Want to buy the jewellery candles everyone on TikTok is obsessed with? Here’s where to shop them

Discover literal hidden gems inside these jackpot candles from Royal Essence

Eva Waite-Taylor
Tuesday 23 February 2021 15:49
<p>The social media platform is full of reveal videos from happy customers</p>

The social media platform is full of reveal videos from happy customers

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that just about anything can become a trend on TikTok.

From users accentuating their dark under-eye circles and creating their own sea shanties, to people obsessing over Little Moons mochi balls and ordering bum-enhancing leggings, the social media platform has seen it all.

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But, what’s next? Well, chances are you’ve spotted the increased interest in jewellery candles. If you haven’t, we’re about to let you in on the secret.

The hashtag #jackpotcandles currently has 50.1 million views on TikTok while #ringcandle has amassed more than 24.5 million views, with users sharing their very own reveal videos. People are going mad for them.

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For the uninitiated, the premise is simple. Once you burn your candle for anywhere between 10 and 15 hours, a small aluminium foil pouch appears towards the surface of the hot wax.

Simply pull it out with a set of tweezers or a spoon and unwrap it and you’ll discover a piece of jewellery, which, according to the brand, Royal Essence, can be worth anything from £50 to a whopping £3,000.

Each hidden gem comes with a tag to display the recommended retail price (RRP) and those that are estimated to retail between £1,000 and £3,000 are sent with a certificate.

One user filmed her Royal Essence candle reveal, with the caption reading “it smells amazing” while it was burning and “it’s so pretty” when showing a clip of her ring. But the real excitement was when she discovered that her new jackpot jewel was worth £112.

The high RRP is quite something when considering the fact a Royal Essence candle will set you back just £35.

The candles themselves are hand poured and, according to the brand, are made from 100 per cent eco-friendly soy wax. They are also free from parabens, ammonia chlorine and pesticides.

If you’re looking to get involved and discover jewellery hidden inside your next candle, we’ve found where you can buy the products currently all over TikTok. Make your very own reveal video and it might just end up on the For You page.

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Royal Essence rose quartz candle

Part of Royal Essence’s gemstone collection, which also includes stardust opal (£34.97, Royalessence.co.uk) and aurora borealis (£34.97, Royalessence.co.uk), each candle scent is said to embody the gemstone it represents and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find jewellery hidden inside.

From this rose quartz number you can expect a fruity and floral scent with hints of peonies and lychees. Use the helpful ring size guide to determine which one you should order, or you can opt for earrings or a necklace, should you prefer.

Royal Essence sweet honeysuckle candle

Looking for a scent that is reminiscent of summer holidays? Enter this honeysuckle candle with a subtle floral aroma. Much like the others, you can pick between earrings, a necklace or a ring, and wait for 10 to 15 hours before discovering your hidden gem. As with all of the Royal Essence candles, this is made from soy wax and is paraben-free (for more non-toxic candles, read our guide to the best).

Royal Essence mum candle

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, why not treat the queen in your life to one of these jackpot candles? With an aroma inspired by a bouquet of peonies, you can expect notes of rose and jasmine. With a burn time of 90 to 100 hours, not to mention the hidden gem inside, there’s surely no better gifting option.

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