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Remington keratin protect hair dryer review: Does it live up to its frizz-free claims?

The £40 beauty device promises to lock moisture in for healthy locks

Chloë James
Thursday 03 June 2021 12:18 BST
While regular hair dryers create static, ionic dryers seal the cuticle to prevent frizz and lock in moisture, thus giving hair a sleek, shiny finish
While regular hair dryers create static, ionic dryers seal the cuticle to prevent frizz and lock in moisture, thus giving hair a sleek, shiny finish (iStock/The Independent)

In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to choose between styling your hair and preventing heat damage.

With the dawn of ionic technology came hair dryers that nourish and protect your strands instead of leaving them brittle and dry.

While the ionic hair business was once monopolised by pricey styling tools, it’s grown significantly over the past few years, supplying us with affordable gems like the Remington keratin protect hair dryer.

Like all ionic tools, this aims to smooth your hair with the use of negatively charged ions. While regular hair dryers create static, ionic dryers seal the cuticle to prevent frizz and lock in moisture, thus giving hair a sleek, shiny finish.

As if that’s not enough, Remington’s keratin protect dryer also claims to amplify the results by infusing your hair with micro conditioners. Excited to see whether it lived up to its many promises, we got to work styling our hair.

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Remington keratin protect hair dryer

Remington keratin protect hair dryer.jpg

Buy now, £39.99,

Type: Ionic

Attachments: Three (super-slim, fast-drying and diffuser)

Motor: 2200W

Weight: 1.25kg

We’ve always thought the word “ionic” makes any device sound too complex to provide a straightforward blow-dry, but thankfully that isn’t the case. This hair dryer looks and works like any other tool on the market, with the exception of a ceramic coated grille infused with keratin and almond oil. Both ingredients famously contribute to stronger, healthier-looking hair and are usually found in serums and conditioners. The idea here is that as you dry they will infuse your hair with those moisturising benefits and protect it from any unnecessary damage.

We’re not so sure whether it’s the grille or the ionic technology that’s behind it, but our hair did feel noticeably healthier after just one use. It was softer and shinier, particularly at the roots. No hairdryer alone can totally fix dry and damaged ends, but they were far less visible and felt smooth to the touch.

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The most dramatic difference could be seen in our frizz. Our tester has accumulated years of heat and colour damage (but is too stubborn to cut it all off), which creates an awkward halo frizz effect just a few hours after washing. Even days after we blow dried using the Remington keratin protect hairdryer, frizz was kept to a bare minimum and we experienced far less knotting than usual.

Hair definitely looked the best after we followed salon-esque drying techniques, with our tester’s attempt at a big, bouncy blow-dry holding up for almost the entire day. However, we were equally impressed by its performance when rough-drying. While it didn’t deliver the sleekest results in the world, it was still a marked improvement on our usual frizz situation.

The same can be said for its use on thick and curly hair. On days where our tester decided to embrace her curls, we used the included diffuser attachment which left curls defined, bouncier and more voluminous.

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Design-wise, the Remington keratin protect hair dryer looks pretty standard. It has a slick, silver casing, and you can easily remove the back grille to prevent any buildup of dust or hair. But there is one downside: the weight.

While 1.25kg doesn’t sound like much, it does get pretty tiring after a while, especially if you’re trying to tackle a whole head of wet or thick hair. You adapt quickly – and it provides the unexpected bonus of a quick arm workout – but the bulky sensation threw us at first.

On the technical side of things, it offers a basic selection of controls. There are two-speed settings, three heat settings, and a cool shot button to set your style in place, all of which serve their purpose. Its 2200W motor packs a powerful punch and makes quick work of drying long and thick hair alike. We were also impressed by the lengthy power cord, which makes it easy to reach awkward spots without accidentally lassoing yourself in the process.

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The verdict: Remington keratin protect hair dryer

We love ionic hair dryers, and this is definitely up there with the best. The Remington keratin protect hair dryer does a stellar job of fighting frizz and flyaways, while simultaneously locking in moisture. It pulled off every style we threw at it and always provided long-lasting results. Most importantly, hair never felt or looked anything but healthy after use.

Admittedly the weight isn’t ideal and does detract from the experience. There’s no avoiding the shock of how heavy it feels when you first get it out of the box. However, don’t let that put you off; you’ll adjust and it’s a small price to pay for such a budget-friendly, high-quality drying experience.

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