Christmas 2014: 12 best gifts for tech-lovers

From drones and bluetooth speakers (via robotic fish and a Star Trek pizza cutter), here are the tech gifts to get excited about this Christmas

Adam Jacques@adamjacques88
Saturday 06 December 2014 12:00

1. Hexbug Aquabot 2.0: £9.99,

Drop one of these translucent, robotic shark or Clownfish models into a bath, or fish bowl (sold separately), and they’ll start swimming around in circles aimlessly, just like the real thing – no feeding required.

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2. Luckies Smartphone Projector: £15.99,

Turn your mobile into a cheap, home-cinema projector with this DIY cardboard construction with 10x magnifying lens, which beams video content onto your wall. It’s hardly pro-level, but it’s fine for YouTube.

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3. Star Trek Pizza Cutter: £24.99,

This Trekky collectable not only slices into baked dough like a knife through butter, but its chromium-plated body is a replica model of the original (and best) series’ Starship Enterprise. Dilithium crystals not included.

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4. DIY Gamer Kit: from £35,

Assemble your own portable games console and get hooked on classic games such as Snakes and Breakout – or even programme your own (£65 for add-on Arduino board, for programming). Don’t expect PlayStation Vita level graphics, though.

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5. Nakamichi NBS 10 Bluetooth Speaker: £59,

Miniature two-watt orb that, when paired with another, creates an impressively immersive 3D-stereo effect, for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Decent battery life, too.

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6. Q-Bopz Compact Bluetooth Speaker: £24.99,

Deceptively powerful three-watt, water-resistant loudspeaker, with a suction cup to attach it to hard surfaces – or attach it to your mobile and use it as a handy stand.

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7. Misfit Flash Fitness + Sleep Monitor: £49.79,

With it simple, LED dot display, the Flash tracks running, cycling and even swimming, as well as the quality of your slumber. An impressive six-month battery life makes this by far the best cheap tracker on the market – and one of the few waterproof wearables out there, too.

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8. WowWee MiP Balancing Robot: £78.54,

From the makers of Robosapien comes this adorable automaton which can carry cups of tea to you, roam around freely or, via your smartphone, battle other robots in the room. And, for its final trick, you can even upload songs from your music library, and witness its delightful rhythmic robot dance.

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9. Connected Data Transporter: £116,

Don’t trust the ‘cloud’ anymore? Then create your own, via this impressive, always-on, internet- connected hard-drive that acts as your own personal data cloud, allowing you to store, synchronise and backup all your files, photos, and music wherever you are: Big Brother is no longer watching you.

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10. Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider: £89.99,

This tiny, smartphone-controlled quadrocopter performs impressive in-air barrel rolls, and backflips, while its large wheels allow you to literally drive it up the wall – and roll along the ceiling like an anti-gravity car.

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11. HTC Re Action Camera: £129,

Simple, Periscope-shaped point-and-shoot snapper that turns on as you grab it, taking smart-phone beating, wide-angle shots, along with HD video on the go. It's waterproof, too, and pairs with your mobile for uploading images.

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12. Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2: £449,

Super-sized, 13-inch Android tablet with an eye-popping QHD display, a capable built-in projector for films and an innovative kick stand, making this the most versatile tablet around. Great for use while loafing at home, and cheaper than a 32GB iPad Air 2, to boot.

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