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11 best sustainable kids’ clothing brands you need to know

Feel good about your choices for your children with these top labels

Rebecca Moore
Friday 19 June 2020 11:45 BST
Pieces need to be long-lasting, durable, wash well and have the potential to be passed on to future siblings
Pieces need to be long-lasting, durable, wash well and have the potential to be passed on to future siblings (The Independent)

With the average baby going through approximately 4,000 nappies before they’re potty trained and each nappy taking more than 300 years to break down, it’s easy to feel like feeding, watering and clothing your offspring finds you on a slippery slope to landfill bedlam.

With the mounting concern that we’re destroying our planet for future generations, and with thousands of microscopic fibres entering rivers and oceans with just one single clothes wash, now more than ever is the time for households to up their green status – so, to kick things off we’re looking at kids’ wardrobes.

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) more than 300,500 tonnes of clothing end up in UK landfills every year. This needs to reduce massively and a good place for parents to start is by buying clothes that are designed to last.

Of course, sustainability encompasses many things; from reducing the environmental impact of production processes, cutting out harmful chemicals, and ensuring ethical guidelines are in place when it comes to safe working practices in factories, and workers getting paid fairly to do so. But when it comes to dressing kids, sustainability means quality too.

Pieces need to be long-lasting, durable, wash well and have the potential to be passed on to future siblings, so it’s important for parents to buy with longevity in mind.

To inspire your next purchase to be that little bit greener, we’ve picked out the best sustainable brands, highlighting our favourite pieces which have all been given the seal of approval by our mini testers.

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Muddy Puddles sunsafe rash vest and bottom set


In the fight to protect the oceans with sustainable fashion, this year British children’s brand Muddy Puddles launched UV protective swimwear and it’s made a huge splash with us. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, the Save our Oceans collection is the perfect beach wardrobe for this summer’s keen mini-surfers, rock-poolers and sand-castle builders, taking design inspiration from the world beneath the waves, with mammal prints, vibrant colours and thought-provoking slogans.

IndyBest pick: Muddy Puddles sunsafe rash vest & bottom set

We tested the surf suit, swim shorts and rash vest and bottom set and they were all a hit. The built in UPF 50+ means they can play safely, and we loved the high neck and full-length sleeves for fuller sun protection, while the “recycle to save me” slogan incorporated in the fun whale design is eye-catching. With prices starting from £15 the collection won’t cost you a fortune either.

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Newbie kids floral print dress

kids-floral-print-dress-ps30-newbie indybest best sustainable kids clothing brand.png

Swedish children’s fashion brand Newbie makes dressing your children consciously, yet stylishly, wonderfully simple – and doesn’t break the bank either. Using sustainable solutions in every method of production; each gorgeous piece is made from only 100 per cent organic cotton, recycled materials wherever possible and absolutely no harmful chemicals. Designed to be hand-me-downs that will last for several generations, its clothes are easy wearing, durable and have proven they can be washed, and washed again (at 30C, of course).

IndyBest pick: Newbie kids floral print dress

If you’ve got a special occasion, Newbie’s timeless, sustainable and affordable designs are a win win. The limited-edition spring range has some lovely options for matching, and we couldn’t resist matching little cousins (aged two and four) in the lovely floral print dress. Made from Tencel – a wood cellulose from sustainably cultivated forest – it’s manufactured in a closed system that allows for less water and chemicals. The fibre is 100 per cent biodegradable, too.

  1. £30 from Newbie
Prices may vary
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Mori T-shirt and shorts set


We really urge parents to discover the softness of Mori – it has to be touched to be believed. Mori offers a rounded approached to sustainability; using trusted factories in Turkey with fair working conditions, safe to the planet materials, minimised packaging, recycling clothes to give to the Kindness Project, while producing quality products to be passed on to future generations. Predominantly known for its baby essentials, the brand now reaches wider with clothing going up to six years. Comfort is order of the day, from stretchy leggings and joggers, to pullover dresses.

IndyBest pick: Mori T-shirt and shorts set

Kids just want to be comfortable and free, and that’s exactly what this set offers. Available in pink and green, from three months up to six years, kids can really play all day in this moisture-wicking and breathable set. Easy to wear and to put on and take off, made from their signature organic cotton and bamboo blend fabric, we’ve started using them as pyjamas as they are just so comfy.

  1. £29 from Mori
Prices may vary
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The Bonniemob Miami kids comfy shorts

indybest best sustainable kids clothing brand miami-kids-comfy-shorts-ps30-the-bonniemob.jpg

Brighton-based baby and childrenswear brand The Bonniemob has been on the scene for 15 years and for good reason. The brand’s motto is “buy once, buy well, pass it on” with a commitment to choosing organic materials and keeping things sustainable, while injecting plenty of fun and colours in its designs. You’ll find no harmful chemicals, plenty of organic cotton and cashmere, and by using “fully-fashioned” machines to make knitwear, which reduces waste as it only knits the shape of the garment so there are no bits of excess fabric thrown away.

IndyBest pick: The Bonniemob Miami kids comfy shorts

These may look like your usual denim shorts to the naked eye… but you’d be fooled if you thought they were. The harsh chemicals and the wastewater created in normal denim production is seriously harming our planet, so in a bid to avoid this The Bonniemob is the first brand to use “zero d” printing – an eco-printing technique that looks like denim – in the kids’ market. The worn denim effect is printed on top of the fabric, which is not only better for the planet, it’s also softer and safer on your little one’s skin allowing them to play in comfort all day long.

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The verdict: Sustainable kids' clothing brands

You can’t deny the efforts that brands are going to, to make its businesses more sustainable, and teaching this to our kids is paramount. Muddy Puddles save our oceans collection really impressed us – particularly the sunsafe rash vest and bottom set – in terms of quality, fabrics, eco messaging and still keeping costs affordable. We also love the green thinking of The Bonniemob and has to be applauded for introducing zero d printing to the kids’ market, and we were impressed with the kids denim-look shorts.

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