Tom Hardy wore one of our favourite sustainable knitwear brands: Here’s our review

Touted as the next James Bond, follow the actor’s lead and make more ethical fashion choices

Eva Waite-Taylor
Friday 12 February 2021 15:51
<p>Sheep Inc. is the world’s first carbon-neutral fashion company, and the A-listers love it </p>

Sheep Inc. is the world’s first carbon-neutral fashion company, and the A-listers love it

Cast your mind back to April 2020 and you may remember that Tom Hardy’s fans went wild when they discovered he was growing his own vegetables at home.

But the 43-year-old’s environmentally friendly lifestyle doesn't stop there. He’s now proved that he’s a conscious shopper when it comes to fashion.

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During a virtual unveiling of Audi’s eagerly anticipated electric supercar – the e-tron GT – the actor wore a grey, merino wool jumper from Sheep Inc., one of our favourite sustainable brands.

The actor speaks at the launch of the e-tron GT

The environmental issues associated with the fashion industry are widely known, with a report by management consultancy McKinsey noting that, globally, people consume in excess of 100 billion pieces of clothing per year.

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And by 2050 it is forecasted that the fashion industry will use up to 25 per cent of the world’s carbon budget, making it one of the most polluting industries, second only to oil. But that’s where Hardy’s favourite Sheep Inc. comes in: it’s the world’s first carbon-negative knitwear brand.

Featuring in our review of the best sustainable knitwear brands, our writer commended its versatile pieces for their lifetime guarantee. You can also trace 100 per cent of your jumper’s material origins.

If you want to follow the lead of the man who’s being touted as the next James Bond, here’s where you can buy his exact jumper. It’s a timeless classic and a truly worthy investment.

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Sheep Inc. the light knit

Sheep Inc. is one to watch – we previously named it one of our favourite sustainable knitwear brands. Boasting the title of being the first ever carbon-neutral fashion company, it has pledged to “mitigate 10 times the carbon footprint of every purchase, with the aim of fixing some of the environmental damage done by the fashion industry”.

What’s more, each item comes with an attached tag, which when scanned reveals the name of the animal that the wool came from, as well as an aerial image of its farm in New Zealand.

With seriously strong eco-credentials, it’s no surprise that it’s a go-to among A-listers. While we can’t speak for the snugness of Hardy’s exact jumper, our reviewer did try the v-neck (£160, and claimed it was “soft, warm and not too heavy”.

As for the actor’s light knit, it is made from ultra-fine merino wool sourced from the brand’s regenerative farms. Crafted using solar-powered, zero-waste machines, less power and resources are used for its production when compared to traditional methods.

All of the brand's pieces are unisex and the colours, from moss green to pacific blue, have been chosen “with the aim of putting you back in touch with nature”, said our writer.

While it will prove a more costly purchase than your average sweater, when you consider the fact that these knits come with a lifetime guarantee, it’s a worthy investment. Follow in Hardy’s footsteps and use your consumer buying power to do good.

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