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We tried Lumin’s range of men’s skincare to combat dry skin and fine lines

The Lumin skincare range is formulated with high-quality ingredients specifically for men’s skin

Samuel Mathewson
Friday 12 May 2023 12:50 BST
We reviewed the Lumin skincare range for men
We reviewed the Lumin skincare range for men (The Independent)

The world of men’s skincare is polarising. A lot of men won’t be enthusiastic about a 10-step skincare routine with oils and serums, but the world of men’s grooming is a growing industry that’s projected to continue growing, and it seems a lot of men actually do spend their money on skincare.

Testosterone produces thicker and tougher skin, causing a difference in the way men’s skin ages, and it may require more protection, due to shaving and not using make-up, which can help trap moisture and protect skin from the sun. So, skincare lines and brands specifically tailored towards men are more than just a money-grab technique.

We were, therefore, keen to try out products from Lumin, an American company tailored to men, which recognises the structural differences between the skin of men and women. We tried the brand’s ultra-hydrating moisturizing balm, dark-circle defense, anti-wrinkle defense and the intensive reconditioning face mask for a month, to find out just how effective the products are.

The first three products are available to buy together within Lumin’s age management bundle (£56.70,, which will save you more than £10, compared with purchasing the products individually.

How we tested

Our tester is 31 years old, with typically dry, sensitive skin that’s prone to eczema – although, luckily, this is not usually on his face. He doesn’t tend to discriminate between women’s, men’s and unisex products – instead, he’s drawn to products that tangibly address his skin concerns.

He’s been using Lumin’s ultra-hydrating moisturizing balm, dark-circle defense, anti-wrinkle defense and the intensive reconditioning face mask box for a month, augmenting his evening skincare routine to try and keep his skin hydrated and nourished, while looking after his skin barrier. Keep reading this article for the full verdict.

Tester Sam Mathewson has been trying Lumin products for over one month
Tester Sam Mathewson has been trying Lumin products for over one month (Samuel Mathewson)

Lumin ultra-hydrating moisturizing balm

Lumin moisturizing balm best skincare for men men’s beauty moisturisers dry skin dull skin
  • Size: 50ml
  • Key ingredients: Meadowfoam seed oil, apple extract, ginger extract
  • Why we love it
    • Thick consistency
    • Moisturising
    • Nice scent

Quite simply, our tester liked this moisturiser. For addressing dry skin, he prefers a thick cream that’s going to moisturise deeply, and this product is just that.

The scent is pleasant and herby, and our tested opted to use this moisturiser at night, as a way to rehydrate the skin after a day in the office. For those who worry about looking oily, this moisturiser doesn’t leave too much of a shine once it has absorbed into the skin, although the texture is slightly sticky.

The ingredients include meadowfoam seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and reportedly combats dryness and dullness. There is also apple extract for fine lines and free radical defence, and ginger extract to combat the effects of sun damage.

Using this balm after cleansing, our tester felt hydrated, and didn’t need to worry about dryness throughout the day, after applying the moisturiser in the morning.

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Lumin dark-circle defense

Lumin Dark Circle Defense eye cream mens skincare eye cream for men lumin review
  • Size: 30ml
  • Key ingredients: Niacinamide, lemon extract, caffeine
  • Why we love it
    • Brightening
    • High volume for eye cream

The suggestion for this is to apply the product to the eye area and use it almost like an eye mask while sleeping, wiping it away in the morning. Our tester enjoyed the ritual of the mask, knowing he was keeping his under-eye area moisturised during the night. This product does have a brightening effect, however, our tester doesn’t suffer from puffiness, so can’t comment on the efficacy of that reported benefit.

Ingredients include niacinamide to strengthen the skin barrier of the delicate under-eye area; lemon extract for antibacterial qualities, and caffeine for brightness.

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Lumin anti-wrinkle serum

Lumin Anti Wrinkle Serum mens skincare lumin review
  • Size: 8ml
  • Key ingredients: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract
  • Why we love it
    • Cooling
    • Soothing
    • Moisturising
  • Take note
    • No dramatic change seen during testing

Our tester used this as a topical nightly serum, as per the instructions on the packaging. He really enjoy the roller ball applicator, as it is cooling and soothing. However, he couldn’t determine whether there was a dramatic difference to wrinkles but there was a moisturising effect, and the product seemed to blur fine lines slightly (although, our tester doesn’t have major wrinkles).

Key ingredients include vitamin C for improving signs of ageing and protecting against exposure from harmful sun rays. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid locks in moisture around affected areas, while the antioxidants in the pomegranate extract reportedly combat puffiness and signs of ageing.

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Lumin intensive reconditioning face mask

Lumin Intensive Reconditioning Face Mask mens skincare lumin review sheet mask for men
  • Size: Pack of 10 masks
  • Key ingredients: Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ginger extract
  • Why we love it
    • Soothing
    • Nourishing

We are big fans of using a sheet mask to help us feel pampered after a long day, and this one definitely did the job. Our tester liked the cooling feeling and moisturising effects of the mask, which reportedly clears pores of grime and impurities, although our tester didn’t see a drastic change. However, he did feel glowy and nourished after using the mask.

Pro tip: once you’ve removed the mask, use it to distribute the serum across your face, then follow with the Lumin moisturiser, for an ultra-hydrated feeling. Another pro tip is to keep the package after you’ve thrown away the mask, as there is a lot of serum left over, which can be used the next morning.

Ingredients wise, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid make a comeback for anti-ageing, skin protection and hydrating purposes, alongside ginger extract for even skin tone and sun-protection qualities.

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The verdict: Lumin skincare for men

The Lumin range has a great core selection of products to address the specific issues that affect men’s skin. We found the instructions were clear when it came to using the products, and didn’t need a lot of extra care and attention to get the results we wanted. We also liked the fact the packaging has a discreet design – perfect for men who may be shy about using skincare products.

We liked all the products but the ultra-hydrating moisturizing balm and dark-circle defense were our standouts for efficacy, rehydrating the skin and leaving the under-eye area bright and nourished after use.

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