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Best vegan launches for 2024: Greggs, M&S and more Veganuary menus

Are you pledging to go plant-based this year? These new vegan alternatives leave you spoiled for choice

Daisy Lester,Lois Borny
Wednesday 17 January 2024 15:41 GMT
From Costa and Pizza Hut to Wagamama and Tesco, there’s plenty to get excited about
From Costa and Pizza Hut to Wagamama and Tesco, there’s plenty to get excited about (The Independent )

Veganism is more popular than ever before. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, one person signed up for Veganuary every 2.4 seconds in 2023 and, if you’re considering taking the plant-based pledge for 2024 and beyond, there is plenty to get excited about. From boosting your general health to reducing animal suffering and helping the environment, there are myriad benefits to joining the swathes of vegan foodies.

While just a few years ago, finding plant-based alternatives could be as much of a feat as the challenge of completely changing your diet, it’s now easier than ever to buy nutritious and delicious vegan-friendly foods that rival the real deal. From sausages and fish to juicy steaks, milk and dairy substitutes to chocolate and ice cream, retailers have expanded their vegan offerings to meet growing demand.

This Veganuary alone, we’ve seen Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat team up for a pepperoni pizza range (trust us, it’s the perfect hangover cure), Wagamama launch a mushroom-based steak dish, Burger King bring back its most requested vegan burger ever, Subway unveil a picante patty sub to spice up your lunchtimes and the return of the much-loved Greggs vegan steak bake. As for the supermarkets, Aldi, Tesco, Asda and M&S have all upped their game with everything from southern fried chicken alternatives and meat-free mince to Mexican bean burgers and plant-based ready meals.

Whether you’re pledging to go fully vegan or want to dabble in meat-free food, you’re spoiled for choice if you’re looking for plant-based options in 2024. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up all of the latest launches on offer below.



The budget-friendly supermarket has now expanded its vegan Plant Menu range for 2024, with newcomers such as vegan corn dogs (£1.99,, Coronation chickpea curry (£2.39,, and vegetable tempura fritters (£1.99, These vegan-friendly additions are joining the plant-based options, including Aldi’s battered no pork sausages (£1.99,, which rivalled the meat kind found in your local chippy when we tried them last year. Looking for something sweet? The Plant Menu strawberries and cream and hazelnut and praline ice cream cones are making a comeback.

Available at now


(Asda )

Already offering vegan chocolate spread, sandwiches, pizzas and more, Asda’s OMV! range just got even bigger. New for 2024, OMV! deliciously vegan diced no pancetta (£2.75, seasoned with an Italian blend of herbs and spices, and OMV! deliciously vegan no chorizo lardons (£2.75, with smoked paprika and garlic are among the new launches. Meanwhile, in the supermarket’s Plant Based range, there are new leek, carrot and sweet potato sausages (£2.75,, which sound like a tempting meat-free alternative.

Available at now



Returning to the shelves after a two-year hiatus, the Greggs vegan steak bake is back, and while we’re yet to try it, it’s said to be new and improved for 2024, so we can’t wait. For the uninitiated, much like the popular vegan sausage roll, the vegan steak bake is a meat-free, completely vegan version of the original, the Greggs steak bake. Made with puff pastry and filled with Quorn pieces as the steal alternative, with diced onions and vegan gravy, the savoury pastry is only around for a limited time, so if you want to try it for yourself, then you’ll have to be quick.

Available at Greggs, and



When it comes to vegan dining in 2024, you’ll be pleased to hear that the plant-based menu at Bill’s has expanded to include three new items. Love having breakfast food for dinner? Plump for the new plant-based pancakes, which can be ordered from breakfast time and through to the evening. Made with the vegan egg alternative OGGS, the stacked blueberry pancakes come with either fruit or vegan bacon. Meanwhile, we’re eyeing up the two new savoury plant-based meals – there’s a Moroccan spiced “chicken” burger to devour that offers a nice change of flavours to a normal chicken burger, as well as a chestnut or butternut bake. We’ll take it all.

Available at Bill’s and

Burger King

(Burger King)

Calling bean burger fans – fast food giant Burger King has brought a bean burger back onto its menu for 2024. While the original burger does come with American cheese, this vegan version is certified by the Vegan Society and comes without. Sans fromage, there’s a black bean patty with green chill, red pepper, tortilla crumb and other trimmings, all packed into a brioche-style bun.

Want to try a vegan meat alternative? You can still enjoy a portion of the Burger King vegan chicken nuggets, which launched in 2022 (and were a lot to live up to), while there’s also a vegan royale made with a vegan patty, iceberg lettuce and vegan mayo.

