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The Valentine’s Day supermarket meal deals to know for 2023, including M&S, Waitrose, Morrisons and more

Spread the love with a three-course feast for two

Lois Borny
Monday 13 February 2023 17:00 GMT
<p>Supermarket dine-in menus are back, with starters, mains, sides, desserts and a drink for £20 or less </p>

Supermarket dine-in menus are back, with starters, mains, sides, desserts and a drink for £20 or less

We don’t mean to alarm anyone but the most romantic day of the year – aka Valentine’s Day – is one sleep away. So, if you’re hoping to fan the flames of love with a romantic rendezvous and dinner for two, it’s time to get a wiggle on.

If you’d rather hunker down at home than fight tooth and nail for a table at a restaurant –and don’t want to fall back on a soggy takeaway at the last minute – pre-made meal kits offer an easy alternative that won’t require hours of cooking from scratch (we can’t all be Ottolenghi).

Supermarkets have been pulling out all the stops with their Valentine’s Day meal deals and, with every deal ending on 14 February – shocking, we know – there’s no time like the present to order your date night fare or pick it up in store.

Costing between £12 and £20 (depending on where you shop), you can expect the full works – that’s generally a starter, main meal, side, dessert and a bottle of something boozy or non-alcoholic (think alcohol-free shiraz) to wash it all down.

Whether you fancy a no-beef bourguignon from Waitrose (£8, or a chocolate melt-in-the-middle pudding (£4, from M&S, the choice this year looks varied and decadent, with multiple options for each course – including vegan dishes from most supermarkets – which means there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy.

Keep reading to find out more about this year’s supermarket meal deals ahead of Valentine’s Day feasting.

A romantic night in with Gousto at-home meal kits this Valentine's Day

M&S Valentine’s meal deal

  • Price: £20
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and a drink

Boasting a humongous amount of menu combinations, the Marks & Sparks Valentine’s Day dine-in meal has not scrimped on variety. Seven seems to be the magic number, with seven starters, mains, sides, desserts (and a drink) for £20, with veggie and vegan options available for each course.

Starters include prawn cocktails (£6,; duck parfait with orange glaze (£6,; prawn tempura with sriracha mayo (£8.50,; leek and cheese soufflé tarts (£5,, and crispy tempura vegetable fritters (£2.80,, which are vegan-friendly. Mains include mushroom stroganoff pies (£8.25,, butternut squash risotto (£7.25,, rump steak (£10, and a herb-crusted lamb rack (£10, While asparagus spears (£3,, cheesy vegetable bake (£4.75,, triple-cooked chips (£2.75, and other veg-based dishes feature as sides.

There’s a whole host of indulgent-sounding desserts too, from chocolate melt in the middle puddings (£4, to a raspberry profiterole stack (£4, – so make sure you leave room for them. To sip alongside, drinks include red (£10.50,, white (£9.50, and rosé (£9, as well as prosecco (£12,

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Pre-order now or buy in-store

Waitrose Valentine’s dine-in meal deal

  • Price: £20
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and a bottle of fine wine

With eight starters to choose from within the Waitrose Valentine’s dine-in meal deal – from cheddar and emmental soufflés (£4, to a bloody-mary prawn cocktail (£4.25,, Spanish tapas platter (£4, vegan layered mushroom parfait £4.50,, and bacon, leek and roquefort tartlets (£4.50, – the selection sounds as varied as it does scrumptious this year.

The main event sounds just as mouth-watering, with choices including beef ribeye steaks with béarnaise (£10,, sea bass with tomatoes and olives (£8.10,, lasagne (£8.80,, and no-beef bourguignon (£8, To pair with your main dish, there are eight sides to choose from, including a salad of watercress, spinach and rocket (£2.10,, and plant-based dauphinoise potatoes (£3.90,, all of which can be washed down with a choice of fine wines.

