: Truffles

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Weight: 170g

Mixing booze and chocolate often gets a bad rep thanks to the use of very questionable liquors – and quite rightly so. But, of course, Prestat has not made that mistake.

This small but impressive egg is beautifully presented. The milk egg is, as it says, creamy and of a decent thickness. Inside the egg is a handful of delicious tuffles that are filled with silky smooth champagne ganache that’s oh-so moreish and decadent. They’re made using the same grapes used for the champagne of the same name.

It is small but perfectly formed and makes another superb gift.

Chocolarder gola 60% toasted oat milk chocolate egg

Best: Packaging

Rating: 8/10

  • Weight: 210g

Headed up by pastry chef Mike Longman since 2012, this bean-to-bar brand has really shaken things up with its packaging. Shunning traditional plastic moulds to protect its precious shells, it uses hexagonal cardboard.

Made by master chocolatiers in Falmouth, the cacao comes from the Gola rainforest in Sierra Leone, where charities work with local farmers to ensure it is produced sustainably and has been fairly traded. The brand even claims that it’s slavery-free, as well as its products being free from palm oil and refined sugars. Instead of the latter, the brand uses toasted whole oats and unrefined sugars to give the chocolate a creaminess without the need for dairy. We really loved the taste of this delectable egg which is well balanced with hints of oats and hazelnuts, making it a great one for both milk and dark chocolate lovers.

Majani white chocolate with hazelnut and pistachio flat egg

Best: Flavoured egg

Rating: 7.5/10

  • Weight: 250g

White chocolate is much more than just Milky Bar for adults... and Easter eggs are not always chocolate eggshells either. Coming from Italy’s oldest chocolate-making family, dating back to 1796, this large, egg-shaped slab is coated with a chunky, diagonal splattering of tiny grains of hazelnut and pistachio to give it a more grown-up appeal. It’s the perfect gift for a white-chocolate-loving adult. It’s creamy and crunchy and a welcome change from the norm.

The verdict: Luxury Easter eggs

We were totally bowled over by the Chococo giant milk chocolate honeycomb studded egg. Yes, at nearly £30 it’s a lot to fork out, but this is a round-up of the best luxury Easter eggs, after all. Your recipient won’t stop talking about it, as we haven’t been able to either. It’s good-quality chocolate, with a generous amount of honeycomb and a really fun design. We also love that the delivery was free from plastic. It gets a big tick from us.

A special mention has to go to Blushing as these are some of the most beautifully designed Easter eggs we’ve come across. And we love that they’re brownies inside – double yum. We also really liked Heston’s offering for, of course, thinking outside the box in terms of aesthetics and taste.

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