10 best ice globes to bring a healthy glow to your face

These must-have face tools are causing a stir

Tamara Corin
Wednesday 10 March 2021 16:32
<p>De-puffing ice globes are loved by celebrities and their facialists</p>

De-puffing ice globes are loved by celebrities and their facialists

Always ahead of a trend, a few years back Kate Moss swore the secret to her flawless skin was dunking her face in a bucket of ice every morning. Did we follow suit? Hell no – but skin icing in a more structured form is now having quite the moment.

Experts and consumers alike are getting increasingly wise to the benefits of merging the de-puffing effects of facial massage with the radiance-boosting benefits of cold therapy using a facial ice globe – so much easier (and less messy) to use than an ice cube. 

There are many benefits to skin icing, claims Nicole Caroline, master aesthetician and creator of The Facial Ice Sphere (a favourite tool of Irina Shayk that sadly isn’t available yet in the UK).

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“It calms skin inflammation, reduces puffiness and helps with lymphatic drainage and even acne. It also dramatically helps with the dreaded ‘maskne’ we have all been dealing with,” she says.

Plus, there’s no waiting time. You will notice results immediately if you’re looking for a temporary fix, but results are long-term too.

However, Nicole explains “that certain types of rosacea, and skin that is heavily cuperose (filled with dilated capillaries) should use some caution as to not aggravate the condition with extreme temperatures. 

“Unlike with heat, with icing, however, you can modify it, so you still get some of the benefits.”

Nicole suggests using ice over a sheet mask to act as a "barrier" to the ice having direct contact on the skin.

Most ice globes and tools are designed to either be stored in the freezer or put in the freezer 15-30 minutes before you intend to use them.

There’s no right or wrong technique; simply roll them gently around your face to brighten, tighten and boost your complexion in minutes. You’ll soon become addicted to using them as part of your daily skin routine.

Here, we’ve edited our favourite ice globes and tools to help you keep your cool.

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Fraîcheur ice globes

If you’ve heard of cryotherapy, chances are you’ve also heard of this French brand that is leading the pack with these colourful glass globes filled with anti-freeze liquid. The word fraÎcheur, meaning freshness, is perfectly apt for these globes which give you a healthy glow that’s similar to that post-gym complexion. Our testers said their morning puffiness reduced considerably after 15 minutes of using these globes and tightness around the jaw was eased. Their skin felt plumper, and their wrinkles ironed out – especially on the forehead. We guarantee that as soon as you begin using these, you’ll quickly rely on them for better-looking skin, every day. However, you’ll need to be quick – they’re so popular some of the colourways (there’s five to choose from) have a waiting list!

111Skin Cryo de-puffing edit

If you want a full-on facial treatment at-home, then look no further. This gift set includes 111Skin’s much-loved sub-zero de-puffing energy facial mask, eye mask and eye duo along with the metal cryo-sculpting tools to get your blood pumping helping to reduce puffiness and give you a smoother wide-awake complexion. The stainless steel tools are perfectly shaped to glide across the contours of your face and get incredibly cold to handle, but once you see the difference in your skin, you’ll soon forget about the numbness in your hands! These tools deserve a special place in your freezer.

BeauSkin cryo facial orbs

Made of stainless steel, these cryo balls will definitely get your circulation pumping. Simply pop in the freezer or fridge and apply either on a bare face or with a facial oil or serum (basically anything quite light in texture) and massage into your skin. The cold metal will get blood flowing straight to the surface while helping the product to penetrate deeper into your skin, increasing volume and collagen which in turn gives you a firmer, more radiant and sculpted look. If you’re a first timer this is a great choice as you get access to an online video tutorial for application, plus there are a few masks to try with the product too. And that’s not all – you also get a complimentary 30-minute virtual skin consultation with the founder, who will talk you through how to get the best out of your orbs.

Healilly facial massage globes

Designed to increase circulation, relieve tension as well as working to reduce puffiness, keep this duo in the fridge for the best results. Although these globes have a good hand grip, our testers found them particularly fragile, and the glass globe was quite thin compared to more expensive options. However, if you’re on a budget but still keen to buy into this skincare trend, these make a sensible and affordable choice.

Farm Girl icey globes

These globes glide on to skin seamlessly, making you feel pampered with every single stroke. Our testers not only found them refreshing and de-puffing on their skin but great for tension headaches and alleviating sinus pain too. Considering the quality of these globes, they give some of their higher-priced competitors a run for their money. You won’t be disappointed.

Cryo facial tool

If you feel your skin would benefit from an icy wake-up call, these facial tools will soon do the trick.  Beautifully boxed, light to handle and perfectly cool to touch, we found this duo got skin pumping in no time. They’re reasonably priced, and deliver first-class results.

Georgia Louise cryo facial freeze tools

For the ultimate shock (in a good way) of blood circulating cold, this stainless steel set is a great solution to tired and dull lockdown skin – just a few minutes will cheat a lifted wide-awake look. Our testers found these easy to grasp and a great way of encouraging their skincare to work harder, leaving them with brighter and tighter skin.  Perfect for keeping up the post-facial benefits at-home.

Teresa Tarmey cryo-ball

Celebrity facialist Teresa Tarmey is no stranger to the power of cryotherapy. She has been using cold therapy on her clients for many years to tighten saggy skin, de-puff eyes and sculpt the face. This innovative round-shaped tool has been designed to move easily around the face delivering a comfortable cold sensation that gets the blood circulating in seconds. It fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre. It’s suggested you roll it over your face for two minutes in the morning – no special technique is required, so you can do no wrong. It’s about the size of an apple and comes in a cloth bag for safekeeping in your freezer away from any crumbs or spills. Apart from the expense of the tool, our testers found it hard to find fault.

Lumity skin gym pro ice roller

Although this is a single roller, it is substantial in size and does just as good a job as using two rollers on your face. In fact, our testers found having one hand free easier to manage and guide than having two tools to hold. Stick in the freezer 15 minutes before you plan on giving yourself a home facial. The roller will be perfectly frozen without being uncomfortable, and will smooth across skin leaving a radiant and even-toned complexion. Think post-facial glow at a fraction of the price.

Anne Semonin precious pearl ice cubes

If you’re looking for something a little different than a tool, but with the same cooling and toning effect, this iconic beauty product from a renowned French facialist takes you back to basics. These cubes of serum are filled with hyaluronic acid, pearls and silk protein to nourish and soothe skin. You place the tray in the freezer and when your skin needs awakening, simply remove them from the mould, wrap in a gauze that comes with them and glide over your face. A high price to pay for six cubes of ice, so be sure not to let them melt anywhere other than on your face!

The verdict: Facial ice globes

Top marks go to Fraîcheur for their professional-grade globes that are easy-to-use, lightweight, fun, fairly priced and give blood-pumping results while also being kind to your skin.

Meanwhile, in the runner-up spot is 111Skin for their handy kit that has everything you need to give cryo skin therapy a shot in the comfort of your home. What are you waiting for?  

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