Chocoholics are well catered for when it comes to desserts, with a melt-in-the-middle chocolate pud (£3.75, and espresso-martini choc tortes (£4.50, from Heston Blumenthal’s range listed on the menu this year. But if you’re predicting a Valentine’s Day chocolate overload, you might be swayed by the rhubarb and custard love hearts, Sicilian-lemon tarts (£4, or, for the fromage connoisseurs, “the perfect British cheese board” instead (4.50,

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Available online and in store

Asda Valentine’s Day meal deal

  • Price: £15
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, two sides, dessert, and either a bottle of wine or box of chocolates

If you would happily choose a box of chocolates over wine any day, Asda’s Valentine’s Day meal sounds like the perfect choice. It includes the option of a box of chocolates (£7, or bottle of wine (including a malbec merlot and savvy B) to be consumed alongside (or scoffed before, in the case of the chocolates) a starter, main dish, two sides and a dessert. There’s a whopping 17 new items on the menu this year, which include vegan mushroom arancini hearts with truffle dip (£3,, which sounds amazing to start, and dark Belgian chocolate hearts (£3, for something sweet.

Of the five starters available, cheese-lovers will want to know about the all-new truffle mac ’n’ cheese with slow-cooked British beef, (£3, while chicken liver parfait with raspberry jelly (£3, is another option to start. Moving on to the main event, there are eight dishes to choose from, including cod fillet with samphire (£7,; Aberdeen angus beef burger (£7,, and a plant-based Wellington (£7,

Asda has thought about indecisive diners as well, as you can choose two different sides from the likes of chantenay carrots with citrus yuzu (£2.50,, dauphinoise potatoes (£2.50, and triple-cooked chips (£2.50, to accompany your main. To top it all off, if the chocolate hearts don’t tickle your fancy, there’s espresso tiramisu cups too (£13,

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Available online and in store

Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day dine-in-for-two meal deal

  • Price: £15
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and drink

Sainsbury’s has delivered the goods yet again with its Valentine’s Day dinner for two. With 20 starters, mains, side dishes and desserts to choose from, each course also includes a vegan option – the vegan antipasti platter caught our eye (£3.50,– while the drinks menu consists of eight alcoholic and alcohol-free tipples, including prosecco (£10, and an alcohol-free shiraz (£4,

Start with a choice of four starters, including scallop gratin (£3.85,, followed by a choice of six main dishes, including sirloin steak with butter (£9,; Scottish salmon en croute (£6,, and wild garlic kyiv (£5.50, to name a few. To accompany the main event, you can pick between vegan triple-cooked chips (£2.75,, dauphinoise potatoes (£2.75,, mash (£2.25,, cauliflower cheese (£2.75, and other delectable-sounding sides.

When you’re ready to finish off the feast with dessert, the five options include white chocolate profiteroles with strawberry crème pat filling (£3.35,; vegan raspberry and chocolate torte (£3.35, and lemon tarts (£3.35,

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Available online and in store

Tesco Valentine’s Day meal deal

  • Price: £12 (with a Tesco Clubcard)
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Main, side, dessert, and drink

Returning for 2023 with new additions on its menu – including an award-winning bottle of prosecco – is Tesco’s Valentine’s Day dinner for two. This meal deal is a real steal, with a slap-up dinner for two costing just £12 (although it is worth noting this offer is only available for Tesco Clubcard holders).

Diving straight in with the main meal (as there are no starters on the menu this year), there’s vegetable moussaka (£8, salmon gratin (£6,, steak (£6,, beef bourguignon pies (£6,, among six other main meals to choose from. Desserts sound every bit as decadent, with millionaire’s tarts (£3,, lemon meringue cheesecake slices (£3.25,, and salted caramel melt-in-the-middle puddings (£3.25, on the menu.

