8 best bread bins that will keep your loaves fresher for longer

Ensure your baked goods have shelf-life with these stylish and practical container designs  

Stacey Smith
Thursday 20 August 2020 12:15
Choose from black, white, wooden and plastic options
Choose from black, white, wooden and plastic options

So you’ve perfected your sourdough starter, improved your proofing and now you want your loaf to go the distance?

The best bread bin needs to strike the perfect balance between practicality and handsome good looks. If you’re going to have something out on your kitchen worktop permanently, you’ll want it to work with your existing décor and be super easy to access.

When deciding on the best style for you, consider how much bread you need it to store – will it just be the one compact loaf for a small household or buns and muffins too for busy families?

Another big factor when making your decision is working out how much precious countertop space you have to play with. If this last point is an issue, it might be worth considering one of our space-saving options which will free up more surface area.

Aside from keeping your bread in one of our IndyBest-approved bins, other top tips for keeping your baked goods as fresh as can be include only cutting what is needed and re-wrapping in either paper or a cotton bag before sealing firmly shut. The shop-bought stuff normally lasts a little longer due to the added preservatives, however, homemade bread tends to turn a little faster.

Popping your loaf on a rack before sealing shut can also help, as it allows the air to circulate more freely. Another, slightly less pleasant reason to keep your bread securely stored is to stop any unwanted rodents from getting there first.

Sadly even the best bread bin isn’t going to make a loaf last indefinitely. Once your bloomer starts showing it’s past its best, we’d recommend either toasting or whizzing up in a blender and freezing the breadcrumbs for a quick tasty pasta topping.

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Bodum bistro bread bin

Danish kitchenware brand Bodum is all about functional pieces that look the business – and we think this sleek white bread bin fits the brief perfectly. Featuring its signature raised dot design on the outside, the bamboo lid can also be flipped over and used as a chopping board. Clever, aye?

The main body is roomy enough for a large loaf or multiple smaller packets and is made from BPA-free plastic (meaning no nasty chemicals will leach into your food). Although not the cheapest option we’ve featured, we found this bin to be sturdy and with a multi-use lid, represents good value.

Riess bread bin black enamel

This is definitely one to order online because it’s certainly too heavy to carry home. Made from practical, scratch-free porcelain enamel by Austrian brand Riess, this material also happens to be flavour-neutral and easy to clean, preventing bacteria growth (which in turn keeps your bread from turning mouldy).

There’s something a little nostalgic about this simple design, yet we can also see the straight-talking, monochrome piece looking fantastic in more modern kitchens too. Yes, it’s expensive but we're certain it will take pride of place on our worktop for years to come.

Joseph Joseph bread bin with bamboo lid

Another clever 2-in-1 design with a built-in lid-turned-chopping board but this time with a handle, making it easier to lift. Available in either black or white, the bamboo lid features functional grooves designed to catch crumbs, making it easier to swipe straight into the bin. Again, the plastic container is BPA-free and easy to clean.

Brabantia fall front bread bin

Although a roll-top design is handy for accessing your loaves, this new Brabantia design goes one better with a flat roof, enabling you to stack further containers on top. The closure feels smooth and secure thanks to the magnetic seal and it comes in a whole range of colours so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect with your existing scheme.

A great option for those looking to house large loaves and for extra reassurance it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Helen round natural linen bee bread bag

If space is not on your side and you’d prefer your countertops to remain free of clutter, this handy bread bag is a great alternative. Made from natural linen, it folds up to the size of a tea towel when not in use but can fit a large loaf of bread inside with ease. Made in Cornwall, the bag features a pretty hand-printed bee design (you can also get matching tea towels).

The clever bag enables air to circulate which prevents your bread from going mouldy and it can also be popped in the washing machine in between use. A very clever, space-saving design that’s actually very effective.

M&S small oak bread bin

Perfect for smaller households, this compact roll-top bin sits neatly in the corner until it’s needed. Sturdy and well made, from good-quality oak wood, the sliding mechanism works perfectly and overall the design kept our bread super fresh.

With its simple wooden slats, we feel this model would look great in a variety of kitchen schemes, from modern to traditional.

Charlotte Watson black bread crock

Part collectible, part family heirloom, Henry Watson's Potteries are now in their seventh generation. Exceptionally well made, although a little vintage, it’s a pretty timeless design that will really become a feature in the kitchen. Very heavy, it’s made from black earthenware and finished with a shiny glaze.

There’s plenty of space for a large loaf and we found the lid easy to lift off and on. We’re not sure if this can be possible but it actually seemed that our bread came out softer than when it went in.

KitchenCraft serenity bread bin

If you’re looking for something lightweight but just as secure, this upright design with its airtight seal is ideal. However do note, we did find the lid quite tough to remove at times – a small inconvenience for the freshest bread.

Taking up much less room than other conventional bread bins, it still had plenty of room for storing a small loaf, buns or cakes. The sleek grey tones, curves and herringbone mango wood lid would suit a modern kitchen.

The verdict: Bread bins

Taking into consideration price, quality, looks and function, the Bodum bistro bread bin ticked all our boxes. We particularly love the 2-in-1 lid design which doubles up as a cutting board, giving you even more bang for your buck!

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