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The best wedding dress rentals: How to hire your outfit for the big day

Why not make your ‘something borrowed’ your frock? We’ve found the perfect places to shop

Rosie Conroy
Tuesday 01 June 2021 12:37 BST
<p>Renting instead of buying a wedding dress means you can have a designer gown at a snip of the price</p>

Renting instead of buying a wedding dress means you can have a designer gown at a snip of the price

With the average cost of getting married setting couples back nearly £32k according to the wedding website Hitched, wedding dress hire could be one way to help keep costs down.

While there’s an undeniable romanticism associated with finding “the one” (the dress, that is) there’s also nothing that warms the heart quite so much as having cash in the bank. Plus, if you’re not the sentimental type it’s the ideal service to ensure you avoid sacrificing space in your wardrobe for something you’ll never wear again. 

We’re going to go out on a limb and say if you’re the indecisive type, wedding dress hire is actually the best option for you. With generally fewer choices things are really narrowed down on most wedding dress rental sites, and the curated collections of designer gowns mean you won’t spend days on end at different shops weighing up the pros and cons of endless dresses.

There really are options for everyone when it comes to wedding dress rentals too, with some places offering online services only, and others providing an in-person experience at boutiques across the country. The latter means you still get that fun, fairytale moment of trying on different options and saying “yes to the dress” without having to dig too deep. Some in-person boutiques also offer fitting services, which means your dress will be tailored to your frame for a perfect silhouette.

Wedding dress rentals aren’t just ideal for the main event either, you could plump for occasions around your big day. For instance, if you’re having a pre-party the day before you might want a lower-key option but still fancy a luxury label, or maybe you want something to change into once the main events of the day are over.

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Whatever the reason you’re looking for a wedding dress rental, we’ve gathered together the best nine brands that we trust to treat you right.

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