To drink, there’s a range of alcoholic tipples, including Peroni nastro azzurro (£5.50, and red (£7.50,, white (£7.50, or rosé wine (£7.50, – but if you’re not a big drinker, the alcohol-free options include soft drinks such as a bottle of elderflower sparkling pressé and raspberry sparkling pressé (£4.95,

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Available online now and in store

Co-op Valentine’s Day deal

  • Price: £15 (£12 for Co-op member card holders)
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and soft drink (£20 to add an alcoholic drink)

With 14 dishes hailing from its “irresistible” range on the menu, the Co-op’s Valentine’s Day meal is up for grabs for just £12, if you’re a Co-op member card holder – otherwise it will cost £15. Choose between the all new Mediterranean antipasti selection (£3.50,, which is suitable for vegans; garlic-and-parsley sharing bread with camembert (£4,, and Scotch eggs (£3.50, to start. This is followed by a choice of steak (£7.50,, wild garlic chicken kyiv (£5,, salmon and prawn en croute (£6, and a vegan option of mushroom wellington parcels (£4, for, the main event.

As for side dishes the choices span triple-cooked chips (£3,, buttered mashed potato (£3, and a garden vegetable medley (£2.90,, followed by desserts such as raspberry velvet tortes (£3.50,, lemon tarte slices (£3.70, and melt-in-the-middle chocolate puddings (£3.70,

A soft drink is also included – think San Pellegrino lemon and diet Coke – while choosing the £20 version of the meal deal (which costs £16 for Co-op member card holders) offers a choice of sauvignon blanc (£8.50, and rioja crianza (£7.35, instead.

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Available online and in store

Morrisons Valentine’s meal deal

  • Price: £17 (£15 with a My Morrisons card)
  • Availability: Buy online and in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, two sides, a dessert, and drink

Morrisons is hoping to woo shoppers with a saving of up to £18.45 (or up to £20.45 with a My Morrisons card) with a starter, main, two sides, a dessert and a drink. The menu spans 26 pre-prepared plates including camembert heart wreath with cherry bell peppers (£4.99, to start, while plant-based options include chipotle cauliflower wings (£2.99, and mushroom pate (£3.99,

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are also salmon filets with a Hollandaise butter (£5,, spaghetti carbonara (£5.99,, miso mushroom stuffed butternut squash (£4.99, and more. And to accompany these dishes are some scrumptious-sounding sides such as garlic bread sticks (£2, and maple-roasted carrots and parsnips (£2.75,

Last but not least is the puds – think mango and passionfruit cheesecake (£3,25,, raspberry panna cotta (£2.99, and vegan Gu zillionaires’ cheesecakes (£3.95, alongside seriously indulgent sounding hot chocolate molten middles (£3.75, Toast the evening with the likes of sauvignon blanc (£7.50, and a pinot grigio rosé ( or ginger beer (£1.99,, and apple and elderflower (£1.99, for a booze-free bev.

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Available online and in store

Aldi Valentine’s Day meal deals

  • Price: From £3.36 per person
  • Availability: Buy in store now
  • What’s included: Starter, main, dessert and drink

Aldi has also unveiled its Valentine’s Day meal deal range for this year, and, as you might have guessed, it’s very purse-friendly. The least expensive combination of dishes comes in at £3.63 per person, which includes a mini heart-shaped garlic bread (£1.29,, heart-shaped lobster-filled pasta (£2.99,, vegan chocolate melt-in-the-middle heart and, if you’re going for wine too (which will be an additional £2.99), a bottle of pinot grigio.

The meat-based options include chicken nuggets (£2.99,, two British beef steaks (£2.89, as the main event, wagyu-basted thick-cut chips (£2.29,, and, for dessert, a heart-shaped cookie (£2.49, – all of which can be washed down with a bottle of merlot (this will cost £18 for two). Seafood fans will likely make a beeline for the scallop and champagne gratins followed by tuna steak (£4.99,, while the vegetarian options include mushroom arancini to start and a vegan pie for the main. There’s even a bottle of prosecco to cheers the occasion.

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