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How to keep your cats and dogs cool in a heatwave

From cooling mats to pup-friendly ice cream, these products will keep your pets comfortable when temperatures soar

Louise Whitbread
Monday 18 July 2022 10:41 BST
Sunny weather offers little relief for pets, so keep a close eye on their behaviour in hot temperatures
Sunny weather offers little relief for pets, so keep a close eye on their behaviour in hot temperatures (iStock/The Independent)

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


With another heatwave here and temperatures set to reach record-breaking heights, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to make the most of it, whether that’s a swim at your local lido, getting in a sunbathing session at the park or heading to a shaded beer garden.

It’s not quite so much fun, however, for our four-legged friends who can find coping in the heat difficult, as many domestic animals have fur coats that offer little respite. Not to mention, there’s little air conditioning to be found in homes across the UK, too.

As RSPCA animal welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines explains, some pets (like dogs) don’t sweat, so once their body temperature begins to rise, it can be difficult for them to cool down.

As a result, it’s important to keep a close eye on your pet’s behaviour in hot temperatures as they could be displaying signs of heatstroke.

“If your pet is excessively panting or drooling, seems lethargic, is vomiting or collapses, then these can all be signs of heatstroke,” says Dr Gaines. “If you see any of these symptoms, we would urge you to speak to your vet as soon as possible.”

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With some animals that require daily walking, such as dogs and horses, take them out early in the morning or late in the evening when it's cooler.

“Keep in mind that pavements can get very hot and can burn dogs' paws – if the ground is too hot to touch with your hand, then it's too hot for them to walk on.”

There are, however, some simple steps you can take to help stop your furry friends from overheating, which we’ve rounded up in our guide to help keep pets cool.


You may be surprised to hear that pets, just like humans, need sunscreen, but it's just as important.

“Some pets – particularly those with white or light-coloured coats – can get sunburnt so we would recommend using pet-safe sunscreen,” says Dr Gaines. “Cats and dogs may need some sun cream on their ears, while horses may need sun cream on their nose.”

This Petkin doggy sunscreen wipes (£4,, is perfect for wriggly animals who won’t stay still.

(Pets At Home)

Fast and convenient to apply, it will protect pets from UV rays without giving you too much work.

Or try this Dermoscent sunfree for dogs and cats (£18.30,, designed for sensitive and light-haired skin.

SPF for animals is just as important as it is for humans
SPF for animals is just as important as it is for humans (Vetsend)

It’s waterproof, fragrance-free and recommended to apply where your pet has little or no fur, such as around the edges of ears, around their nose, abdomen and any areas they have scarring.

Cooling mats

Along with ensuring your pet has access to shady areas and plenty of water to drink, there are DIY measures you can employ to cool them down, such as using a damp towel for them to sit on, or wrapping an ice pack in a towel.

For a more permanent solution, try this Danish Design cooling mat for dogs (from £10.99,

(Waitrose & Partners)

The bed is naturally cooling and doesn’t need to be frozen or refrigerated to use. You can keep it in the garden or indoors in some shade so they’re as comfortable as possible, and it won’t leave any damp stains on any decking or carpet.

If you have bigger dogs, an extra-large mat will do the job best, such as this Scruffs self cooling mat (from £23,, which is filled with a non-toxic gel that is five to 10 degrees cooler than room temperature.

(Scruffs )

Cooling bandanas and jackets

Perfect for keeping on-the-go dogs cool, this All For Paws chill out dog bandana (from £7.50, applies cooling technology to your dog’s skin which sucks out heat and provides relief. It’s available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

(Amazon )

If your pet needs more coverage, try this Petface dog cooling coat (£15, which can be used both during a heatwave, and for unwell dogs to reduce their temperature. Activated by water, simply put the coat on and then pour water onto it. The lightweight design is cool and soft to the touch.

(Petface )

Paddling pools

Dr Gaines recommends filling a paddling pool with water for your pooches to play in. It will keep them active and cool simultaneously, and doesn’t need to be expensive.

Smaller animals will enjoy splashing about in this Pawise dog paddling pool (£25,

(Argos )

It’s compact and collapsible, so won’t take up lots of room in the shed when it's not hot and sunny which, let's face it, is during most of the year in Britain.

Larger dogs (along with some of their younger human friends) will fit better in this GoStock dog pool (£49.97

(Amazon )

It’s made out of a strong PVC material, with wood fibreboards that ensures its durability. There’s also a non-slip interior and a foldable design that opens and closes in one minute – just fill up with cold water and leave your pets to it.


“Make frozen treats out of pet-friendly ingredients to keep your furry friend cool,” says Dr Gaines, who also suggests adding ice cubes to keep your pet’s water bowl nice and chilled.

Fill up your ice cube trays and add to their food bowels
Fill up your ice cube trays and add to their food bowels (Amazon)

This two-pack silicone ice cube tray (£10.99, is a handy kitchen essential that will benefit everyone in your household. Pop some frozen cubes into your pet's bowl and to your own cocktails when it's hot.

We’ll also be stocking up on Jude’s ice cream for dogs (£1.50, that helps chill pets down during the hot weather.

(Ocado )

The plant-based snack for dogs can be served either by removing the ice cream from the tub or holding the tub in your hand to allow the dog to lick from it.

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