Available via the Burger King app or in-store now


(Allplants )

Taking the hassle out of healthy meal times, Allplants delivers chef-prepared ready meals to your door. All the dishes are plant-based and balanced by a nutritionist, so you know it’s good for both you and the planet. New for 2024, the lentil ragu (£7.50, is deliciously warming and nutty while the double green orecchiette (£7.50, is zingy and fresh. Minimising food waste, all the meals are frozen so you can enjoy whenever.

Available at now


(Costa )

The high street coffee haunt teamed up with BOSH! to bring us this year’s vegan newness, with eight plant-based sweet and savoury items joining the Costa menu for 2024. There’s a plant-based saucy chicken fajita wrap, a smokin’ BBQ chicken panini, plant-based crackin’ ham and cheeze toastie, and a smashin’ sausage bap (also plant-based).

There are plenty of sweet treats to get excited about too, including a new vegan caramelised biscuit rocky road made with dark chocolate, glace cherries, biscuit spread, vegan marshmallows and other scrumptious-sounding elements, plus a double chocolate cookie. While not brand new, the chocolate and pecan slice will be making a return to the menu, and for a gluten-free pick, reach for the fruity flapjack which again, is vegan.

Available at Costa now


(Pret )

Kicking off the new year with plenty of vegan-friendly options, Pret’s January menu is sure to make lunchtime a more delectable affair. The new sticky mushroom bánh mì is a combination of sticky roasted mushrooms, spicy BBQ sauce, crunchy carrot and mooli slaw, while the butternut masala soup is a rich blend of coconut cream, butternut squash and mix of spices, providing a warming, meat-free option for winter.

Already a Veggie Pret bestseller, the VLT is now available in all Pret shops (much to our delight). The comforting sandwich is made up of shiitake and chestnut mushroom “rashers”, sliced tomatoes, salad mix and vegan-friendly black pepper and parsley mayo on malted bread.

Available at now

Pukka Pies

(Lois Borny)

If you find yourself hankering for a hearty pie, Pukka Pies has delivered the goods, with two new meat-free options: the vegan no steak pie (£2,, and the vegan no steak slice (£1.95, With a combination of delicious, thick gravy and a seasoned vegan (and very convincing) “steak” filling, the vegan no steak slice was a very “meaty” experience that we think even meat-eaters will love. Similarly, the vegan no steak pie did not disappoint – there’s no scrimping on filling, with soy protein chunks and a Worcestershire-style gravy that’s thick, rich and flavourful.

Available at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda now

Krispy Kreme

(Krispy Kreme)

Doughnut favourite Krispy Kreme has revealed its limited-edition cookie indulgence range. There are two new doughnuts to try, one being the crunchy cookies and kreme doughnut, made with the vegan version of the brand’s frosting, and finished with crunchy cookies. Chocoholics will want to make a beeline for the chocolate cookie crunch, topped with chocolate icing, cookie crumb, frosting and a mini cookie for the final flourish – we can’t wait to try this one. The doughnuts are only available until 28 January this year, so if you want to try them for yourself, don’t hang about.

Available at and Krispy Kreme now



From its love burger to the golden glow dhal, Leon is already a firm favourite fast food chain for vegans. Now, it’s introducing two new plant-friendly dishes for 2024. The bangin’ bhaji wrap (£5.99) is a tasty mix of courgette and pea bhajis, topped with classic Kachumber, crispy onions and herby mayo, while the new rainbow squash salad (£5.99) is a colourful combination of roasted butternut squash, herby mayo, pink kraut, greens, grains and Mediterranean-inspired spices. Available for takeaway, click and collect and delivery.

Available at Leon now


If you’re hoping to make more plant-based meals in 2024, Grubby received high praise in our review of the best vegan subscription boxes, so it needs to be on your radar. Naturally, the vegan meal kit company has upped its game for 2024 dinnertimes, launching 28 new dishes – think twists on street food and fakeaways. When we tried previous kits for ourselves, everything was top-notch, in particular the satay noodles with baby corn and chestnut mushrooms (divine), and don’t expect any scrimping on portion sizes either. That’s plant-based dinner sorted.

Available at now

Meatless Farm

(Meatless Farm )

Meatless Farm specialises in meat alternatives, spanning mince, plant-based chicken breast and more, which can be found at various supermarkets. In terms of newness, the pork and apple sausages (£2.75, are something we’re looking forward to trying, but perhaps more exciting, the brand’s also branched out into the pasta department. Enter, the UK’s first vegan meat-filled pasta, which includes plant-based beef, red wine and porcini mushroom girasole and no-duja ravioli (£3.25, and more. We can’t wait to give it a try.

Available at Asda now



Luxury doughnut brand Crosstown has launched three newcomers for 2024, and we can’t wait to try them. We’ve got our eye on the pistachio and rose doughnut (£5.50,, covered in rose icing and filled with pistachio and rose custard. Sounding equally as tempting is the coffee, cardamom and coconut doughnut (£5.75, The matcha and rhubarb dough bite (£3.25, has our name all over it.

