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Lancome’s lash idole mascara gives us shiny, fanned out lashes without any clumping

Does the perfect mascara actually exist? Well, we think we’ve found it

Nathalie Eleni
Wednesday 13 October 2021 09:49
<p>We tried it on the school run, evenings out, on holiday, at the gym, and on three models during a photoshoot </p>

We tried it on the school run, evenings out, on holiday, at the gym, and on three models during a photoshoot

Lancome has been helping us lengthen and separate our lashes for decades. The luxury French brand is known from its hardworking mascara formulas, whether you’re looking for extreme volume of a reliable waterproof option.

Remaining lash leaders for over a decade, with the bestseller, Hypnose, being purchased once every 36 seconds globally, what else can the brand possibly give our lashes? The answer: Lancome’s lash idole formula. Launched in January 2021, it has already become the second best selling mascara in the UK thanks to its lash-lifting claims.

However precise your application technique, mascara still has the potential to smudge around your eyes or dry out, leaving lashes limp needing a reviving top-up. Then there is always the possibility of clumping and flaking that looks unsightly and can irritate the eyes. Daily lash curling before the application is time-consuming and can weaken lashes in the process. With Lancome’s lash idole’s promise of a non-clumping, fanned out lash effect that lasts 24 hours, plus easy removal – we couldn’t wait to get applying.

How we tested

To get our verdict, we tried the mascara in various scenarios including the school run, evenings out, on holiday, at the gym and on long work shifts. We also used it on three models during a photoshoot to see how it photographed.

As well as the final result, we looked at ease of application and removal. We noted how it felt on sensitive eyes and, most importantly, monitored its performance. We also compared it to similar mascaras to see how it stood out and how our natural lashes felt after consistent wear throughout the trial period.

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Lancome lash idole mascara: £23.50,

Rating: 10/10

  • Mascara type: Volumising gel formula
  • Brush shape: Arched and curved
  • Brush bristles: 125 different bristle sizes and 360 micro-bristles
  • Colour: Black
  • Wear: 24 hour
  • Size: 8ml
  • Benefits: Eye-opening effect, clump-free, quick to apply and easy to remove

The formula and packaging

Lash idole’s rose gold tube not only looks different to the brand’s usual packaging, it feels different to use too. The real ingenuity of this mascara is the lightweight gel emulsion formulation; it has a notably different consistency to other mascaras and sets with a defined and natural gloss finish that make lashes look super healthy, with not a clump in sight.

It also features white tea extract to help nourish the lashes and enhance growth. The brush is a handy shape and goes a step further by featuring 125 different bristle sizes, including 360 micro bristles, which is excellent for coating all the lashes, even the smaller ones, allowing mascara to get into the inner corners with ease, and it helps to fan out and separate both the upper and lower lashes.

The black glossy gel glides onto the lashes smoothly with a feather-light feel and achieves an impressive, exaggerated, yet naturally splayed lash. It doesn’t go crispy or flaky on the eyes or in the tube, which is a big bonus.

The lash-nourishing formula added shine and felt comfortable to wear

The formula sets in place quickly, so you’ll need to apply your desired coats all in one go as top-ups are trickier once it dries down. But once complete, our lashes still felt comfortable, with a natural-looking curl and a healthy shine, a bit like the perfect blow-dry but for your lashes.

We did not find reapplication necessary as our lash look stayed consistent throughout the day. This truly is the mascara for close-up, picture-perfect lashes. Because it can separate lashes so intricately, it looks like a fine layer of barely-there false lashes. It absolutely delivers on its promise giving impressive, natural-looking volume and fanned lashes without clumping.

It doesn’t smudge or crumble whatsoever, even after a full day’s wear. Usually, this type of gel-type formula is found in impossible-to-remove waterproof mascaras; thankfully, this mascara comes off easily with a regular remover or cleansing product. As for sensitive eyes, lash idole didn’t irritate at all because it doesn’t flake, and the natural lashes did feel nourished.

The verdict: Lancome lash idole mascara

The Lancome lash idole mascara definitely deserves a place in your make-up bag. Arguably one of the most sophisticated formulas we’ve tried, its lash fanning and subtle falsie effect is brilliant. If you want natural-looking, perfectly splayed lashes with next-level definition and durability, the Lancome lash idole is worth every penny.

Lancome lash idole mascara

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