Dyson V11 outsize: Is this cordless vacuum cleaner worth £650?

We tested the design, features and usability of this new launch from the leading vacuum brand

Kate Hilpern
Thursday 28 January 2021 08:00
<p>Could this be the best model yet?</p>

Could this be the best model yet?

When it comes to cordless vacuums for larger homes, the Dyson V11 is an outstanding machine. And yet Dyson has launched an upgraded version, first in the US, then Australia and now here in the UK. 

So what has Dyson improved? And can it possibly be worth the extra dosh, especially when the V11 already costs an arm and a leg?

Despite its merits, the V11 is, in some ways, a hard sell. Not only is it pricey, but it’s cordless. Whereas many people say good riddance to annoying cables, others remain convinced that a corded machine is a household staple, with an untethered option a mere luxury accompaniment.

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What these disillusioned folk haven’t caught onto is that cordless technology has become so advanced that if you buy a good enough model, you won’t need another vacuum cleaner of any kind.

The pandemic also means we’re all at home more, creating more dirt and dust than ever before. Never, in other words, has there been a greater need to find a quick and easy solution to keeping our homes clean. 

So if Dyson truly has made home cleaning even faster and simpler with its new outsize version of the V11, then its timing may be spot on.

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Dyson V11 outsize

Bagged or bagless? Bagless

Capacity: 1.9l

Charging time: 4.5 hours

Running time per charge: 60 minutes in eco mode

Weight: 3.5kg

Dimensions: 127cm x 32cm x 30cm

Variable power? Eco, auto and boost


This is where the main difference between the V11 and the V11 outsize lies. Both are stick vacuums that are tall, slim and streamlined – a far cry from more traditional machines, which tend to be more cumbersome. And both can be used in upright mode, as well as a grab-and-go handheld mode. But, as the name suggests, the outsize is bigger.

First off, the cleaning head is a whopping 25 per cent larger (32cm width compared to 26cm) which – especially when coupled with the 20 per cent greater suction – means it’s designed for significantly speedier vacuuming.

Then there’s the bin, which, at 1.9l capacity, can hold one-and-a-half times more dirt than the standard V11. Even in a large home, that means minimal emptying – less than once a week for an average household.

All this, of course, means it weighs more too. Whereas the V11 comes in at just over 3kg, this big boy is nearly half a kilo heavier at 3.5kg. But while it’s fair to say I noticed a difference, it wasn’t as radical as I’d expected.


With the exception of the design features mentioned above and the three additional accessories (quick-release extension hose, quick-release wide nozzle tool and quick-release up-top adaptor, making for 12 add-ons in total) – everything is identical to the V11.

Probably my favourite feature is the torque floor head which, unusually, works on all floor types. Couple this with the bigger size and extra suction, and you see how it’s a major timesaver.

Charging time is decent, at four-and-a-half hours. And running time should also get a special mention, if only because it’s the longest on the market. You get a full hour on eco and 12 minutes on turbo – both significantly more than most machines. Not sure which to use? The third mode – auto – adapts the suction power to match the floor type and level of dirt, so you don’t have to think about it or waste any battery life.

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The LCD display is a handy feature too, telling you which cleaning mode you’re in as well as a whole host of other information such as how much battery life you have left, any blockages that need tending to and if the (very effective) filter needs cleaning.

As with all cordless Dysons, the bin has a click-and-drop mechanism. Also like others in the brand’s range, there’s the option to mount the machine to the wall.


First things first, it’s a cinch to get started – you just take it out of the box, click the parts together and off you go (although, it only comes with minimal charge).

The extra size and suction of the cleaning head is instantly noticeable and a godsend for bigger rooms and homes. I genuinely did save a quarter of vacuuming time compared to the standard V11, which is already quicker than most machines. And no debris of any size – dust, crumbs, lentils, you name it – was left in its wake.

The larger bin meant that after cleaning the whole of a five-bedroom house – which, by the way, was fine on a full battery – it still wasn’t full. And when it did finally need emptying, it was a hygienic job, producing only a small cloud of dust and taking no more than a few seconds.

Our main concern was the extra weight compared to the V11, which is already on the heavy side. We’d be lying to say we didn’t feel it, but the gliding action across the floor meant it wasn’t a problem. As with the V11, pushing it over any floor type is frankly a breeze. 

In handheld mode, however, it’s another story. For a quick cobweb removal it was fine, but for any further length of time, our wrists started to ache. Not so for this tester’s husband, however, who’s a fair bit taller and bigger.

There are flaws. As with the V11, the mini turbo brush can’t be deactivated – so it’s not a friend to delicate loop pile carpets. And although it doesn’t bother me, some people may not like that you have to keep your finger on the trigger the whole time.

The verdict: Dyson V11 outsize 

You’ll need deep pockets to invest in the V11, and an extra 50 quid for the outsize version. But it’s certainly a worthy investment if you have a family-sized home and/or a family that fills it.

The outsize whizzed around the rooms of our house and we loved the fact that we didn’t need to bother with plug sockets and, most of all, that the floors left behind were pristine. We were even able to make a cuppa in the extra time we had from using the outsize over the V11 absolute.

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