Available at now

Redefine Meat

(Meat Redefined)

Promising to be just as tasty as real meat, Redefine Meat has been served in myriad restaurants, so you may have already tried it. Now though, having landed at Ocado towards the end of last year, home cooks can use the restaurant-quality vegan meat in their own kitchens, from the pulled beef (£2.25, and pulled pork, to a Bratwurst sausage (£2,, lamb kofta mix (£2,, a premium burger (£2,, and beef mince (£2,

Available at now

Papa Johns

(Lois Borny)

New year, new Papa Johns pizza, and, to the delight of vegans, it’s plant-based. Introducing the vegan BBQ “chicken" pizza, which is a limited-edition option (so get it while you can). It comes topped with vegan "Sheese", thinly sliced mushrooms, onions, a generous dousing of BBQ drizzle and vegan “chicken” – a new, meat-free permanent addition to the create-your-own menu. Trying the plant-based pizza for ourselves, the vegan “chicken” was strikingly meaty, with a slight crispiness to it, and the flavour of the BBQ drizzle packed a sweet and tangy punch.

Available at now

Pasta Evangelists

(Pasta Evangelists )

Pasta Evangelists is much loved for its fresh pasta deliveries and recipe boxes for cooking at home. Of the more than 50 boxes available, a quarter are vegan or vegetarian, leaving plenty of choice when comes to Italian meat-free mealtimes. New for Veganuary 2024 is the pea and spinach soli with pistachio, chilli and lemon pesto (from £7.01, A fresh dish with a spicy kick, the red chili balances the sweetness of the pea.

Alternatively, try the pistachio, lemon and chilli pesto with creste di gallo (from £5.91,, a nutty recipe with a scattering of sundried tomatoes or the comforting lentil ragu with rigatoni (£6.76,, a personal favourite.

Available at

MyVegan plant protein superblend


If you’re levelling up your protein intake in 2024, solely vegan health and wellness heavyweight MyVegan has a new protein powder to try. The plant protein superblend (£9.74) is made with barley and rice, and packs in 22g of plant-based protein per serving. The powder houses all nine essential amino acids and six naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to help support your muscles. With three flavours to choose from too, you can be sure your protein kick will be a tasty one, whether you prefer the sound of caramel, chocolate or iced coffee to taste.

Available at now



VFC (vegan fried chick*n) isn’t just about plant-based fried chick*n anymore. While there are still plenty of fried chick*n options to scratch that itch, made with wheat protein and covered in Southern fried corn flake coating for crispiness – think vegan popcorn chicken, fillets, tenders and more – it doesn’t end there this January. New for 2024, the range now includes one-bag meals cooked in the pan from frozen, with chick*n fried rice and chick*n curry on the menu, which sounds like it’ll be perfect for speedy dinners. Also new for this year, make room for more meat alternatives in the fridge, as chick*n sausages and chick*n mince launch at Asda.

Available at Morrisons and Asda now



Chocoholics assemble, as Galaxy’s just dropped a brand-new vegan fruit and nut chocolate bar, complete with hazelnut paste, raisins and roasted hazelnuts. This sweet treat launch follows the official certification of several other Galaxy products by the Vegan Society, including the vegan classic (£3,, salted caramel (£3,, smooth orange (£3, and crumbled cookie (£3, chocolate bars. When we tucked into this new bar, there was a nice crunch, courtesy of the hazelnut, paired with a creamy texture. The milky taste is sure to appeal if you enjoy the distinct creaminess of Galaxy chocolate.

Available at now

Pizza Express

(Pizza Express )

Pizza Express is already much-loved among vegans and vegetarians thanks to more than half the menu being meat-free (the giardiniera has been a personal favourite for years). Launched in time for Veganuary 2024, the chain has recently launched a vegan melanzane. The Italian-inspired parmigiana combines grilled aubergine, tomato sauce, garlic, vegan mozzarella and fresh parsley. There’s also the new vegan verdure – a hearty dish featuring roasted peppers and aubergine with spinach, smoky tomato harissa, hot chilli, tomato with garlic and topped with rosemary. Reliably tasty and affordable, a nice time is guaranteed.

Available at

Honest Burger

(Honest Burger)

For Veganuary 2024, Honest Burger is treating us to the bacon plant 2.0 – and it sounds like a delight. Using Beyond Meat’s popular patty, the burger is packed with shoestring fries, vegan bacon dust, Applewood vegan cheese, La Vie plant-based bacon, rocket pickles and vegan chipotle mayo. An indulgent feast, you can order it dining in or on Deliveroo and Uber Eats with a side for £15.50. The best hangover cure, in our opinion.

