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Holistic Silk anti-ageing silk pillowcase review: Goodbye flyaway frizz and hello hydrated skin

The brand has high ethical principles, but could its bedding really help us sleep easy?

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Wednesday 13 October 2021 12:52
<p>Hypoallergenic and temperature controlling, silk bedding can also hydrate the skin and prevent frizzy bedhead  </p>

Hypoallergenic and temperature controlling, silk bedding can also hydrate the skin and prevent frizzy bedhead

English wellness brand, Holistic Silk, has been selling sleep and relaxation products for 21 years. Its range is a therapeutic one, promoting serenity and calm, which the brand bills as an antidote to busy modern life.

The collection covers silk finished items across everything from eye masks to hot water bottle covers, plus bags, a yoga set and slippers.

For the refined silk’s production, the independent brand is transparent about working directly with Indian non-government organisation The Help Foundation in Delhi. The Foundation trains up local ateliers, supporting the wider community with employment and skills. As a result, Holistic Silk describes its items as “fair made”, due to specific principles being followed during the creation process. This includes insisting on safe and reasonable working practices, fair pay and no child or forced labour.

Additionally, sustainability is at the forefront of the brand’s consciousness, and it only ever produces items in small runs, so there’s minimal waste. When starting her business, for example, founder Joanna handmade product packaging reusing fabric, buttons, and other leftover trimmings.

Within the vast silk range is the pure mulberry silk anti-ageing pillowcase. As wellbeing benefits go, silk pillowcases are famed for being hypoallergenic, temperature controlling and soothing on skin, as well as offering a smoothing surface to hydrate skin and hair and potentially eradicate frizz.

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How we tested

We wanted to see if Holistic Silk’s silk pillowcase would be both stress busting and a helpful beauty buy. Over the course of three months, we trialled it with different bedding and in both warm and cold temperatures. We explored whether the silk finish helped us relax, and if we’d really rate it as a wellbeing buy, while also considering any noticeable hair and skin benefits, and how the case fared after regular washing.

Holistic Silk pure mulberry silk anti-ageing pillowcase, jade

Buy now £80,

  • Momme: 22
  • Size: 75cm x 50cm
  • Rating: 8/10

The silk pillowcase arrived in a sheer grey ribbon tie pouch with gold branding and two lavender scented sachets. We used these gentle fragrance additions both while the case was on our pillow and during storage.

There are seven colours to choose between, including cream, navy, rose, and white. Because some of our bedding is blue and green, we selected the jade version. An opulent jewel-toned shade, it has contrasting champagne-coloured piping around the edges. The momme level, aka its silk thread thickness, is 22. You can also buy a pair of pillowcases for £150, saving a tenner from their single price of £80 each.

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Coming in at a 75cm x 50cm size, this fits our tester’s standard pillow with room for the material to flow and not feel too tight. The corners are slightly rounded too.

One of the first features we noticed is how luxuriously dense this silk pillowcase is. As a result, we relished sinking our head into it at the end of our day. The feel of the sumptuous fabric helped soothe away the day’s stresses and calm us while unwinding before falling asleep, which meant the comforting material added extra relaxation to our bedtime routine.

Due to the colour, we did see some excess skincare and makeup marks on the pillow, but they were much less obvious than on a white case. Speaking of products, our skin routine includes creams and serums, which we noticed soaked in well overnight – the glossy silk material helped this hydration sink in as it’s not very absorbent.

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Our hair didn’t look as ruffled up as usual the next morning either, despite the nights being quite restless. The static and friction free case improved our flyaway frizz, which also meant our wavy hair held its shape better overnight too. We also saw a smoother finish when waking vs sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. We’re not sure whether its anti-ageing title refers to the beauty or wellbeing benefits, but our tester noticed both.

We washed our pillowcase on a 30C cycle, before hanging out to dry. The silk dried fast, meaning we could pop it back on our bed a few hours later. We tried ironing the case on a cool heat, using a tea towel as a protective barrier. But equally, the silk didn’t look too crumpled after washing and air drying anyway, so most times we didn’t even bother.

The verdict: Holistic Silk pure mulberry silk anti-ageing pillowcase

There’s no denying that at £80, this is an investment. However, the brand’s promise of ethical principles during the silk’s production is a big win for us. Plus, the lavishly thick silk pillowcase helped us feel peaceful at night and while we fell asleep. Our skin and hair were protected by the gentle finish, and we particularly liked the jade green shade.

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