Vax onepwr blade 4 cordless vacuum cleaner: We review the brand’s budget-friendly model

Blow the dust and dirt away with this powerful gadget

Sarah Finley@SarahFJourno
Tuesday 06 July 2021 10:15
<p>From suction power to battery life – does the cordless offering deliver the goods?</p>

From suction power to battery life – does the cordless offering deliver the goods?

The Vax blade 4 is part of the brand’s range of cordless vacuums powered by its ONEPWR lithium-ion battery technology – which means it takes just three hours to charge – and its unique CoreTM controlled brushless motor.

If you can’t afford the models on the more expensive side of the sliding scale then this vacuum is a great alternative. It has great suction that works well on all floor types, while its unique technology means it’s quiet and powerful.

It is, however, double the weight of the Dyson cordless vacuum and the attachments, although great for smaller jobs around the house, are a little clunky to get on and off. That said though, the range also includes a pet version (£259.99,, along with a dual battery vacuum (£249.99,

Cordless vacuums should glide around different floor types with ease, so this is one thing we tested as we got to grips with the Vax. Different models, depending on their bin capacity and battery, will also differ in weight, but when it comes to cordless vacuums most of us are really looking for a light model which is easy to use, then store. We also tested the Vax model on suction, battery life and how easy it was to empty.

Lastly – something which we always find the most important – we valued it against other vacuums on the market. So, is the Vax ONEPWR blade 4 worth its price tag?

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Vax onepwr blade 4 cordless vacuum cleaner

Buy now £219.99,

  • Run time (on full charge): Up to 45 minutes
  • Charge time: 3 hours
  • Bin volume: 600ml
  • Dimensions: H114, W24, D18.5cm
  • Suction power: 17 volts
  • Cordless? Yes


The Vax isn’t the prettiest of cordless models on the market, but it has a sleek design that doesn’t take up too much space and a simple wall mount to keep it secure and upright. The black vacuum with blue trimmings is top heavy, and although the whole vacuum only weighs in at 3.1kg, a lot of it is in the handle, so be prepared to give your arm a workout.

The handle, dirt container and detachable battery combined are a third of the vacuum’s weight altogether and take some heavy lifting when moving around, compared to other brands. The flexible floorhead, complete with a motorised brush bar, is much lighter, making it a little hard to control as you vacuum – but as soon as you get used to the weight dynamics it’s a nifty model.

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The charging setup is a bit different for this model – the detachable battery has a separate dock that isn’t part of the wall bracket, so you simply charge it and click it into place when it’s time to clean. A full charge of the battery takes just under three hours. If you have a bigger house, or are worried about how long it’ll keep your vacuum going, there is an option to invest in a second battery – so you can switch one out and keep cleaning. That said, one charge lasts up to 45 minutes, though don’t expect it to last as long if you’re using the higher suction and motorised brush-head.

Like most cordless vacuums it also has a wall bracket, meaning you can store it out of the way. Once finished, it’s easy to empty – all it takes is a pinch to remove the container, which you can then release and empty over a bin – though if it’s quite full you may need to scoop some out manually as it often sticks to the sides. Some of the filters can also be washed out and air dried.


The Vax’s brushless motor, controlled by its innovative VAX core™ technology, works very efficiently, and means it’s not too noisy as you attack your floors. Most importantly, the Vax has powerful suction – it may not feel it as it glides easily along the floor in standard mode, but it won’t leave anything behind. For particularly dirty areas or carpets, the boosted suction and powered brush bar (activated with the tap of a button for each) picks up everything you need it to.

It worked at its best on hard floors and tiles, but with the brush bar turned on it was effective on rugs with a deeper pile, while smoother carpets and sofas were easy to clean without the need for the boost button. We also found the model’s LED headlights handy when hoovering in low light, and they allowed us to spot dust on surfaces we may not have seen otherwise.

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The model’s 2-in-1 design means you can click off the top section and it turns into a handheld, which is great for cleaning sofas, floor spills and getting into hard-to-reach corners. We found its attachments a little clunky, but attaching its sturdy crevice meant we could get underneath cushions on the sofa and was handy for those pesky cobwebs.

Like the attachments, it can be awkward to click back into place; there’s no satisfying sound with any of the connections, and some require a bit more muscle than other models might. The main motorised brush bar has a quick release function and we found it easy to remove and clean. However, it does collect hair and fluff around its brush bar, but we quickly got rid of it by running scissors along the cutting groove to release it.

The verdict: Vax onepwr blade 4 cordless vacuum

At just over £200 the Vax onepwr blade 4 cordless vacuum is really good value for money thanks to the powerful suction and flexibility of the tools – it performs as well as other brands, if not better.

But where it wins points on performance, it loses out on design. It would be vastly improved if the weight was more evenly distributed, rather than just in the top main unit – cordless cleaning should feel effortless after all. Connection points between attachments could also be slicker.

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