Available at now

Marugame Udon

(Marugame Udon)

The Japanese udon restaurant Marugame Udon has unveiled a limited-edition menu of delectable dishes for Veganuary 2024. The stars of the show, the creamy kitsune udon (£7.75) is billed as a light and umami-packed broth topped with sweet tofu skin, while the pumpkin katsu curry (£8.95) features crispy fried pumpkin in panki breadcrumbs.

As well as these udon and rice bowls, it’s offering sweet Kitsune tofu (£2.50) and a selection of vegan tempura options – think pumpkin (£1.95), courgette (£1.65) and sweet Potato (£1.35). We’re sold.

Available at now


(M&S )

This isn’t just any vegan range, this is the M&S plant kitchen vegan range. Adding to its already 250-strong plant-friendly range, the retailer has added even more vegan products to its roster for 2024.

The supermarket’s new more than mince (£3.75) and more than meatballs (£3.75) (launching late January) are both protein-packed products and count as one of your five-a-day. Whether used in a plant-based bolognese or meatball sub, the umami-flavoured minces will elevate your mealtimes.

Available at from late January

Pizza Hut

(Pizza Hut )

Satisfying your pizza cravings for Veganary 2024, Pizza Hut has teamed up with Beyond Meat for a mouth-watering vegan pepperoni range. The new plant-based topping features on the 16in big New Yorker pizza (£13.99 collection, £15.99 delivery), the Beyond pepperoni feast pizza and the Beyond pepperoni melt (£6.99).

Already available at all Pizza Hut delivery locations across the country, the vegan launches are arriving in dine-in restaurants for a limited time only from 8 January. Fill your plates.

Available at now

Rudy’s Pizza

(Rudy’s Pizza )

Cult pizza restaurant Rudy’s Pizza relaunched its popular bake-at-home range, so you can enjoy a plant-based slice of Italy in your living room. The vegan offering in the range is a tasty topping mix of San Marzano tomato, vegan cheese, portobello mushroom, oregano and sea salt.

Using the same fresh dough and Neapolitan ingredients used in its pizzerias, your order will arrive on your chosen delivery day with cooking instructions on how to perfect an authentic pizza at home.

Available at now


(Subway )

Expanding its vegan line-up for 2024, Subway has announced a new vegetarian and plant-based sub: the plant picante. A riff on a certain member club’s most popular cocktail, the sub featured a hot and spicy plant patty, crispy onions, sweet onion, garlic and herb sauce, with either American-style cheese or vegan cheese. It’s available as a wrap or salad, too, and joins the popular plant patty sub on the meat-free roster.

Available at now


(Starbucks )

Starbucks launched five new vegan options for Veganuary last year, and the coffee and cake giant hasn’t scrimped on options this year either, with five new vegan options spanning food and drink. Catering to our caffeine cravings, there’s an almond biscotti oat latte – hot or iced. When you’re feeling peckish, there’s a five-grain porridge, mango and pineapple overnight oats to kick start your mornings; a chocolate and caramel muffin for something sweet; and when lunch rolls around, a spinach and pea falafel wrap.

Available at now


(Tesco )

Tesco has mealtimes covered with its expanding plant chef vegan range for 2024, available both in-store and online. From an indulgent meat-free spaghetti bolognese (£3.25,, no-beef meatballs (£2, and meat-free southern fried fillets (£2.50, to a sweet potato katsu style curry (£3.25, and Mexican inspired bean burgers (£1.95,, the range is sure to be as tasty as it is pleasingly affordable.

Available at now


(This )

True to form, This has launched two new products for Veganuary that will keep mealtimes exciting. The this isn’t chicken breast (£3.50, is made using soy and pea proteins and can be cooked in the oven or pan-fried until golden brown. From 8 January, we’ll also be treated to the brand’s new beef mince which is also high in protein and low in saturated fat. Suitable for freezing, it joins This’s frozen range of chicken pieces (£3.30,, tenders (£3, and pork sausages (£3,

Available at, and Sainsbury’s now


(Wagamama )

Wagamama’s menu is already more than 50 per cent plant-based, and it can always be relied on for innovative takes on vegan dishes, particularly for Veganuary. As for 2024, the restaurant chain has unveiled the lion’s mane “steak” bulgogi. Combining the hero ingredient of the lion’s mane mushroom with udon noodles, aubergine, caramelised onion and amai miso sauce with a meaty, barbecue flavour, it’s bound to satisfy any steak cravings. Not only can its vegan menu be ordered at Deliveroo, but it can also be enjoyed in restaurants.

Available at now


(Walkers )

Adding to its “Unbelievable!” range for 2024, Walkers is making sure that those pledging to go vegan won’t miss out on their favourite meaty or cheesy crisps. The new flavours include a flame grilled steak (£1.65,, BBQ pork ribs (£1.65, and grilled cheese toastie (£1.65, That last one is particularly intriguing.

Available at now

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