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9 best chopping boards that will be kind on your knives

Make light work of meal prep with these essential cutting blocks

Joanna Gould
Thursday 14 January 2021 18:58
<p>We tested a range of materials and styles to find your new kitchen companion</p>

We tested a range of materials and styles to find your new kitchen companion

Investing in a quality chopping board can make even the most mundane food prep task more pleasurable. 

Finely chopped veg will no longer be a chore once you’ve equipped your kitchen with a suitable board or two, and some are even nice enough that they’ll double as a serving surface.

What are you looking for in a new chopping board? If you’ve got slippery countertops then a non-slip board will be top of your wishlist. Or you might be searching for something sleek to serve on. 

Serious cooks, meanwhile, might need an option solid enough to stand up to butchery.

We’ve scoured the virtual shelves to bring you the best chopping boards around. 

From eco-friendly, handmade timber boards to hardwearing and hygienic plastic versions, via foldable mats and boards so beautiful it seems a shame to chop on them, there’s bound to be an option to meet your needs, whatever your budget.

In testing these boards we looked for something designed specifically for the task in hand, that wouldn’t slip and slide and which was easy to maintain. 

We’ve chosen the below to include a range of prices, materials and sizes in order to bring you a selection of super serviceable and great-looking boards. Chop chop!

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

TOG Knives the hare chopping board

This board is not for messing about: weighing 2.5kg and measuring 39cm x 29cm and at 4cm thick, “the hare” is a solid board big enough to break down a large chicken, and it won’t move while you’re doing it thanks to the removable non-slip pads. 

Made from solid American black walnut wood with stripes of cherry to echo the copper layers in the blades of TOG’s (brilliant) knives, all timber is from sustainably managed forests and then handcrafted in small batches in West Yorkshire. This board is made using end-grain construction, so the cutting surface is made from pieces of wood across the grain, meaning that when you cut the blade goes between the wood fibres, rather than through them – something which is bad for both the board and your knife. 

TOG has four boards to choose from with a subtle animal design laser-etched onto the front edge of each –from the dragonfly, a lightweight one to “fly” around the kitchen with, right up to the ox, a huge butchers’ block. This version – the hare –is suitable for most kitchen tasks and has the benefit of fitting in the cupboard too. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Judge non-slip cutting board

There are a lot of non-slip chopping boards out there, and while this one may not look like anything special, it was the least slippy we tried – even on very slidey gloss worktops. This is the smallest board, measuring 19cm x 14cm, and is good for chopping fruit and veg, but larger sizes are available. It’s made from BPA-free food-grade plastic in a jolly green colour and has a shallow grooved border to minimise spills. The base of the board is covered in anti-slip silicone feet which really do work. It’s dishwasher safe too. 

Perkins and Morley hare chopping board

This attractive-looking board is made from solid beech and is part of the “wilder” collection from artist Jan Morley, inspired by the British countryside and realised in a subtly Scandinavian style. A medium-weight board made in Devon from FSC-certified wood, we like how the natural texture shows through the design. 

This board measures 30cm x 20cm, making it a good all-rounder for chopping veg or preparing medium to large cuts of meat. It’s a quality, well-made block that is sturdy enough to last if cared for (handwashing, as with all woods) and pretty enough to bring onto the table as a serving board. Not into hares? The rest of the range features designs such as a sweet bumblebee, a charming Highland cow, a stag and a puffin. 

Kirkton House marble edge chopping board

As with much of the Kirkton House range from our favourite discount supermarket, this board looks like it should cost much more than it actually does. It’s a stylish-looking chopping board made from FSC-certified acacia wood, with an attractive mid-brown shade and fine wood grain, and is finished with an on-trend grey and white marble edge that gives the board a premium look, without the price tag. 

It measures 43cm x 28cm and is quite weighty at 1.7kg, so it’s sturdy enough to deal with all manner of foodstuffs. Of course it also looks good, so you can hang it up in your kitchen to show it off.

Architec coco-poly cutting board

As plastic chopping boards go, this is one of the nicest looking we’ve ever found, featuring a modern grey and white look. The speckles, meanwhile, come from coconut shell. 

And it’s not just a pretty face: this board is up there in the eco-friendly stakes too. Made using recycled food-grade plastic and by products from the agricultural industry, each board removes at least 20 plastic containers from landfill and is also fully recyclable itself. The result is a durable, hardwearing and lightweight chopping board that can be put in the dishwasher or fridge safely and won’t dull your knives’ blades. You’ll find yourself reaching for this one again and again. 

Aaron Probyn rectangle heath maple wood board

British homeware designer Aaron Probyn creates minimal but extremely beautiful and sustainable pieces from his studios in London and New York. His new “health” range features three differently sized and shaped chopping boards, which are so lovely it feels almost sacrilegious to use them. We’ve chosen the gently rectangular large board from the collection, which is the smoothest thing we’ve ever felt and is made from the finest FSC American maple and finished with a matte gold-coloured handle. This particular hardwood holds up well to chopping and is dense enough to resist moisture well – not that we’d risk it in the dishwasher, of course. 

The rectangle board measures 38cm x 25cm, plus 9cm for the handle, and there are also long pill, wide pill and round boards to add to your collection. Use for chopping – if you must! – and serving cheese, charcuterie and canapés at parties, when we’re allowed. Currently available for preorder. 

Kuhn Rikon chopping boards set

This set of two boards from Swiss cookware brand Kuhn Rikon have made things a lot easier and less messy in our kitchen. They’re lightweight and relatively flimsy plastic boards but their real benefit is that they are flexible with bend up sides: no more spilling chopped onion all over the hob as you attempt to transfer it to the pan. 

No, they’re not hardwearing boards for butchering meat on, of course, but for everyday kitchen work they are brilliant – and at just 35g each and 28cm x 25.5cm, there’s no hefting them about. They also have an antibacterial coating, a useful handle grip and are dishwasher safe. Available in a range of colours, we like the orange and red versions. 

VonShef raised platter board

This raised platter board from homeware brand VonShef is both functional and attractive. A long, light-coloured bamboo board measuring 50cm x 25cm, the wood has a durable, hygienic fine grain useful for the prep and serving of food. The board’s large octagonal surface makes it a useful addition to your kitchen as it’s great for slicing baguettes and even better for laying out lots of charcuterie and cheese. 

Bamboo is naturally water resistant, so your board dries quickly, reducing the likelihood of warping, plus, as one of the world’s fastest-growing woods, it is environmentally sustainable.  We like the little brushed gold feet, which provide extra stability while adding a stylish note. A great price and a really usable board. 

Olive wood board with handle for garlic

Garlic is notoriously difficult to completely eradicate from your chopping board. It makes a lot of sense to keep this specially designed olive wood board dedicated to crushing the smelly stuff and other ingredients with strong odours and flavours – like chilli – leaving your other boards, free of unwanted smells. 

This is a beauty; hand-carved from a single piece of olive tree in Tunisia. It comes in at just 25cm including the handle, so won’t take up too much space. As with all wooden boards, this is hand wash only and it will last best if you season it with olive oil from time to time, to stop it drying out and separating. 

The verdict: Chopping boards

The quality and craftmanship of the TOG the hare board meant that it was a shoo-in for best buy; built to last, this board will see you through most kitchen tasks, it looks incredible and will keep your knives at their best too. 

If you don’t want to spend so much, we’d invest in a couple of lower-cost items: an attractive wooden board like one from Perkins and Morley, plus a few of those ultra-helpful Kuhn Rikon foldable models. 

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