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Marissa Mullen’s Gamechangers: The best buys for an Insta-worthy cheese board

It’s easy being cheesy with Marissa’s beautiful platter ideas

IndyBest Team
Friday 16 April 2021 11:39
<p>Perfect your art form with these great ideas</p>

Perfect your art form with these great ideas

While lining up a few blocks of cheese on your chopping board and ripping open a multipack of crackers is one thing, now we’re allowed to host outdoors once again, you might find yourself wanting to create something slightly more aesthetically pleasing to impress your guests.

And if anyone knows a thing or two about putting together a beautiful yet functional cheese board, it’s Marissa Mullen.

For the uninitiated, Marissa is the brains behind the viral That Cheese Plate Instagram account, where more than 300,000 people follow along to learn the art of the perfect platter, from folding charcuterie to easy DIY garnishes.

The success of her account has even led to her writing a book on the subject, (the aptly-named That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life), marking her out as a bonafide expert in all things cheesy goodness.

If, like us, you’re on a mission to serve up an Insta-worthy plate or platter of nibbles at your next garden party or picnic, you’re in luck.

We’ve asked Marissa for her go-to buys to help you elevate your basic plate of cheese, crackers, charcuterie and other delicious accoutrements from ordinary to extraordinary, and best of all, you can shop them all on Amazon. Next day delivery never looked so appealing...

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Zunbo gold coloured stainless steel round serving tray

I love a round board for making my cheese and charcuterie creations. This one is a great find. Not only is the plate gold, it also has an edge so round items like blueberries won’t roll off. It’s easy to transport and comes in a small or large size. You can also use a round wooden tray or porcelain serving platter. A plate around 12" can typically serve about 6-8 people as an appetizer. 

Casadomu white marble chopping board

Marble is always a classy choice. This rectangular board is great for any types of cheesy creations, and the white colourway means it’s really versatile, no matter what season or occasion you’re hosting for. 

‘That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life' by Marissa Mullen, published by Penguin Random House USA

I might be biased, but this book is a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration. I wrote it with accessibility and ease in mind. Every plate comes with a step-by-step breakdown and a "Cheese By Numbers" illustrated map. There’s also recipes, tips on how to cut your cheese and even astrology cheese pairings! 

Hossejoy bamboo cheese board set

This unconventional board holds your cheese knives, crackers and charcuterie all in one! I love playing around with different style plates and boards to switch it up. The unique vertical knife block will keep your cheese knives organized, while the bowl placement point is perfect for chutneys or nuts.

Windsor stainless steel soft and hard cheese knives, set of three

Although I like to prep my hard cheese with a sharp chef’s knife, I always like to serve my plates with some smaller cheese knives for easy grazing. I love the length and variety of these stainless steel knives. The knife with the holes is designed to cut soft cheese without a mess, the triangular knife is meant for harder cheeses, and the fork-tipped knife is for both hard and soft cheeses. 

Delling porcelain ramekins

I always add small jars and ramekins to my boards to hold jams and dips. They’re also great for items in a brine like cornichons or olives. These white ramekins are classy with a fun geometric twist! Any size under 4oz usually works best on a cheese board, unless you’re serving the dip as the main item on the board. 

OXO Good Grips handheld mandoline slicer

For prepping cucumbers or radishes, I love using a mandoline. You can cut thin slices and arrange them into a cucumber or radish flower with ease! My mandoline is one of my favorite prep tools in the kitchen. 

Goto bamboo wood boats x100

I always like to serve my cheeseboard with small serving plates on the side. You can even build mini charcuterie boards in these cute little bamboo plates to be extra cautious about keeping everything personal. The pack of 100 is great for feeding a crowd, or using over time at smaller gatherings.

Goto bamboo wood cones x100

If you really want to take the personal charcuterie to the next level, you can build a plate directly in a single-serve cone! Charcuterie cones have taken the world by storm during covid. They’re also festive and convenient to carry around.

Gelible geometric glass flower vase

Matching your cheeseboard to your florals ties the entire tablescape together. I love the eyecatching gold finish of this vase, and the geometric shape goes along with my favourite ramekins.

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